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The TARDIS, decides she has had enough of the Doctor's moping, and she wants an adventure. What could be better than travelling through the void to a more interesting universe! However, she runs into a snag.
Stuck as a pony of some type, and without her powers of timetravel, how will she survive in this world?
Especially with the natives at war and being particular unhelpful.
A fourth dimensional being like herself will fit in just fine. Right?

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Okay, that's a fun start. I love the way you write the TARDIS in this, and it's going to be fun to see her around the founding of Equstria. Also bonus points for referencing Inferno.

About the only down side (and this is one of those things that probably won't matter that much as it's your story) is that Clover the Clever was recently established as being a stallion. That being said, I doubt that will turn anyone off this story.

Looking forward to seeing more!

Never watched doctor who but... this is interesting

two questions is the doctor coming after her?, I hope not because I'm not exactly a fan of him and somehow his powers have nothing to do with mlp for me. They don't exactly seems to fit, I can't do much against that first impression.

2. Is Starswirls appearing much here? I don't like him either, partly because no author was able to write about a somewhat strong Unicorn because they don't wanted to make them accidently stronger than Starswirls before Starlight came along. I still remember those stupis arguments about how no Alicorn could get more skills than lifting a pebble, because only Starswirls could be so good.

There should have been at least a few Unicorns that get 1/2 or even 3/4 his power level.

Hi thanks for commenting!
So, answering your first question, I have not planned for the Doctor to turn up in this story, and if he does it will be much later on. I want to explore the TARDIS and her experiences being able to properly interact with other creatures all on her own, as well as her experiences being able to actually interact with the world around her.

In answer to your second question, Star Swirl will be here for a bit but will likely disappear for periods of time as it's more Clover I want to focus on. As this is set just before and around the events of the founding of equestria (although this might be after he has dealt with the siren problem. Not sure if I'll go to the EQG world, but I'll leave the option open...) As I want to keep it somewhat tied to cannon, he'll most likely disappear for a bit to teach Celestia and Luna when they turn up, and then properly disappear with the Pillars.
To sum it up, I'm not yet sure how much I want to involve him, but he will definetly be around for at least the first few chapters.

oh god, it's an alicornified derpy!

I don't know much about Doctor Who, but I like fish out of water and whimsical stories. :raritystarry:

The only issue I have is that there's quite a number of grammatical issues and the like. I hope that gets addressed at some point.

Ha! All of the TARDIS's initial responses in one go! Ha!

well, that was inyeresting. aside from a couple of typos. your pacing is a little off. i found the scene with Starswirl and Clover to be a bit too fast. you went from preparing to a marsh in a matter of seconds. thats kind of off-putting if you ask me.
other than that it looks interesting to see where you will go with it

"HELLO!!! I'm sexy!" She joyfully proclaimed. She closed her eyes and lifted her eye brows as she did her best attempt at 'smiling'.

For a forth dimensional being, how did you not know what that word meant

Oh, I really like her self examination and introduction. It's so much fun to see the TARDIS like this.

"HELLO!!! I'm sexy!" She joyfully proclaimed. She closed her eyes and lifted her eye brows as she did her best attempt at 'smiling'.

Well... she's probably not wrong :moustache:

Great to hear your enjoying it!
I apologise for any grammatical mistakes that have been left in. I wanted to get out another chapter as quick as I could and must of missed some mistakes.
Please point them out for me if you want and I'll fix them!

I love TARDIS' (Sexy's? :rainbowlaugh:) inner monologues. It's fun watching her get used to things and seeing her thought processes.

"HELLO!!! I'm sexy!"

I know that's her name and all, but why!

TARDIS: "Screw this boredom, I'm going the go on my own adventure! With Blackjack and hoo-- I mean friendship and ponies!"

Just found this story and haven't read it yet, but I'll now ask the question that doesn't really need to be; "Is she still bigger on the inside?" :derpytongue2:

This story has such promise, please continue

Need More.
Smexy Sexy TARDIS

Is this going to continue ?

About the eyes, calling it here and now, she’ll be some sort of ancestor of Ditsy Doo(if you don’t know: Derpy):derpyderp1:

Is continuation to occur?

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