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Controversially known for writing about an American Civil War slave in Equestria.


After Gilda's last encounter with Rainbow Dash and her friends, the griffon hadn't heard anything from her pony friend for a long time. It made Gilda think that Rainbow Dash forgot about her. Fortunately for Gilda, Rainbow Dash was hard-headed. Unfortunately for Gilda, Rainbow Dash was also high-strung and so stressed out of her mind that her train of thought was completely out of whack. With a few letters detailing Rainbow Dash's situation among other things, will Gilda be able to help salvage her friend's relationship? Or will Rainbow Dash leave Gilda's place as a husk of who she once was?

Gilda couldn't imagine Rainbow Dash failing. She'd do anything in her power to fix this, even if it meant admitting that she liked Rainbow Dash too.

Wait, what?

Submission to the RIGHT BACK AT IT AGAIN! contest under the prompt of 'first breakup'. Judges who take part in the contest will not have their stories counted towards placement. Just fyi.

Edited by: Muggonny, Not Enough Coffee, and Jack of a Few Trades.

Cover Art by: norang94.

Pre-read by: FamousLastWords.

Content warnings: a high-stress situation that involves a bit of cheating, some sexual references, and plenty of shipping moments of between a pony and a birb.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 18 )

otherwise you’d still see it and then I’d have to explain it

Shouldn't the "and" be strikethrough'ed as well? Since otherwise it's a trailing connector, which isn't pleasant to look at.

I’m going to have to break a stool to feel good again.

Considering "stool" also has a grosser definition, this can be taken to mean she needs to use the loo to feel less like a "dweeb".
I find that version funny, at least.

She wasn’t as mad at me as the others, so she was willing to help me as long as I promised her I’d make up to AJ

Typical Fluttershy. She's not the type to get mad, unless something's seriously wrong, and she'd know Rainbow the best, compared to the other four - being fillyhood friends and all.

I kinda knew that I was into deep

*In too. She knew she was in too deep, to stop, to leave, to escape.

all the stuff he had collected


norang94. Linked the artist's deviantart in the description just now.

I can’t believe she only makes scones. If Gilda is gonna be baking she needs to do it right and have a wide selection of goods available to make maximum profit. Scones for griffons, toasty stuff for dragons, and magic brownies for magic ponies.

This whole chapter Gilda be like:


Look, uh, I need your help badly, G. I messed up huge with AJ and I’m now back at my cloud home. Do you mind if I come swing by you? I need someone who isn’t from Ponyville and isn’t super close with AJ to help me sort this out.

Messed up is probably going to be an understatement.

This falling action is happening suspiciously quickly. Surely it’s a ruse? Everything is gonna hit the fan and the drama will be worse than waking up in Danny DeVito’s womb.

Your not-stressed and totally cool friend,

Liar liar, skittle mane on fire.

Either way, don’t worry. Just bring those— wait. You’re bringing salmon sandwiches? Like the ones we had in school?!

For les-birb-ian Gilda sure has her priorities straight.

It’s a bit fishy is all I’m saying.

It took me this long to figure out why Gilda was calling Dash “Skittles.”
Jeez, am I stupid....

Threeway tomboy trouble tied-up terrifically.

Gilda having such a strong voice (especially through little things like the use of nicknames) was a solid touch.

Finally got around to this one! Pretty nice. I liked the epistolary bits in the beginning especially, and kinda wish they had continued throughout the whole thing!

Good luck! : )

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