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The friendship between Clover the Clever, Smart Cookie, and Private Pansy led to the founding of Equestria. But what can they do in the face of a new and chaotic menace who calls himself Discord?

Two events from December 2011 led directly to this story: the revelation in "Hearth's Warming Eve" that the princesses were nowhere in sight when Equestria was founded, and the announcement of the existence of Cadance, the third Princess. Unfortunately, at the time, I was in the middle of several non-Pony related projects, but I wanted to get the idea written up before the Cadance episode aired and made canon-fodder out of the whole thing. So I carved ten days out of my schedule in the middle of January 2012 and wrote it up in two parts. It made Equestria Daily, but I've always felt it needed one more run through the word processor.

So I'm suspending my usual "write it, submit it, move on to the next" rule and giving the story another spin. I'm also, after a year and a half, giving it a sequel: "Calling You."

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Wow, this is fantastic! Definitely headcannon for me from now on.



I've been calling this story "canon-fodder" from it's very first posting at EqD since I fully expect it to be blown completely to smithereens as soon as Season 3 gets into all that Crystal Empire stuff... :twilightsmile:



Well, even if Cadence is removed from the equation, I'm pretty sure something near identical to this is how Celestia and Luna came into existence, at least based on what has been hinted at so far.

I like it.


And they all:

Lived happily ever after. Till the next story, of course... :pinkiehappy:


Cannon fodder? Maybe, but I've read so many stories now that its all a blur. As such, I'll just say this feels just as good as any other "history" so kudos!


It's just that:

I've known since I first wrote this story a year and a half ago that it couldn't possibly be correct. So I've been waiting and waiting for the series to do the inevitable episode that would invalidate it. They still haven't, but the first actual prose Pony novel that came out a couple months ago apparently gives us the official story on Princess Cadance. So canon finally blew this out of the water, and I was at last able to add the "Alternate Universe" tag in good conscience. :eeyup:


Sugar, spice and everything nice
These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:


It's true:

Ev'rything about this show keeps coming back to Powerpuff Girls, doesn't it?? :twilightsmile:


How do you not have more followers?


I'm the:

Best kept secret on FiMFiction. :twilightsmile:


I read your fanfiction and this is the first fanfiction I read on FiMFiction.net.
I enjoyed it very much and I love the idea that Clover, Smart Cookie and Pansy summoned Celestia, Luna and Cadance and are their makers.
This idea is so epic you can't imagine how epic it is, because that means that Clover, Smart Cookie and Pansy, the ancestors of Twilight, Applejack and Fluttershy (if they are their ancestors, but we can highly assume that) were even more powerful than Celestia and Luna are now.
I just have a question:

Why Cadance also was summoned?
Clover said they need the ponies from the flag to defeat Discord, but Cadance isn't on the flag.


In some ways:

The announcement that the cartoon show was going to introduce a new princess named Cadance is the whole reason I wrote this story. I wanted to make up a reason for a third princess to exist. Also, since there are six Elements of Harmony, I liked the numbers: three regular ponies and three princess ponies. I'm glad you liked the story, too: I'm writing a sequel to it called "Calling You" if you'd like to read it.



I already began with that and hope now, that I manage it to read the chapters so far before the 26th.:pinkiehappy:

She's a lean and hungry look about her that makes me nervous.

Discord paraphrasing Julius Caesar earns a like, but the allusion to Luna as Cassius makes this a favorite!



I saw John DeLancie playing the part of Jack Tanner in G.B. Shaw's "Man and Superman" back when I was in college, so classical allusions just come into my head naturally when I hear that voice of his. :pinkiehappy:


This is alarmingly close to a mixture of the headcanon I cooked up for the origins of Celesteia, Luna, and Discord after "Hearth's Warming Eve" and my revised headcanon after "Magical Mystery Cure." It's freaking eerie. :twilightoops:

I don't think I ever even told anyone about the revised headcanon. I'm glad someone wrote a story with those ideas, though, because I was sure never going to get around to it. :twilightsmile:


I'm glad I could help out:

Even if it was in a sort of after-the-fact fashion. :twilightblush:

I go even further with the next story in the sequence, Calling You, with thoughts about where changelings come from and like that...


Beautiful as always Augie, sorry it took me so long to read it.


That's the nice thing about:

All this "world wide web" stuff. Nothing ever goes out of print!


5378947 I dunno, sometimes it does get insanely hard to find.:rainbowlaugh:

1148793 Indeed, the only word fitting, I think, for describing this. Fantastic!

Absolutely loved this! I know the party I'm late to is but a memory of a chapter in a history book at this point, but I'm here now anyways! :pinkiehappy: Absolutely lovely, from start to finish, and one of the best takes on the defeat of Discord, birth of the alicorns, and founding of the Elements I've ever read. Thank you for writing this, simply a pleasure to read.

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading! Even if it takes me a while.



And if you ever get done with the stuff here, I've got short pieces that I've been writing for the contests at The Writeoff Association over under the name Baal Bunny. :pinkiehappy:


Anyone else want to talk about how Cadence is apparently a psychopomp in this story?

But really, I am loving this! A very unique take on the origins of the Princesses, and I love the sort of "Bad Wolf" situation with the banner inspiring the trio to create the princesses, in whose image the banner is made... :pinkiehappy:


Since I see:

That you've added Calling You to your "Read it Later" list, I won't say too much. But Cadance's role as psychopomp is pretty much central to that story... :eeyup:


Huh, okay. Looking forward to reading it! :twilightsmile:

I don't know how I've missed your stories for so long, but you really know how to spin a tale :twilightsmile:



If you like this particular AU, there's more of it in Calling You, and I've got more stories under my other pseudonym, Baal Bunny. There's always so much going on around this place!


Yup, already tagged your other stories for reading later, and have started on Baal Bunny stories as well.

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