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dirty little secret

I tried so far… and got so hard… but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Direct Support)

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Scootaloo came up close to his other side. “Well, how are we supposed to get you a marefriend without knowing what you want to do with her? Come on!”

“Well, okay...” Button took a deep breath to brace himself. This wasn't going the way he'd planned at all. And yet... “I guess the first thing Misty did was to bend over and look for her baking pans in the drawer beneath the oven.”

Oh, this promises to be fantastic! :rainbowlaugh:

Completely absorbed by the carnal sight in front of him, Button was beginning to run on instinct more than thought. If he'd been able to think clearly, he definitely would have realized that she was asking him to lick her some more. But the sight of her open and inviting right there in front of him – the sight of her tight young pussy winking open and displaying the glimmering pink depths within – triggered something inside of him that he didn't yet have the maturity to control.

He stepped toward her with no conscious idea of what he was doing, only the vague notion that he wanted to be closer to her ... on top of her. Without a single thought, he reared up and slid his chest over Scootaloo's rump. She must have been in the grips of some similar instinct, because she didn't complain about the change of plans – she just braced herself and spread her hind legs a bit more.

Fffuuccckkk yes. I love... instinct.

This was so my fetish. Loved it!

Heh, maybe I should do more of that, then. Didn’t even realize that that particular part would be someone’s favorite thing.

*sees the description and immediately goes to read it*

I'm going to that Special Hell.

Oh Button, oh dear Button. "This will all end in tears. I just know it."

ButtonXCMC foursome? That's new. Getting all the CMC is usually Rumble's role. But, oh well, such idea has lost in the free-for-all voting. :unsuresweetie:

This is wonderful! Can we get a sequel to this?

Scootaloo and sweetie Belle being completely clueless at the end was hilariously cute. Sweeties last line especially haha.

Loved the story. Got some top tier fetish fuel honestly.

So word to the wise when reading summaries. Make sure you actually read the summery carefully or you confuse your brain.

So what I read:

Lots of virginity

and I was confused what that meant!

An interesting story for certain!!

Somebody is down-voting every comment here.

^.^ Firefly references, shiny!

Gotta take what you can get, I guess.

Well, there’s a prequel.
I don’t know where a sequel to this would even go, though.

I really loved writing that part at the end with Sweetie Belle!

Well, that wouldn’t be entirely wrong, either ... at least in the beginning of the fic.

Heh, I’m glad it’s arousing plenty of interest.

Probably a clopfic hater who wanted to do more than just downvote the story.

Why would you warn a person that there is virginity though? Is that really a concern of people? I thought the opposite would hold more true. Like "I can't read this, no one is a virgin!" Never underestimating the stupidity of others, I know, but really!?

GOD DAMN IT! I wanna read this but I am participating in No Nut Novermber. Why did you have to post this now?

Guess you just gotta save it for Destroy Dick December

Trade secret: The content warnings aren’t really there to help readers avoid objectionable content. They’re advertisement for all the fun stuff in the story.


I am participating in No Nut Novermber

Well there’s mistake #1.
Why the heck would you waste a whole month like that?
Life is short. The time before you get old and your dick stops working is even shorter. Don’t waste any of it! :rainbowwild:

Is that what the word trigger means? Is it just a fun way of saying what turns you on?

Pretty sure that if they got pregnant, there would be some very angry ponies about it. As it is, there's still going to be angry ponies when a panicky Sweetie Belle tells Rarity what happened, who in turn is going to share it with certain friends of hers. So, for Button's sake, he better hope none of them got pregnant, because then he might be able to get out alive.

Well, for clopfic authors...

The sequel is a horror story where Button has to try and escape Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity, who are all out to get him.

Weirdly enough, you could probably make a pretty good, not at all cloppy story out of these four Ponies, and their immediate families, taking on parenthood well before they've learned how to, and that gives you a chance to bring the audience along for the ride on their crash course on Equestrian child rearing.

But ... but ... that’s not the kind of story I write at all! It’s all ... serious and stuff.


It’s all ... serious and stuff.

Or a slice of life comedy about Equestria's Cutie Mark Crusader T(w)een Mothers... yay? :trollestia:

With Sweetie Belle's lines at the end, I think you've got the chops for it. I lost my shit at the last line. :rainbowlaugh:

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shut up I'm masturbating

Now it was Sweetie Belle's turn to look adorably smug. She flipped her mane up with a flick of her hoof. “Just a natural, I guess.”

Something you shouldn't be proud of

That's when Apple Bloom leaned down low and close to him, though, still moving her hips over his cock. “Cum for me,” she whispered into his ear. “Make me pregnant just like the other two – come on, we're all in heat right now. Pump a foal in me.”

Plot twist

“I might have known a little more about these things than I was lettin' on. You know, farm pony and all.” Apple Bloom shrugged, looking as smug as ever. “A-J says that if you let a stallion cum inside ya, it'll get ya pregnant, which means you're gonna have foals growin' inside.”


Do you mind if I use this to improve my clop fic
I wont steal anything from it but can I read over a few times so I know how to improve my clop fic

I really hope for a sequel


Gotta take what you can get, I guess.

Eh... the only problem I had while reading this story was the lack of "natural lewdness". It's basically an inexperienced sex story (the CMCs don't know at all about sex here). Not my kind of story.

At least that Birthday Boy story's description implies there would be an experianced non-amateur porn.

By the way, Creaming The Crusaders has being voted for only by your Patreon supporters? There was a voting your regular followers didn't know about? :rainbowhuh:

I throw away my ponynity jojo human...
So i this is legal...? :rainbowlaugh:

Great story i think another sequel is in order. One where Rarity, Applejack, RD, and Button's mom react to Button impregnating the CMC and how the CMC and Button grows as a herd as they prepare to become a family with 3 foals.

Now that the question had come up, he could just imagine word of this getting out around the schoolyard. It would be mayhem, and he'd be getting teased about it for the rest of his life.

Teased? Or rather admirred?

“Oh, um...” He glanced around again, just to be sure. “Can we talk about it inside?”

So, he wants to come inside?

“Sweetie Belle, how in the hay did you do it all at once like that?”
Now it was Sweetie Belle's turn to look adorably smug. She flipped her mane up with a flick of her hoof. “Just a natural, I guess.”

:raritycry:: "Sweetie Belle!"
:unsuresweetie:: *gulp*
:raritystarry:: "I'm so proud of you! Carry on!"

But as she went on, beginning to break into a sweat, and he still hadn't orgasmed, Apple Bloom started to get visibly impatient. She glanced over at the other two fillies. “Hey, can y'all lick each other, like I did with Sweetie Belle? That seemed to work when he was doin' it with Scootaloo.”

I like the way she thinks!

I hate the stories. I never read them. But I understand that they’re fake. I like these stories because of the comment section. I love when people get riled up over nothing.

The post you replied to actually got deleted, and apparently by its author.
He really did shut up!


Do you mind if I use this to improve my clop fic
I wont steal anything from it but can I read over a few times so I know how to improve my clop fic

If you’re really just trying to learn from my example, you don’t need my permission for that! ^.^
Any writer should be learning from what he reads every time he reads something.

Well, if the Patreon supporters ask for it, I’ll deliver...


At least that Birthday Boy story's description implies there would be an experianced non-amateur porn.

Ah, yes. Different flavor.
Well, don’t despair. I write at least one fic/chapter per month, and foalcon/reverse gangbang are both pretty common themes in my stuff. I’m sure something with more experienced ponies will turn up sooner or later.

By the way, Creaming The Crusaders has being voted for only by your Patreon supporters? There was a voting your regular followers didn't know about?

Every month! ^.^
The vote for everyone is once a year, but Patreon supporters get to vote like that every month.


So i this is legal...?

No. You’re under arrest. :trollestia:

That sounds really long and involved, though! :raritydespair:


I like the way she thinks!

Yeah ... I guess at least for this fic, Apple Bloom is the most perverted of the CMC’s.

Heh, this is nothing. You should see some of my other comment sections.
There have been some very spirited debates about whether it’s possible to have non-con that doesn’t deserve a [dark] tag.

thx and can yeah make a sequel where button and them grows up as a family with 3 fouls

nd nice bio description

i tried so far and got so hard but in the end it doestn even matter .lol

Sure, I’m always happy for people to do spinoffs and sequels. Send me a link when it’s done so I can share it.

OK just wait for about 4 months . I got over 7 other fics to do and they are long fics

how the fuck is this featured i just wanna read shitty crossovers i dont wanna see fucking cp fanfics about a show for goddamn 8 year old girls

Then turn the mature filter on.

This comment section is amazing

That’s the entire fun. I got 9 dislikes because i pointed that out. It’s truly a great time

:facehoof: I could do with a little less amazing.

lol, gotta love butthurt people.

Iz okii, for what its worth I think you did a lovely job on the story, so thanks for the ride <3

Here... have another dislike. Why? Because i said so. :ajbemused:

The biggest twist that brought a grin was discovering Applebloom's kink; breeding

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Comment posted by FarmFreshAppleTarts deleted Nov 4th, 2019
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