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Joker's my name. I'm a herbalist, farmer, and would-be adventurer. All those strange herbs that ponies need for medicine have to come from somewhere, and it isn't every farm that is willing—or able—to grow a crop of poison joke. So get comfortable, and let me tell you about what Spring means for me.

Contains: TF (Pony to plant, and back), TG (stallion to mare-like hermaphrodite), and a very silly pony.

Art: Gab0o0 (also on tumblr)

Chapters (11)
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Here we are again with another new story! This one is a little strange and very silly.

This one was inspired by some lovely art (and mini-story) posted on Derpibooru and Deviantart:


Of course I contacted both artist and writer to ensure they were okay with using part of their concept for a story, and both ncxz88 and Cloudnine were nice enough to give me the go-ahead.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy something a little odd (like you expected anything but odd with a cover image like this.).

Comment posted by Dr Freaky deleted Aug 10th, 2017

This story is extremely interesting and very well written! I will be following it!

Comment posted by Dr Freaky deleted Aug 10th, 2017
Comment posted by Dr Freaky deleted Aug 10th, 2017

Does Joker sound like Mark Hamill?


Better question is if he sounds like pre-Joker Joker, or Joker-Joker.

This seems like the kind of story that would have a mature eating, just going from the description, but it's not.

I find myself curious, what the heck is going on?

Stallion enters Everfree, roots and becomes Poison Joke mare, unroots?

Ah, Joker. Ever the shrewd businesspony. :ajsmug:

Almost thought that plant did something else there...

8366478 That would totally not be suitable for a T rated story without the Sex tag! :rainbowkiss:

as it was know - as it was known

Ok, fine. I fell for it too. Hook line and sinker.

Darn sneaky authors... Hmmph!

The convulsions made me think it was invading them in a non-sexual, painful way and draining them of non-sexual fluids.

Argh! I keep thinking this story is going to go mature on me!

Also, is Apple Bloom going to turn into a plant too?

Question for Joker, what gender are you?

I think Joker was male but the Poison Joke turned him into a female.

And yet it says in the triggers hermaphrodite.

Then I don't know what Joker is for gender!


That's why I asked Joker themself.

Dammit i asked the wrong question. But i think that does mean he's a herm?

Random thought here, but in the FO:E universe, Poison Joke became Killing Joke, would Joker become Killer I wonder?

8405297 No clue. Not a fan of Fallout, or the MLP crossovers. But Joker is a happy guy, no need to make him darky mcdarkface just for the sake of it.

I don't think he'd have a choice, but okay <:)

Well'p....I caught up to this much faster than I was planning. It's hard to keep from binge-reading something as gripping as this! :twilightsheepish: Well done, and I'm looking forward to more!

And then Bloom invented incendiary lemons.

Yeah. Thought Bloom wouldn't be a Joker, because that'd take her away.

I DONT WANT THESE DAMNED LEMONS!?!? WHAT AM I GONNA DO WITH THESE! Bored so I made a reference also I love this story keeps getting better with every chapter :pinkiecrazy:

8413842 You want to know a really fun thing? I flipped a coin.

And now I hate you.


Not really

You really need to DEMAND TO SEE LIFE'S MANAGER! :derpytongue2:


I'm really enjoying this. Those jokes made me smile, and AB's JOKE is genius! :rainbowlaugh:

8414278 What do you call a human who can count above 10? Barefoot! :pinkiehappy:

That joke was bad and you should feel bad. :twilightangry2: (Except not really because I don't want to make you feel bad. :derpytongue2: Really though, that was pretty weak. :applejackunsure:)

8420164 Okay... How many breezies does it take to screw in a light-bulb? Two, but how they got inside it I don't know!

Oh....oh man. I feel bad for kind of liking that one. Are you just making these up as you go or are you getting them from somewhere?

8420171 First one was from Anne McCaffrey, second was an adaption of "how many flies does it take..."

Did you hear of the pirate that walked into a bar.

The moment he entered, the barman exclaimed in surprise: there was a big ship's wheel attached to the pirate's groin. "What's that for?" he inquired.

"Yarr!" The pirate was in his full piratical glory, and had a terrible accent. "It's drivin' me nuts!"

8420171 Why did the cockatrice use the elevator? Because they couldn't get past the first stare.

:rainbowlaugh: Those are both pretty great in my book! You're good at this!

Wait, So, Joker gets impregnated? Lol.

Also, what would have happened if Bloom was a Joker? Would she be doing what Joker is now?

8426976 What are you asking me for?

If Apple Bloom was a joker, and she walked into that patch of poison joke... yes.

Well, that puts a spin on the phrase 'best buds'.

Damn. Kinda wish Bloom was a Joker now. That would've been an experience and a half. Pretty tough to explain too.

Also, why am I asking you? Because you're the author.

8427364 Right, but you could ask the characters instead! :pinkiegasp:

I bet Bloom had a moment of awkward silence where she thought something like "Welp...that just happened." :rainbowlaugh:

Oh. But then I'd have to wait for the next chapter. And chances are, Joker won't be able to reply, Bloom doesn't know the answer, and any other character would either not know the answer or give me something vague. What better character to ask than the God?

ooh! Now that an interesting transformation!

Hahahaha we predict you all thought the plant was being lewd!
For the record, we believed it was administering neurotoxin...

seems Applebloom's evaluation is going swimmingly enough!

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