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This made me wet.
Wet with blood.
This made me cut myself.
Good job.

I liked the parts where the Tendies happened.

And then the guard Col. Angus showed up because of a noise complaint....

:applejackconfused:Colonel Angus? Ah ain't never heard of no Colonel Angus!
:rainbowwild:Don't worry, AJ! I can get you very well-acquainted with it!
:ajbemused:Don't ya mean them?!?
:rainbowhuh:You do know we're talking about muff-diving, right?
:ajsmug:Ah dunno 'bout y'all pegasi, but if'n ah needed a muffin, I'd jest git ta bakin'em mahself.
:rainbowlaugh:good one, AJ... :rainbowderp:Wait, you're serious!


Forty keks and Carpet sex

There... there are just no words. I already had a good idea where this was going to go... and I still don't know what to say about what I read.

Also, since I have no shame, and I'll probably only do this once just for fun. When's Third Roommate with the clop?

Both teams, Twilight. Both teams

That happened

Me reading this at 3 am didnt help much either

Aw, Twilight's straight. Sorry Rainbow.

that title gave me bad flashbacks

I'd munch Starlight's carpet.

7355580 wow way to steal my A/N you nerd

7355582 oh come on who wouldn't want to munch her carpet besides I'm just agreeing with you

7355633 only losers wouldn't want to

What is this? :pinkiehappy:

This feels like the time I got introduced to Urban Dictionary by a 4chan fag using the word 'mung'. :heart:

We need more fics like this

For fucks sake, you three. Stop being hilarious.

That's an order.

Many say they want more...

Your stories, like to these...

Are like drugs...

They get addicted, wanting more...

But when we drain the supply it gives us, no more...

But the feeling it has left us....

You trolling bastard... Lol!

For some reason, I kept expecting that SVU detective to get involved.

Author Interviewer

That wasn't nearly enough payoff for the amount of build up needed. :(

She wants to bang but not eat her out? Well I guess they’ll sort of scissor or something, lol

Love the name too, great job! :twilightsmile:

Munch’s Store of Carpet and Drapes.

I have to say this is either the product of a most unfortunate career choice, or else the greatest multi-layered pun ever devised.

You know, there is such a thing as shag carpet. There could be further misunderstandings

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