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Aaaaaaaaw yiiiiiiis~


Expect a review in a few days!

This is by far the best Spike x Pinkie I've ever read.
And you really wrote Pinkie perfectly. Not too over the top, not out of character either. Just a nice Pinkie.
I think I gave you the first like (that's a first for me), but I wish I could give you a hundred. You'd deserve them.

I'm a guy who most would say ships the little green terror with any-and-everything under the sun and I must say Kudos. Your writing is good, very few noticeable typos and any that may he aren't sticking out like a sore thumb. The uh love act was too good. I'm sorry, but very few writers can keep Pinkie in character while having her engaged in sexual acts (I've tried and failed :pinkiehappy:) not saying I'm a prolific writer, but it ain't easy.

Over the last few days I've noticed a lot of high quality mature stories being released (mine included). It's good to see the trend is continuing.

So let me stop ranting and like this already

Edit: Also I think I smell a feature


Imagine Pinkie's sisters want in on the action.

This was pretty okay--quite good really, though it jumped to the action a bit too quick after the first smooch--but what really threw me is "Do you wanna see my pussy?"

Not only does it come off as super crass, but...

Do you wanna see my pussy?
Come on and take a peek
It's Hearts and Hooves day and you're into me
So come and see
We haven't got all week!
It's pink and wet and sticky
And it's all for you
Come on, give it a tryyyyyyyy
Do you wanna see my pussy?
I've got a nickname for my pussy.
(Oh yeah, what?)
Pinkie's Pie.

This was nice, got a sequel planned?

this was an entertaining read, but I do feel it went from 0-60 in a matter of seconds
also through out the whole fic I imagined dog spike and human pinkie in this

:raritystarry: what? My Spikey?
:pinkiehappy: You missed your chance I blew it! and do'd it!
:duck: Two can play that game!
:trollestia: Ladies do what is best, herd instincts
:twilightoops: All the girls got Spike?
:moustache: I ain't complaining ...

one of the frenchiest restaurants

... shouldn't that be Pranciest?

That ... seemed to happen awfully quickly. Too quickly.

Pinkie Pie pressed her lips together so tight her mouth almost disappeared.

don't say that kind of thing! That's happened to her before and she got PTSD from it.

You found probably my favorite fandom art of all time, the Valentine's Day Spike kiss amalgamation thing. Love it!

Also, great story.

Great chapter, can't wait to see more

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't pretty cute. :pinkiehappy:

For the most part anyway. The actual clop section is kind of a mixed bag. Moved too fast and some of the dialogue felt off. At least Pinkie wasn't overly hyper.

Still, this was an enjoyable read. :scootangel:

... Besides, you’re so good at finding gems, even with my magic I would only be holding you back.

But we've seen how their gem-finding partnership works. Rarity locates them with her gem-dowsing power, and Spike digs them up with his immense strength and super-hard claws. This has been depicted on screen in at least two episodes, and Rarity's gem-dowsing and Spike's strength in others.

Pinkie Pie took a deep breath. “Umm…” It was rare for Pinkie Pie to think so much about her words. “How do you feel about your relationship with Rarity?”

I have great difficulty imagining Pinkie Pie seriously using the word "relationship" to mean "friendship" or "love" or "courtship" or anything of the sort. She would use a more childlike word. Not so much because Pinkie Pie is necessarily innocent of sexual thoughts, let alone stupid (mine is neither) but rather beause she is childlike (and sees it as a virtue).

Even being sexual, Pinkie would do it in a childlike fashion, with lots of enthusiastic giggling and laughter. Being deliberately adult about it would be very un-Pinkie.

He had to think about it because, honestly, he had never really thought of it before.

*snerk* I think that Spike spends rather a lot of time thinking about whether or not Rarity loves him back, which is what "relationship" means in this context. What he exactly thinks about it is up for debate, but it's definitely on his mind a lot.

And she has you doing all those things for her,” Pinkie added. “So probably more like an errand boy than a kid.

This is very much an un-Pinkie objection. Pinkie Pie is an incredibly hard worker: she was reared on a rock farm and spent her adolescence as the world's fastest baker, cake delivery girl and most energetic party planner. And now she still does all that, and saves the world occasionally to boot.

And she knows who she's talking to -- namely, one of the other three people she knows who is around as hard-working as her (the other two would probably be Applejack and Rarity). Remember, this is Season 5 plus, so Pinkie has known Spike and his ways for years now.

Pinkie's objection would probably be more along the lines of:

PINKIE: Gee, it seems you want to play with her, but she doesn't want to play with you. All she ever wants is for you to help her with her chores. That doesn't sound like much fun ...

See, Pinkie is a hard-working hedonist. Work doesn't scare her. Boredom does.

Don’t know. Maybe, but, there’s not a whole lot of mares out there lining up to be with a dragon.

Actually, there's a whole city in which rather a lot of the mares would probably find it an honor to keep Spike company. And possibly more than just keep him company, if we interpret Crystal-Imperial exotic decadence the way I do. This is due to the events of The Crystal Empire, which are at the start of Season Three and precede Twilight Sparkle becoming an Alicorn Princess or getting a castle.

There's also, rather obviously, Sweetie Belle. Though we don't know how Rarity would react to that.

I liked the whole scene with the dishwasher

I actually have no problem imagining Pinkie having a thing for Spike. They generally get along well together in the Show, in part because Spike's still childlike too in a lot of ways.

The actual sex scene is really well written. You keep Pinkie Pie in canon personality all the way through it.

A lovely little read.
Pinkie sure knows how to take a bull by the horns - or in this case, a dragon by the dick

That was lovely! :pinkiehappy::heart:

That what's up!:moustache:

That was a pretty enjoyable read. Cute! :pinkiehappy:

So, I don't normally read clop, much less comment on it. I made an exception because I recognize you from Keeping it Simple, and because this story is actually quite good. Surprisingly, it's probably the best Pinkie/Spike fic I've ever read. Those are in short supply, distressingly enough. Honestly, the character interactions are what sold me on this. This is the kind of story that makes me ask "what happens next", and I mean that in the best way possible. How will their friends react? How will Rarity react? My mind is abuzz pondering these questions.

I don't like to pester people for sequels. Also, since this is a commissioned piece, it seems especially doubtful that a continuation is forthcoming. Still, for what it's worth, I would very much be interested a follow-up. In any case, thank you for this story. It was a delightful read.

Beautiful absolutely beautiful :fluttercry:

Proof positive you can successfully ship Pinkie Pie with anyone and any species!

I would not mind seeing another chapter or two... Or an aftermath chapter perhaps?

Other then that its a good story as is and you should be proud of it because I know that I enjoyed it...

Pretty good and cute. Also a bit Sexy. Although I would really want to know the next day, and how Rarity reacts to the whole thing XD

The title of this fic is not "Cumming Clean"

Please do a sequel or prequel explaining in detail why Pinkie fell for Spike.

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