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I just realized everything I write comes back to guilt, shame, regret, or grief. Um... should I be worried about that?


Hearth's Warming is a winter holiday. Just the name of it conjures images of snow-sprinkled evergreen trees, the scent of steaming spiced cider and hot chocolate, and the sound of tinkling bells. But after a long time away from home, Maud Pie hears the approaching sounds of an impending holiday party.

The only problem is, it's the middle of summer.

Editing provided by Emotion Nexus and Horsetorian

This story was part of a gift exchange by reviewers from Nailah's Reviewer Mansion, as a gift for Jarvy Jared.

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Heartwrenching. But also heartwarming. This was a very solid piece of characterization, and the bond of sisterly love.
And how no matter how hard things are, knowing someone out there cares, makes you stronger. <3

I've always loved the Pinkie / Maud dynamic ever since that wonderful stoic mare first showed up on the show, and I'm always appreciative of authors who go out of their way to include her in these stories.

Thank you very much for this lovely little tale! It truly is a gift. :raritywink:

And while this story has some elements of seriousness to it, I think my favorite part was this line:

On top of one of the presents sat Gummy and Boulder, each wearing a red felt hat topped with a white pompom.

I dunno, I think that's just so cute.

Thank you once again for this special treat, apple!

Thanks, and I'm glad you liked it. When I saw your character requests, I immediately thought of the sisterly dynamic between Maud and Pinkie. Maud's love for her sister feels ripe for exploration, at least to me.

I laughed at Maud Sense coming as an internal, formal text string. That's so perfect. I also second everything Nailah said. Still, I was way off with my predictions as to what everybody was dancing around at first. Until Maud and Pinkie confirmed it, I thought for sure the source of the conflict was that Mudbriar had died in an accident and Maud had been put into a coma by the same accident.

Yay it's finally up! I had a blast reading this story the first time, and it so well done, I hardly believed you when you said you'd struggled with Maud's character. Clearly I missed a few things, but it was still very solid either way. Love this story apple, it's a joy to edit for you!

I thought about doing something like that with Mudbriar, but in the end, I kinda decided to ignore him? Maybe it was lazy writing, but I spend so much time writing silly romance stuff that I really wanted this one to be more about sisterly love.

Incredible sweet, and one that I can imagine would hit home for a lot of people. Great work, though I’m sad we didn’t get to see what her parents said

Beautiful, realistic, touching and thought-provoking as always! :pinkiehappy: Like!


What an amazing story :heart:

I was surprised by the topic, but you know what? I love it. it totally works :pinkiecrazy: I put off reading this story for ENTIRELY TOO LONG for some reason, and I'm so glad I finally got to it.

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