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As Sunset and Twilight Sparkle journey home from another late after school study session, the duo are suddenly ambushed by a group of grown men dressed in black. Fearing for their lives, the two are unexpectedly saved by a, soon to be, new student at Canterlot High with platinum hair and wearing a crimson jacket. The only thing he knows about himself is his name - Ragna.

Extra Information
- Rated 'Teen' for Swearing, Scenes of Violence and Blood
- Blazblue Crossover
- Ragna is same age as the girls in this Universe.
- Set after Friendship Games. The Events of the Fourth Movie haven't happened yet.
- Set after Central Fiction
- All Images and Music belong to their respective owners.

Chapters (3)
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Nice. I don't see many Blazblue crossover here.

Concerning Ragna's outfit just to be sure, you gave a new one that resemble the one he always wear, right?

Also are his arms still artificial or must I assume since his right eye isn't red anymore that his body has been totally restored? If so does he still have the Azure Grimoire?

And I think I found a mistake.

A large threatened,

I think you mean "A large man threatened,".

8093781 In order; Thank you. As I said, I've been wanting to do a Blazblue Crossover for ages.

Yes, I figured since his regular outfit would make him stand out more, I went for a more casual outfit but still kept to his colour scheme.

All in due time, my good chum.

Fixed, thanks.

Looks good so far

8094060 Hope I don't disappoint.

Cue the music:

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Thriller tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

8095774 As it says in the description;

- Rated 'Teen' for Swearing, Scenes of Violence and Blood

It's not a war from start to finish, I can tell you that much.

KO awesome chapter, Ragna is showing those bullies who's the top dog in the battlefield and he's gonna give them what's coming to them. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

Okay that fight scene was awesome. Well written and explain that I'm seeing it without problem.

Mistakes found:

he charged wildly at toward him.

by going Ragna’s chest

by going at Ragna’s chest

he attempted to use large arms

he attempted to use his large arms

Ragna is badass


spiky platinum hair and a pair of emerald green eyes.

Shouldn't Ragna have a emerald and crimson eye? He had pale blonde hair and emerald eyes before he got the Azure and turned his right eye red and pale blonde into platinum.

8131607 I have my reasons for this change. Will not say why though.

When's the next chapter coming out? I wanna see what happens next!

Also hey! Saiyan of the North Star! I didn't know you liked BlazBlue!

This is a very interesting crossover fic. You are doing a great job with it so far. Keep up the good work. :)

Thanks. Are the character interactions alright? I'm trying to keep them in character.

KO awesome chapter, Ragna has shown those thugs the might of the grim reaper if they ever cross his path again and the girls are certainly taking a like to him.
Is there gonna be some romance scenes and harem or signal?

Gag Reels are bound to be in the story, right?

*Casually whistles* Maybe. Maybe not.

8409848 The interactions seem find to me. :)

Nice to see this story back.

Well Ragna finally ended those muggers and with style. The only way for this scene to be more cooler would be for him to have his Blood Scythe and be shrouded in the darkness of his Blood Kain.

The mysterious figure, though I admit the black clad may suggest Hazama, the toothy grin leads me more towards Toakaka.

And are we finally going to know the state of his arms when Sunset and Twilight treat his wounds?

MIstakes found:

she took Twilight’s had into her own.


Ragna quickly looked to the lamp post to see it large dent in the bottom.


follow up with right round house kick,

follow up with a right round house kick,

pulling Steels arm to against its bone joint.


He began to reach down for the pair of them of them only to see a hand

the traced the arm


Ragna brought himself closer Rex’s face,

Ragna brought himself closer to Rex’s face,

was stopped short as the sound Tyrell’s voice called to him.

was stopped short as the sound of Tyrell’s voice called to him.

Rex had to Tyrell what had happened

Rex had told to Tyrell what had happened

he began to turn their attention to the girls.


He froze at sudden gesture

He froze at the sudden gesture

held the knife, that Ragna used to free the girls, in their hands gave it a look over

held the knife that Ragna used to free the girls in its hands, gave it a look over

a smile slowly grew on their face,


Good chapter. I see he's not as powerful as he once was, but maybe with time, he will regain his powers back.

Also to anyone who likes BlazBlue, please read my fanfic on Fanfiction.net. Here's the link:


So far It's a good story. So keep up the good work.

How much longer are we going to have to wait for the next chapter to be out?:rainbowhuh:

Need more chapters I need it! :flutterrage:

Great history i hope more chapters good luck

My only question is; Where the hell is Ragna’s blade? Serious it’s probably his second most iconic item, the other being that right arm of his. (You blueblaz fans know what I’m talking about.)

He left it behind at the end of Central Fiction. My theory is that Nu somehow took it.

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