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There are recent internet rumors that say that Princess Twilight enjoys eating a pile of hayburgers in her spare time. Luster decides to ask her mentor if these rumors are true. When she arrives in Canterlot, the response she receives is not what she expected.

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So when did Equestria get technology?

I have several questions.

Probably took inspiration from Twilight's basement from the first season.

Technology has evolved in Equestria

Makes total sense Twilight would follow Celestia's hoofsteps in eating their favorite food whenever they feel like it.

This makes total sense. From the title I thought it'd be another Gabby Gums surfacing in modernized Equestria, but this makes sense too.

Mica #8 · May 26th · · ·

I wonder what is Luster's favorite food.

I think the Apple family has finally decided to diversify their business by selling dolled-up, overpriced smartphones that run on the Big Mac OS. :rainbowlaugh:

That actually makes the most sense...

...Heheh. Apple.


I wonder what is Luster's favorite food.

Ironically enough, quesadillas.

lol that is a random story but good πŸ˜…

And here I thought that since Twilight was getting bigger and would reach Celestia size eventually she needed a Professional Weightlifter level of caloric intake to function, couple with how much magick she has to process.

Celestia already eats like that for the same reasons, she is the equivalent of a pony of a seven foot tall woman, and channels enough magick to potentially start a nuclear explosion every day.

Basically all of the most powerful wizards in Equestria and the surrounding lands eat a lot, and being seven foot tall Ballerina like Amazons adds to their bodies caloric demands.

Mica #13 · May 26th · · ·

Where did you learn that it is quesadillas? :rainbowhuh:

nice work

Took the names I suggested I see.

I'm sure a little alicorn magic can fix any weight issues. :trixieshiftright:

I was talking about them eating more than most ponies because they are avoiding the opposite problem, being skinny and malnourished.

Well, you could say being underweight is also a "weight issue." :ajsmug:

Comment posted by Mixmaster226 deleted June 7th

Something I noticed is Gallop is in the bathtub but he is using a cellphone. That seems like a bad idea. Also, Gallop having a towel on his head seems girly.

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