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You know you're in love when you can't stop dreaming about that pony...
And Applejack will make sure Rainbow Dash dreams about her. Whether she likes it or not.

Proofread by the amazing Jackie.
This is a one-shot and then there's an epilogue/alternative ending. It's not really needed for you to read the epilogue. Some prefer the way the original chapter ends better.

This is my entry for the Second AppleDash Contest: Applejack The Chaser

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 79 )

Yes I demand A happier ending these two deserve it.

Luna has only recently learned about sex?
Sooooo....apparently....foals were made by magic back in the day?
Like, "I'd like to have a child."
"Sounds good!"
*POOF* baby?
What? :rainbowhuh:

Wow. Applejack's methods are super dishonest in this fic, and the ending seemed too rushed and you kinda abandoned the whole dream-scaping concept in the end, but Hay! It was a really nice concept and a lovely new take on Appledash.


I will work on it soon.


No, the method is always the same, but a thousand years ago, it was NOT that common and... open. Pornoghraphy, or anything relaed to it was wrong as hay. Also, take into account that Princesses were courted by princes. And since well... there are no princes in Equestria... Judging by Celestia's knowing on the matter at hoof, I'd say that nowadays everypony can court a Princess. :ajsmug:


Not exactly dishonest, but manipulative. Which is also not exactly in character for Applejack, I know. I was trying to play with the 'crazy things we do for love' topic. And regarding the ending... Well see here. I spent a week to write from the start up 'til Pinkie gets to Sweet Apple Acres. The rest, which is quite a lot, was written yesterday. So... yeah it WAS rushed. I am aware of that, but I didn't have the time. I hope you can go past that and appreciate the fic anyways. :ajsleepy:
I will try to write an epilogue soon, where I'll redeem Applejack's honesty.

Oh man...... now there is a good lesson to learn.

Always think of the aftermath, there is always consequences. :ajsleepy::rainbowkiss:

Regardless, Luna didn't seem to be at all aware that that is a thing that ponies do at all. Even if she hadn't had any personal experience, or hadn't seen it happening, I feel like she would at least know what it is.
And in case you couldn't tell, I was joking. :derpytongue2:


Well... if you never experienced, you nevere seen it happen, and you were raised ina culture where sex was something that it was not talked about... how could you know? I mean, nowadays it's less taboo, and people tend to talk about it, and it's part of a biology or health class. But back in the days...


BUT NOT IN THE FANFIC UNIVERSE! It's a universe were everything is happy, and it all turns out alright. That's why there's an epilogue in it's way...

3056055 Thank the lord! i'll be looking forward to it. :pinkiehappy:

But then again, even farther back it was worse than it is now. No sex ed or something similar, kids could drink alcohol freely (a bit off topic but still), etc.
Besides, I doubt Luna's been around for most likely hundreds of years - not counting time on the moon - and is still a virgin. I guess it would be possible, but I doubt it.


Shh.... Shh... Forget logic. She's evil... *pats your head* embrace Luna's virginity...

Ok, I shouldn't be the person to say a story is awesome or not, BUT ITS SO AWESOME:rainbowkiss:
But an epilogue would be even more awesome


Why shouldn't you? You have an opinion, and any opinion must be looked at. And thanks! I will work on an epilogue later. So watch me, or this story, if you want to know how it truly ends.

wow i laughed a few times :pinkiehappy: keep up the good work


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Remember to keep this story in the "read it later" or something, because there's an epilogue on it's way!

I want, no... I NEED the epilogue


Patience, A little patience, and time for me to write it :ajsmug:

Good story, although I believe it should be cut in chapters because it's too long. Also, some proofreading on the second half would help (you keep changing your tense to present) and the ending, as good as it is, feels somewhat rushed.


I'll work on it. Sometime soon. Probably


I was not sure if I should cut it or not into chapters, in the end I decided to leave it like this. It felt one shot-ie. The second half should be proofread, 'cause my proofreader had to go and I had to submit it so... yeah, it IS not proofread. And the ending WAS rushed. I wrote almost half of the story in the very last day of the contest...

3059906 Yeah, but even if it was rushed it ended right. Maybe later you can edit it to make the flow better. Also, nice Those Blue Wings shoutout.

“So…” the orange mare grinned to herself. “Ah can get in her dreams, huh?”

Oh this will be good

Half a hour later



I'm glad you liked it! Stay tuned for the epilogue :)

Applejack in distress:applejackconfused:, could some one give her a Hand with that

Cool story, bro. But i would love a happier ending. :raritystarry:

Wow. I hate sad endings, but I have to say I approve. It's kind of the way it had to end up, with what AJ did and all. It's a good thing you're writing an epilogue. I can't wait to see how this mess she caused gets sorted out.


I thought this was a really interesting concept, and executed really well. I'm not really one for less-than-happy endings, but that's a personal preference. My real beef with the ending, is that I don't think that it is one. Applejacks methods seem to be building up towards a climax that never comes. The story's main conflict seems to be wrapped up in Applejack's dishonest and manipulative methods, but there's never a resolution to that either way. An epilogue would be great, but an epilogue is for falling action, after everything has been wrapped up. From my POV, there's still a major conflict to resolve, we still need to see how Applejack either does, or does not push through this problem, before we can see any aftermath, or call any new chaper an "epilogue", but that's just my opinion.


Lovely comment. Really interesting. I like it! Yes, we may say that. The thing is that my mind catalogued this as a one-shot, therefore I can't have a Chapter 2. But don't worry. I try to finish the idea with the epilogue.


Yeah, don't worry, it's on the works.


^ Read what I wrote to the guy above you. :ajsmug:


Well, I suppose it doesn't matter whether it's called "Chapter 2" or not. That's really superficial, now that I think on it. In any case, it'll be interesting to see what you come up with. :)

Alicorn Partyyyy! :pinkiehappy:
ehem, I mean, it was awesomeee! Epilogue pleeeeeeaseeee!!

I enjoyed the premise here. The "entering others' dreams" is fascinating but a little creepy and very underhanded if AJ's used this to get what she wanted. I understand, of course, but she'll need to reconcile this to find proper peace with Dash.

I enjoyed it and liked the fact you put some sort of safety mechanism in so the dreamscape was purely under the slumbering pony's control and couldn't be messed with. I liked the fact that it could be sneakily and not-so-subtly steered too... :ajsmug:

Echoing other thoughts here, it did feel rushed and could do with a spot of tidying here and there when you have time :twilightsmile:

I'm not sure if I'll change what's already said, but I might try to reedeem it all in the epilogue

Oh no need, no need :) it's a nice different take on her bending the limits of her element. Not like she has done anything wrong. She's put suggestions into Dash's head and RD was the one to act on them. She's just not going about it in an honest way, dream-sneaking. :applejackunsure:

It's working though!


Thanks! I'm writting the epilogue, slowly, but I'll get to it one day. Stay tuned to read it!

I don't think applejack would just say she les that fast

Y U NO MAKE NEW CHAPTER!!! :raritydespair:

Really REALLY good story bye the way! Well done!! :scootangel:


I'm sorry, I got a writer block attack, I'm not writting neither this epilogue, nor the next chapter for my Main story :"Of Horseshoes, Apples and Feathers"

Good news, and you're the first to know... I'm writting a new story :ajsmug:

WooHoo!!! Can't wait to read it!!!
And why did you get a writer block?


I have no idea... I just... can't seem to write something related to that, but I WILL come back to these stories and finish them, don't worry.

Alright then. You take your time on writing them. Can't wait to read them!!


There's a poll in my blog about what should I write next

The next chapter for my main story "Of horseshoes, apples and feathers"

The next chapter of this story

A new Appledash story

A new TwiPie story.

If you haven't read "Of Horseshoes Apples and Feathers" please read it before saying what chapter do you want more!

I read this during school and I bursted into a quiet fit of laughter when Pinkie said she would like a stallion to pop his party cannon inside her.


Oh boy, thanks for that! I had completely forgotten that I've wrote that bahahaha that was a good laugh. I should pat my old me in the back...

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