• Published 13th Apr 2017
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Blazblue: Canterlot Conundrum - darkstone57

Canterlot High is known for it's out of the ordinary events brought about by unexpected individuals and now they will be welcoming a new edition to their line up - a young man who knows nothing but his name - Ragna.

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Rebel 1

Blazblue: Canterlot Conundrum
Rebel 1

The hour was late on this Saturday evening. The moon could be barely seen through the clouds covering the night sky but the street lights below would allow all those who wished to journey on this mild night a knowing of their surroundings.

Such was the case for Sunset Shimmer and her friend Twilight Sparkle. The two friends had become good mates over the last few weeks following the Friendship Games. Twilight and Sunset both shared their knowledge of the scientific whilst also bonding over the smaller things with the rest of their friends.

As the two wandered through the lit path through the park, Sunset with her biker jacket zipped up and Twilight wearing a purple jacket over her attire to help keep the cold off their arms, the two chuckled over their recent pastimes with the group, commenting on how their friend Rainbow Dash would try her best to make herself look like the next biggest rock star and how ridiculous she would sometimes look to them but held admiration for her skill nonetheless.

Unbeknown to the two friends however, not far behind them, a group of four that were clad in black attire from head to foot, complete ski masks over their head, were stalking them with persistence ever since they saw the two left the after school club a few roads back.

They all froze for a moment before gaining ground.


“I hope you enjoy yourself, Ragna.” The sweet child feminine voice spoke through his mind, stirring the young man awake.

The young man opened his eyes with a groan, his green irises trying to adjust to the sight of the moon peering through the clouds.

With a strained moan, he sat up on the grass he was on and placed a hand on his head trying to cushion the pain he felt, “Damn it...” His voice was smooth and deep, “What the hell happened?”

He looked around and couldn’t tell where he could be until he saw a lamppost light shining downward a few clicks from his spot. He decided to head toward it but as he tried to stand, his legs began to wobble and fell onto one knee, “What is going on?” The young man said through a weakened voice as he took another attempt at standing, more slowly this time.

With himself upright once more, the young man tried to get his bearings as he took nice, slow, easy steps toward the light. Once he was, he felt better and when he stood in the centre of it he stopped and decided to look himself over for anything wrong.

The young man had natural beige skin, spiky platinum hair and a pair of emerald green eyes. He wore a vibrant red sleeved jacket that had silver padded parts on the outer rims of the sleeves as well as the top of them before they met the shoulders and the jacket had black pinstripe lines down the sides of the centre. He had a pair of fingerless leather black gloves on, both of which a unique white emblem that the young man couldn’t make heads or tails of. Underneath the jacket, he had a pitch black button shirt that was done up to the top, the ends hanging over his black jeans that were held up by a black studded belt and he wore a pair of silver trainers that red streaks round the outline of them.

When he finished examining his being, he only had one question; “Who... am I?” For a moment, he remembered the voice that spoke to him before got up, “Ragna... is that my name?”

Before he could ask aloud the question of where he was, his thoughts were cut off by the sound a feminine scream coming from behind that filled him with, for reasons he couldn’t fathom, rage.

Shaking off the initial anger, Ragna bolted in the direction of the scream.


“Shut it, you little brat!” A large man threatened, with a gravelly voice, Twilight as he held a powerful grip around Twilight’s waist and drew out a large knife in front of her for her to see, “Or, do you want me to gut you now?” Twilight froze at the sight of the knife in front of her.

Sunset protested defiantly though muffled as her mouth was covered by the hand of a second large man. Both of their men sizes were a foot larger than the girls. The one who had Sunset held her hands behind her back with vigour as he chuckled with a grating voice, “This one’s feisty, I love me a squirmy one before I have my way.” He said with a sickening chuckle as the girls froze in fear for a moment as they realised what he meant.

As Sunset began to thrash about more in the man’s grasp, she felt a powerful shot to her stomach as an elbow was driven in, making her falter.

The two other men, both equally large as the ones holding the girls, were chuckling with an equally grating voice. One had a long rope in his hands and the other had a camera phone ready with a torch light on, shining at the captors.

“This is going to be so much fun.” The man with the rope said with a dark chuckle.

“Rex’s right.” The man with the phone said with a giddy smile, “Hey, Drake,” The one holding Sunset looked at him, “How much longer do we have to wait before we get started?”

“Shut it, Tyrell!” Drake barked as he tightened his grip on Sunset, “You know me and Steel always get first pickings.” Drake looked at Steel who held the knife closer to Twilight whose lip began to quiver.


The group turned to look at the one who called at them to see a Ragna glaring at them with fury.

“What do you want, pretty boy?” Tyrell taunted as he put his phone in his pocket.

“Let. Them. Go.” Ragna snarled at the group, who replied with a mocking laugh.

“What’s this now? You ain’t got nothing better to do than play hero, you little emo?” Tyrell mocked as he got closer to Ragna, who clenched his fists.

“You heard me, shit-head!” Ragna spat as he bore his teeth. Tyrell merely raised an eye brow as he loomed over Ragna with a spiteful look.

“How about I fold you up so I can fit you in a tin can, eh?!” Tyrell roared as he threw a strong straight right aimed at Ragna’s head. Not only did Ragna effortlessly dodge it, at the last second, he drilled a left into the Tyrell’s gut that was so strong it made him gasp for air. Before Tyrell could even recover, his vision went upward as Ragna delivered a bone crunching uppercut to his jaw. Ragna then sent him twirling back with a jumping roundhouse to the side of Tyrell’s head.

As Ragna landed perfectly on the ground, Tyrell stopped before his allies as he fell to one knee gasping for air, Ragna looked at his hands for a moment. He was genuinely surprised at how natural that felt but he shook it off as he saw Tyrell looking at his left palm incredulously after he wiped the blood coming out of his mouth before roaring, “YOU LITTLE SHIT!”

Ragna, filled with determination, readied himself for a fight and defiantly shouted, “Bring it!”

To Be Continued...

Author's Note:

A New Wheel of Fate has begun to turn.

I know this short for a first chapter. But, my schedule is pretty erratic, so I want to give you people something rather than nothing. No promises on updates.

Side note, I've been wanting to do a Blazblue story featuring Ragna for ages. So, I am pleased to get this one rolling.

Honest opinions and constructive criticism are always appreciated. Take care.