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When Wallflower Blush gets injured, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle use the journal to talk about her recovery.

Written for the Twilight Files Contest.

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Not sure why that background scenery people insist is a character from Forgotten Friendship had to be part of this. Meh I guess?

Why is "and Twilight Sparkle" in italics, but not the rest of the synopsis?

A cue that in the journal entries, Twilight's side of the conversation is in italics.

This was very sweet. I can't help but wish we also got to see events from Wallflower's perspective, too. Like, she literally got isekai'd, except she didn't actually die. I can only imagine her inner monologue. And also, was Discord present at her O&O game? If so, her reaction likely would have been priceless.

A very interesting premise. There are several stories where Sunset decides to return to Equestria, but very few, if any, where Sunset stays in the human world, and another character goes pony full-time instead.

Hmm...but even though Sunset has decided she belongs in the human world, the story's plot point seems to revolve around Sunset not using the portal at all during this entire encounter, which is kinda a plot hole. I mean, she couldn't take a day off and go through to help Wallflower adjust when she woke up, instead of being surrounded by total strangers in pony form? Or check up on her once and awhile? Or visit her after she decided to stay pony? Seems kinda unrealistic and out of character? Though, I get that it needed to be done for the journal-format to be unbroken through the entire story.

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