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Starlight witness' two of her friends becoming more then that and starts to feel slightly jealous...

Twidash ship fic with Starlight trying to find her self a special some pony. Who will it be? How will it go?

I honestly have no idea,
lets see where my writing takes me...

-Rated teen for profanity and sexual references-

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The plot IS great,but there are a ton of grammatical and spelling errors.
Still though,great story!

Yeah, I drafted the first two chapters while on holiday on my phone and auto correct is... well, special. All future chapters should be much better. I also have a problem that I really want to get these out when I'm done because I just love knowing people are reading my stuff and don't want people to wait. Only then realising that I should have spent longer then 5 mins spellchecking and checking grammar. I have a huge problem with capitalising my "I"'s. Just comes with my fast typing speed.

Thanks for the feedback though! Glad you like it as a story! :twilightsmile:

So many DWK references

Is it THAT obvious? :twilightblush:

Let me guess: Starlight ends up with Trixie/Maud.

I'm gonna get drunk and flick it ‘till I pass out “ Starlight smirked.

“Have fun and shower thoroughly” Twilight responded, chuckling with a smirk before shutting the door.

Is that a reference to DWK Totally Legit Recap?

Of course! Inspiration works it way into peoples works!

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