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Applejack and Fluttershy are going out on a date to celebrate the anniversary of them being a couple. This surprises Twilight Sparkle greatly. Not because she can't believe it's already been a year since such a clearly important event in the life of two of her best friends, but by the fact that she didn't even know they were dating to begin with. How could she have missed that? Surely her other friends will have the answer, right?

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Congrats! You get a like.

Ha ha... nice

“I don’t believe you, girls!” I hear Starlight give a soft chuckle. “Next time you’ll tell me you didn’t know me and Trixie are together.”

Wait wut.

I need more of this.

Good story, thanks.

OmniFox #6 · March 27th · · 1 ·

Next thing you know they find out about Spike and the CMC's anniversary day.

Pinkie Pie throwing all sorts of references out.

343 Guilty Spark is a Halo thing, I feel like the 360 is a reference to the Xbox console...

What's the 42 about? I... want to say it's to do with that Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, but I am unfamiliar with the material.

Anyways, fun little story! Have a like.

42 is supposed to be the meaning of life.

Good God that Twilight photo is killing me with it's cuteness

I was going to say that they didn’t know that Celestia and Luna were dating but I just thought of something better.

They find out that Celestia and Luna are both Dating Blue Blood in a smal royal herd.

Starlight and Trixie....
If the wagon is a rockin'... don't come knockin'! :trollestia:

Before reading this, I’ll say this: Cute picture of Twilight you’ve got as a cover there! :twilightsmile:

May I inquire as to the source?

Morning in Ponyville shimmers, morning in Ponyville shines! And I know for absolute certain... that today will be an unexpected day.

I can’t read the first sentence without singing it in my mind. :applejackunsure:

lThis surprised me, but lately Fluttershy had started having larger meals. She hasn’t put on a single pound, however, so she must be exerting herself a lot more. Wonder what she’s up to?


Meanwhile, I am on my fifth hayburger. Alicorn cravings are WILD, let me tell you. I’m so glad my friends are as understanding and Ponyville’s residents are as discrete about it as they are. Unlike Cadence and Luna, I can’t conceal it very well at all, nor do I have special ops trained specifically in dealing with meal-time paparazzi as Celestia does.


“No, no, it must be wrong, dear, because that would mean she told me she was dating somepony and I missed it. And that is simply ridiculous! HAHAHAHA!” The miracle keeping her mane pristine is wearing off, I can see some unruly curls poofing out of control. Is this how I look when I have my own breakdowns? “WHY ARE YOU NOT LAUGHING?” Yep, sounds like what breakdown me would say.

All her friends are going to freak out, I see it now. :rainbowlaugh:

‘Tis a wonderful if worrying sight.

“No, this means that Fluttershy has been getting it on way more often than I have!”

That’s what you’re worried about, Rainbow Dash?

It’s totally in character, though. *snicker*

“This can't be, girls! This means I missed so many parties including this anniversary itself! The 'Congratulations, Appleshy!’ party for their 1st day together, the ‘Glad you found meaning!’ party for their 42nd day together, I even missed the 343rd one! I feel so guilty, Sparkle!”

It’s not everyday you hear someone(pony) refer to Twilight as Sparkle. It seems like an excited Pinkie thing to do. I’ll take note of that.

Edit: Missed reference.

Rarity’s cheeks get so pink, I fear they’ll plan a party.

That’s a great original figure of speech. Another thing I’ll need to take note of. :twilightsmile:

The images. They return to me. I can see it clearly now. The lingering stares, the too-friendly rubs, the way-too-long hugs, them leaving together at the end of most parties… it’s been going on for so long, and we were blind to it all. Face, reacquaint yourself with the cutie map again.

“I don’t believe you, girls!” I hear Starlight give a soft chuckle. “Next time you’ll tell me you didn’t know me and Trixie are together.”



I must say, this was a very entertaining romantic comedy. I liked it very much. Have a like! :pinkiehappy:

P.S. Congratulations on being featured.

I really didnt expected to laugh as much as I did with this one.
Love the plot, the way you wrote it and the conclusion.

Thanks in general for all the support and everything, I really didn't expect it. :rainbowkiss:

There's hardly a story or comic I make that isn't plagued with references. :pinkiecrazy:
Technically the 360 one was more of a pun on the fact that it was "the same as the first but with a twist." and a twist is basically rotating something 360 degrees :rainbowwild:
There's still quite a few references I made that haven't been mentioned yet! Hint: One's in the hayburger scene.

Twi cover is made by myself, based off a few cute Twi faces in the show from different seasons :twilightblush:
You singing it was my intention :ajsmug:
Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks! I did not expect the feature at all. I had 0 expectations on this one.

The 360 thing is actually referring to how many degrees are in a circle (i.e. "like the first day, but with a twist"). The 360th degree of a circle is also the first degree; once you've completed a full 360 degree spin, you're back where you started.

42 is a reference to "The ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything" which is a significant plot point in The Hitchiker's Guide series. So you were right on that point.

That paragraph brought joy to my heart!

I mean, the only reason I see Pinkie calling Twi by her last name is to complete the joke that was set up in the previous sentence.

Also, Rainbow is worried about Fluttershy's love life because now that's another of her friends she has to compete with. And since this, by the very nature of the relationship itself, means she's also competing against Applejack, it's become a double whammy, so to speak.

This is super relatable. It took me 4 months once to notice two of my friends were dating, and I only learned after I caught them making out on my floor. I then learned that not only did my all my friends and even my parents knew, they started making bets on how long it would take me to notice

Next they'll realize that everyone thinks that the four of them are in a herd. And when I say everyone I mean the entire nation, with official pools on the date of the wedding.

A slight correction:
In Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, 42 is the Answer to life, the universe, and everything.

A correction to your correction (to further the pedanticness here): 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything. As in, what I said was exactly and technically correct, no correction needed.

And to further the pedanticness of everything (I guess?):

I mistakenly assumed that your reference was directly labeling 42 to The Question because I had only ever seen 42 being explained as the Answer, and never explained through its relation to The Question, so it confused me.

No hard feelings?:pinkiesmile:

This was good enjoyable fun. Twilight being oblivious I expected, but Rarity? Pinkie? :rainbowlaugh: Wow...

Have an upvote because I do like me some Appleshy. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, a lot of people get confused on the distinction made for that particular part, partially because the question is meant to be vague for both comedic and dramatic purposes, and partially because, sadly, Mr. Addams passed before he ever got to finish his work, so we won't ever truly get to see how the series would have ended. So the fact the distinction is even made in story will never be a plot point that'll ever get a resolution.

I can just imagine Twilight's face when she finds out Spike has an anniversary present ready for AJ and 'Shy... :moustache: :facehoof:

Naïveté is funny to read..

Oblivious ponies are oblivious. All is right with the world.

Rarity’s cheeks get so pink, I fear they’ll plan a party.

Fairly decent story, but this one sentence earned you a good laugh and a like from me.
Thank you for that! :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by Nova Twinkle deleted March 29th

This fic is a reenactment of me a few years back.
All I could think of the moment I realized something was off:


I LAUGHED FOR A SOLID 20 MINUTES. Have a like, have a fave, have all the wonderful things this story deserves! Thank you for turning my frown upside down! :pinkiehappy:

“It is nothing but a friendly peck, dear.”

Friendly peck on the lips?

This is my new favorite line, quite frankly.

That is seriously one of the cutest pictures of Twi I've ever seen!

AppleShy ship is best mane 6 ship.

This was a hoot! Well done! Twilight's character was spot on!

Only one minor criticism. The story is mostly in present tense, but it slips into past tense a few times, usually around dialogue.

Oh dude this is just wonderful

Have your like, have your fave, I love this

Yeah, I originally wrote it in past, it's the tense I use most often and I like most, but then I thought present might convey the first person idea better so I changed it all... understandably... missed a few hehe... mind pointing out the ones you found? I'd like to fix'em :3

This was amazing and the final line brings it home quite nicely. Also

Glad you found meaning!’ party for their 42nd day together, I even missed the 343rd one! I feel so guilty, Sparkle!”

Lol, Nice references.

This deserves a sequel in my opinion

I second that!

"I don't understand - are you really just more observant than us, Starlight?"

"Oh, no. I just read it from their minds."

"Oh, okay, I guess that's... wait what?"

"Yeah, there are whole shelves of books in that library you never touch, Twilight. Got some pretty neat tricks in them."

"Starlight, that's the forbi- this doesn't seem... morally questionable or... dangerous to you?"

"No, why would it?"




"Sooooo... exorcism?"


I mean, I always knew you could.
I was cheering you on.
I may or may not have sacrificed a chicken in preparation for this day.
And the mountain of debt I've incurred might have some relation to this as well.
But all the same...

YOU DID IT! Top featured spot! Smell that air of victory, man!
*Wipes off blood and ducks in corner*

Thanks, Leo! It's thanks to you that's as polished as it is now, too, thanks a lot! ^^

Would you like me to PM that?

Sure thing!

Oh shoot. Now I feel a bit guilty about that proofread I sent you.

Oh starlight, now you've just made Twilight go right back to square one with her madness.

“Is there anymore relationships I seemed to have missed?” Twilight asked.

Spike finished setting down the tea set he had brought in, “Me and Rarity are dating.”

Five sets of eyes widen and Rarity begins to sputter while Twilights eye twitches.

“That’s not right, Spike,” says Starlight, causing a sigh of relief from two ponies present. “The correct phrasing is ‘Rarity and I’.”

Spike nods his head. “Oh, right. Well Rarity and I also have a date tonight.” He looks towards Rarity and wiggles his eyebrows.

Said mare promptly faints onto the floor. The three mares nearest her too flabbergasted to catch her. Just as Twilight starts to hyperventilate, Starlight puts a hoof on spikes head and rubs it gently. “Nice try Spike, but not even the most oblivious ponies would buy not noticing that. You could always ask her on a date...when she wakes up that as.”

Spike turns away and folds his arms. “Dang it, Starlight, it would have totally worked if you played along.”

I even missed the 343rd one! I feel so guilty, Sparkle!”

No. I refuse this joke.

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