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You are going to LOVE ME!


Shining Armor needs to use the bathroom. Twilight Sparkle wants to turn this into a clopfic. Shining Armor will have none of that.

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PiMan #2 · July 12th · · ·

Everything made sense until the last scene; a twisted and somewhat funny kind of sense, but still sense.
What's with the final scene?

Yes! I succeeded!
That's the opening cutscene of Skyrim.

Also, thanks for finding this absolutely unfunny. It was the goal from the beginning. 'Twas my proud privilege to make you retch in disgust. I shall continue to confuse and shock my readers in the future!

9727198 TBH, my Pinkie Pie reaction was mostly at the ending. I got the reference. But I think that meme works better in video, as it was just such a complete non-sequitur in text.

I genuinely found a few parts funny. Such as:

Twilight, after a pause, continued from behind the bathroom door. "Weren't you going to screw me?"
He looked back in utter shock. He felt like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning. "What?!" exploded Shining Armor.
"You know… I would plead for you not to tell mom, and you'd promise that you won't, but only if I screwed you in return. That's how this is supposed to work, right?"
"Ew! No!" he shot back, sticking out his tongue. "Gah!"

I can appreciate it when someone deconstructs a trope. If nothing else, it helps writers be more aware of cliche writing.

I think this could have been a genuinely good and funny deconstruction of the TwiShine ship with more focus on Twilight trying to apply her hilarious porno logic to Shining Armor playing the reasonable straight-man. But that's if you would want to make such an effort for more than a shit-fic regarding the subject.

The only parts that really turned me off was everything scat related. :pinkiesick:

Even in something as... well, strange and unappealing as this...

Your reference game is still on point.

"Hey, you," said the man right across from him. "You're finally awake."

Seriously?!? :rainbowlaugh:

Also I think this needs a random tag.

Please don’t tell mom.

Good. Good job.

that happened.

Should I have added blood as well? Or was it good enough, for my first time writing intentionally bad?

This shit had me in stitches, start to finish. Well done!

Aww, thanks! I hoped people would laugh at this. Please, check out my other work. I hope you like it.

God damn you Todd Howard!!!

Shining crapped so hard, he went to another universe. LOL

I am not sorry.

Maybe you should be.

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