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In the village of Wellshod, a day and a third's travel from the burgeoning Ponyville, there is a general store and a tavern, and that's about it. Someone who was once "Great and Powerful" has been watering her salt lick with tears...

(This story was inspired by a pic on e621. The pic itself is safe, that website is not, so links are not being provided.)

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I wrote this last summer and posted it on Fanfiction.net. I figured it's finally time to post it here on FimFiction. This'll be a chapter a day (or two chapters if I miss a day) until finished. I decided to adjust a few tiny details here and there; nothing really noticeable except for Trixie's name (now that she has an official one).

I still don't get "Lulamoon", but whatever. I'll live.:trixieshiftleft: I think.:trixieshiftright:

So we're up to chapter eight and a dramatic cliffhanger! Oh noes! :pinkiegasp:

What could it mean? Find out tomorrow! Or, you know, read the story in its original location (I haven't logged in there in months).

And that's the story, folks. Created last summer, and still finding views and likes.

Fanfiction is a very temporal medium; popularity is meme-driven, and most memes are built on what happened most recently. The first season is only a memory for most of us, and not a very fresh one. That said, I hope this story has entertained you, and I'm sorry if it didn't.

Next up, I have no idea... I'll have to find something that inspires me enough to build on it.

-- Dream well!

Interesting so will give it a read when i can. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Now that this is on EQD, mm. Talk about winning the fanfiction lottery!


... er, so i've been told.

I finished reading this story earlier this morning. I enjoyed it, it was pretty believable throughout as a response to Trixie's humiliation in Ponyville, and a pretty interesting canon of Trixie's backstory. The OC's were believable as well, maybe a touch underdeveloped, but maybe just enough. Depends on how much you wanted to lavish on the details.

The only main critique I can give is that chapter 11 felt very rushed. It definitely left me wanting a bit more explanation/detail/character interaction ~ Something. I can't quite put my finger on it; the resolution of the story is there, it is just very BAM BAM BAM DONE and before you know it the story ends. :unsuresweetie:

Good story otherwise though; I'll have to check out your other work. Keep it up! :raritywink:

All I can say is "OUCH!":fluttershyouch:

Marvelous! I really like Trixie redemption stories, and this was a very well written one.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

That kind of Trixie is very likeable. Not like the canon, obnoxious bitch type. :rainbowlaugh:

I hate leaving lonely chapters uncommented upon. Actually, I try to comment on every chapter I read, but that's especially true if there's no other comments yet.

Why do you write such short chapters?

Trixie tested her voice, whispering, "Mother?" Though she was wrapped in a warm blanket, the inner warmth didn't come. "Mother? Are you there?" The emptiness felt so wrong.

Your mother's ghost doesn't love you anymore.

Bindlestick shivered. "Don't you go talkin' about it, you'll call down the curse down on yaselves! And it is a curse, there ain't no cure I know of!" He made a figure with his hoof to ward off evil things.

I don't like you. The first words I hear from you are annoying.

Trixie took the time to wash up a bit and then practically skipped back to the tavern.

I worry about the general prudence of giving money to a pony who was sent to you because she couldn't afford any more salt and needed a place to sleep and sending her to the tavern. It just doesn't seem to be a good idea, given what you know.
Don't bother asking whether I think it's a good idea given what I know. I'm far from certain what I'm supposed to know, so I can't very well draw conclusions from that set.

Along the way to the tavern, the urge rose in Trixie to just spend all she'd earned on intoxicants, but more practical thoughts suggested she'd better earn another day's pay before she even thought about it. That way if she pushed her credit too far and had to skip town, she'd have something in her pocket to last a little while.

. . . There's worse logic.

When the young unicorn arrived, there was a voice inside croaking out an old spiritual, from a disastrous invasion long ago that had taken some time to push out of Equestria, when many ponies had been taken from their homes and made to work in terrible conditions. Princess Celestia herself had stepped in to save her people, ending the war.

It sounds like the more thoughtful ponies were probably so glad Tia let the war ruin everything for a while before she decided to end it.

Trixie giggled at the sad, hoarse, terrible singing. Then she felt a sting inside, as if her mother had frowned. The shame stopped her, but there was also that hint of warmth she'd been missing. "I hope that's you, Mother," she whispered, then stepped inside.

You're schizophrenic, Trixie.
Everypony's schizophrenic if I say they are.

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