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And so it begins. Trying to see if I can't grind— Ahem, level up my ability to write clop.

Did you get permission to set this as a sequel/follow up?

i've had permission to play in WEMSverse for the last... forever.

879434 Making sure. I know how mad authors get without their consent.

There will be MOAR NOW right?

Um... Wow... My brain hurts...
I never thought the best cuddly romance writer could be so... Dirty

Btw, 'libidio', spelling.

As someone who does not enjoy clop one ounce, I am ashamed that I must congratulate you on a job well done.

you should read the author's notes on WEMS and the sequels. Also, check who drew all the cover art. Cloudy has literally promised me his firstborn. We are tight. But yeah.

The tumblr has prompts every wed and sun. So probably.

Um. You must have missed My first clopfic then.
Thanks for the spellcheck. I only have 60 mins on these and just posted "as is".

Pretty slick for 60 minutes!


No I read that too lol. But this one struck me as way dirtier. Then again I judge anything involving horses having sex as about as high as the dirty meter goes. There's only a few writers I'm willing to read clop from, and you make the short list :rainbowlaugh:

1 651 words in sixty minutes? I am jelly... :twilightoops:

yaa, im gonna skip this. im not into clopfics, i like shipping and loved twilight's list. im watching you for the safer stuff, but power to you i guess :)


Obviously no point in critiquing these ones.

Sure! Thanks for being mature about it. It's refreshing for someone to not like something and say so without resorting to swearing or name calling.

When I started Twi's List, I got 7,000 words and an outline the first day. The less I care about how good the text I am currently working on is, the faster it goes. When I started List, it was a stupid little vapid oneshot. So my "fucks given" were very low. It slowed a lot as time went on. Mostly because I wanted to find the exact right way to say something. Basically, it was the date itself that dropped me from NaMoWriMo rate down to a snail's pace.

Ah! Well, I can see that.



Heh, I can sort of relate to that. I've written 8k words in the last couple days as well as finish outlining the remainder of my current story. But even still, nearly 2k words is incredible. I tip my hat to you, no matter how many fucks you gave towards the story. :twilightsmile:

Yeah. Not really. I mean, if you like or hate some particular thing, I'd love to hear. But picking apart motivations and development is a waste of time. These are "less than skin deep" stories I'm doing just to practice. They are the notebook sketches of writing. If I like one enough, I may develop it into a real story someday.

Words are funny.

>she was finally giving the Pinkie mare what she had been teasing her with earlier
>while clouds her not the most soundproof of shelters
>Rainbow Whispered something

879601 a.deviantart.net/avatars/i/k/ikrplz.png

I'm not one for clop, but this is better than some... other one I've read.
MUCH better.

Ignore iloveportalz, there. He's only any good for being a grammar/spelling nazi, and never has anything praiseful to say. :twilightangry2:

That is kinda portal's schtick

879759 Missed one
>trying to determining

Awesome as always Kits. I am eagerly awaiting a Twidash clop from you for it will be Glorious! :twilightblush::rainbowkiss:

so... 5 errors in an unedited story? That's a hell of a lot better than my usual rate.

Damn! Nice work for 60 minutes! That's nice work full stop, actually.

Fluttershy is best voyeur.

Thanks. I'm just impressed I got more that a "title" down. Usually it takes me forever to write anything. Glad it wasn't plain bad.

A couple of grammatical errors here and there, but nothing major considering the time limit.

I recommend you work on your subtlety; if at any point you run out of sensible euphemisms, you've been referring to the privates too much.

Should I bother posting up the non-sex, thirty minute things?

Also, if I intend to expand one into something larger, should I not post it?

This one was definitely interesting.
I wasn't sure what they were doing at first.
But I liked it :rainbowwild:


unf. That is all.
Pinkie doesn't play fair! Those aren't the rules! Oh, Twilight, you need to get back at that naughty, cheating mare!

Not sure they'd really fit under the banner of Sexty Minute Pony Prompts, but in a separate collection I don't see why not!

I meant as a separate collection. Probably should be more clear. Because I'm silly.

>tfw I have to write this horse porn at work on my lunch break because my home is too noisy


I can't see any problems with that. Horse porn is universal!

Also I think another collection can't be a *bad* idea. What's the worst that can happen?

I sware i hae never seen this paring before and what was it i just cant figure it out

Why can't twilight be the giver in this pair??? Pinkie's always giving but never receiving

Two reasons:
1) I only had sixty minutes and type slow.
2) "I love to make you smile, smile, smile."
I don't intend to make uneven relationships, I just don't have the time to properly plan everything in only one hour.

>> kits
Ok, it's just that I wanna see twilight do something besides get pleasured and you do have a point with pinkie. She does want twilight to smile, smile, smile :)

The cover photo was so innocent :fluttercry:

I know :D
To be fair, I did that one myself

I have an idea. If he next prompt fits at all with it, I will wreck Pinkie.

>> kits
Can't wait!!! Pinkie will be walking funny once twilight's done with her

I like how fluttershy comes in on the most awkward situations and acts like she doesn't know what's happening even she's been watching the whole time

"Wtf are you reading this for? It's PinkieDash sex."

Without doubt, that is the best, most captivating description I've seen for a fic. :rainbowlaugh:


I see what you mean. This does feel like it's just missing a lot. What's here is great, and it fits itself together very nicely, but there's a lot of smaller threads of ideas that get started, but not fully examined.

Ah well, such is the burden of timed writing. These are all well done, and even more so for the one hour limit.

Yeah. I really want to expand that and explore Dash's emotions and desire for her pet kink. I want to spend time bringing her epiphany to fruition wrt Pinkie's in-public thing. Possibly spread the whole thing over a few days, having Dash pick random things on "her days" because she's too afraid that Pinkie will flip. Lastly, I want to foreshadow Fluttershy and explain that relationship a bit. It's semi-related to C1, but not a WEMS continuity fic.

this was great i love twinkie pie

You are absolutely right in how this needs to be WAY longer. I, sadly, can't get off to this...

I dunno why, but i need descriptiveness. Some 60 minuters were effective, and by God this is written well, but it just doesn't last long enough...kinda depressing, really.

Please say you're gonna write this out in full sometime. I'd love to see it.

Sex on a cloud with a non-pegasus? Now that's kinky! ... And dangerous. For once, Dash seems to take safety into account.

Pinkie became a whirlwind as she fastened the cuffs to Dash's legs and staked her out prone.

You mean supine, not prone.

Also Dash seems to have lost her ball gag at several points.

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