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Twilight and her friends take a vacation for one week but they need to keep their school running during that time. So they decide to have their moms to take their jobs as teachers. They will give the Students Of Friendship the best week in such a long time.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

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Is Spike going with them or is he gonna help the Mums?

Ahh okay

I hope they treat him better than Twi and the girls

Oh boy. I can’t wait to read how this turns out. When will we see the results?:ajsmug::fluttershyouch::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::raritywink::twilightsmile:

“And I’ll get my mother to show my students new ingredients for my cooking class. I’m actually excited to see more of my students with Pear Butter.” Applejack thrilled.

Uhm... It's for all practical purposes confirmed that Applejack's parents are dead...

This is mostly a sequel to my last two fanfics about Applejack's parents.

The alternate universe tag means something you know.


Whoops missed that. There wasn't really any other indication it was an AU in-story and I haven't read those other stories.

This is really promising. A story involving the mom 6 is something I would definitely read.

RD's mom is going to get a student killed isn't she? She and her husband are sociopaths.

They shot fireworks at their own daughter, they ARE dangerous sociopaths.

If I were Spike, I would protect the face cheeks.

Now, since I've finished reading all of these chapters, I recommend you describing more of the characters, the atmosphere, the room, and the mood. Just focus on these four if you want to describe and it'll give the story some more depth.

I’m sorry I’m not good at that.

“Anyway this is Stellar Flare. She’s the mother of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst. She will be our counselor.”

I know this is an AU but are Starlight and Sunburst step siblings, married, or actual siblings?

Sorry I just don’t understand how that works.

I'm basically asking how are Starlight and Sunburst siblings in this? Did Stellar Flare marry Firelight?

Try at least, mentioning something about them. And not constantly using their names, you could replace Velvet with the Canterlot mare every now and then


Doesn't say it's in a particular continuity, so expect people to be confused by that at first.

Did I already tell you about Spike and Gabby being a couple?

What? No seriously can you please tell me on that or was that a joke?

About Spike and Gabby as a couple?

Why is Star Tracker in the cover art? He's not a mother or a student.

He’s one of the supporting characters and in one of my fanfics, he became a student in the School Of Friendship.

There both helpful, got wings, hard-working, cook, etc.

Okay but them as a couple, where did you found this ship?

It was something I thought of since her first appearance.

I can try to give them some kind of moment in this story just for you but that will be in a later time.

I like the idea, but the pacing and grammar needs some work.

To name one; why do you write Apple Bloom as one word? It's two.

Some people think her name is one word instead of two.

In the credits of the episodes and in all the promotion material I've seen, it's always been written as two.

I'm actually wondering that when the girls come back, Spike asks for a vacation cause it isn't fair that the girls get one but he has to stay and work his ass off 24*7*365

I wonder if Mrs. Shy will become the favorite teacher like her daughter after this.

Your never know. Expect she’s going for teacher of the week not month.

Why Star Tracker, Silverstream, and Sandbar? That’s such a random group, where are the rest of the young six?

I’m not sure how flowers have anything to do with friendship, perhaps Mrs shy should consider that...

She wants her students to give their plants to friends and family who love flowers.

This may be one of my favorite chapters so far.

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