• Published 13th Apr 2017
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Blazblue: Canterlot Conundrum - darkstone57

Canterlot High is known for it's out of the ordinary events brought about by unexpected individuals and now they will be welcoming a new edition to their line up - a young man who knows nothing but his name - Ragna.

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Rebel 2

Author's Note:

I know it's another short chapter but I hope it's still good to keep you guys interested. Honest opinions and Constructive Criticism are greatly appreciated.

With that said,

The Wheel of Fate is Turning! Rebel 2! Action!

Blazblue: Canterlot Conundrum
Rebel 2

Tyrell roared with anger at Ragna as he charged wildly toward him. Tyrell threw a wide left hook, aiming for Ragna’s skull. The attack was swiftly dodged but Tyrell tried to keep up the pressure by going at Ragna’s chest with a straight right. Ragna blocked the blow with his forearms but grunted slightly at the impact, the force of the blow pushed him back slightly.

Tyrell smirked confidently but soon felt himself falling forward as Ragna shifted himself to his right with a turn and before Tyrell could get his balance he felt pain coursing through his skull as his vision was blinded by Ragna’s right elbow that was quickly planted into Tyrell’s face.

As Tyrell unconsciously retreated a couple of steps, covering his injured face with his right hand, groaning in pain, Ragna immediately closed the distance and struck the large man, firstly with a battle cry, in his exposed left cheek with strong right hook that was followed up instantly with a upward left hook connecting with Tyrell’s chest with a loud smack.

With an angered howl Tyrell took a couple more steps back as he, once more, tried to gain his bearings after the blows he took. Removing his hand from his face, he attempted to use his large arms to grab his opponent so he could squeeze the life out of them. But, before he could even get the chance, Ragna grabbed the sides of his face and forcefully yanked them toward his left knee that was met with so much force on impact it sent Tyrell backward.

Without letting up, Ragna jumped in the air and slammed his right arm into Tyrell’s neck. With a mighty roar, Ragna sent the larger man falling back with scary ferocity and the two crashed into the park pavement with Tyrell taking the full force of it. The power of the blow was enough to knock Tyrell unconscious.

As Ragna stood tall next to the defeated thug he sneered down at him and spat venomously, “Pathetic.”

Shifting his baleful gaze toward the other three, the street light he was under allowed him to see that they had just finished tying up the girls to the bark of the tree with the rope and applied duck tape to their mouths as well.

Taking a defensive stance the three men slowly began to move toward Ragna, each one moving in a different direction around him.

“What’s the matter?” Ragna asked rhetorically as he took a defensive stance, with his left foot forward and his fists ready for the next round, he goaded them with an index finger to come to him asking, “Scared?”

“Don’t count yourself lucky, you little bitch!” Steel, the one in front of him snarled, tightly gripping his knife in his left.

“Yeah,” Drake called out from Ragna’s right, “You ain’t walking away from this one in one piece!”

“We’re gonna break your ass, punk!” Rex roared from the left as he cracked his knuckles.

“Then quit your bitching and let’s go!” Ragna spat back as he hastily charged at Rex who had his guard down. Ragna leapt into the air to Rex’s eye level and threw a left roundhouse kick to the side of his head, only for it to be blocked. Before Rex could grab the leg, he didn’t have a chance to react to Ragna’s right leg being driven into his skull, forcing Rex to falter back onto the grass with a painful groan.

Like a cat, Ragna landed on all fours and could see Steel charging toward him with the knife raised, with a fuming battle cry. Steel, with a vigorous slash, aimed at the knife for Ragna’s head but ended up stumbling as he missed wildly as Ragna sidestepped out of the way. With a moment to spare, he tripped Steel up with a strong leg sweep that sent him careening to the ground, his face crashing into the concrete floor with a resounding smash.

‘This feels too easy,’ Ragna thought for a moment as he saw Drake standing ready on the defensive, ‘Why does it feel so natural to fight like this? Doesn’t matter right now,’ Ragna dismissed the thoughts as he began to charge toward Drake who held his stance, “You’re not gonna have your way, you bastards!”

As Ragna threw vicious lefts and rights at Drake, each one being blocked after the other, pushing him back more and more, Sunset and Twilight watched on with unease but admiration for Ragna who kept fighting on without a second thought. They held their breath as they saw Drake catch Ragna’s punches and spread his arms apart, leaving him wide open.

Drake looked ahead for a split second before ploughing his boot into Ragna’s chest sending him back. Ragna exclaimed in pain as he was forced back by the blow and found himself scooped up, under the arms, by Rex and was held tight, “Damn it...” Ragna groaned as he was lifted off his feet.

Rex chuckled as he held up Ragna with arms firmly locked around Ragna’s, despite his efforts to escape, Rex began to tighten the lock as Drake cracked his knuckles with a sadistic grin, “Time to break this pretty boy in two.”

With his words, Drake began unload a flurry of punches on the suspended Ragna. Each one smashing into his chest and body and each one made Ragna yelp and howl in pain to the point where he lost his breath but despite this onslaught he held a defiant stare and bared his fangs with anger at Drake.

Sunset and Twilight both winced with each shot that Ragna took, wishing they didn’t hear his cries of pain, feeling guilty that he was willingly taking this pain in their stead but they both held firm, each of them mentally wishing him on, ‘Come on, man, fight back, please.’

‘Guess that’s what I deserve for thinking this would be easy...’ Ragna thought trying to keep it together after receiving such a beating.

“What’s wrong, punk? No more smart mouth?” Drake asked, sneering at him with a victorious smile.

“Hey, Drake,” Rex interjected, getting Drake’s attention, “Smash this brat’s face in, would ya? I wanna see him bleed like he did to Tyrell!”

“Yeah,” Drake grinned maliciously as he grabbed Ragna by the sides of his face and bring his to Drake’s own, “This is for Tyrell, you little shit.” Drake declared with venom as reared his head back.

Ragna clenched his fists, bracing for impact.

‘Remember, Ragna,’ an elderly gravelly voice spoke through Ragna’s mind, suprising him as Drake readied himself to strike, ‘Sometimes, you gotta use your opponent’s strength against them to get the upper hand in a fight.’

With great force Drake began to bring his head down at Ragna and just before it hit, Ragna used his arms and to grab onto Rex’s shoulders and using his legs, Ragna pushed his body weight down to bring himself down as well as Rex.

As Rex was suddenly brought forward, he found his face colliding with Drakes. The impact sent the pair of them reeling back and Ragna was free from their clutches.

“It’s my turn now!” Ragna declared as he charged at Drake, who was still trying to recover from the blow.

Ragna started to unload with furious roundhouse kicks, one after the other, each one striking several points on Drake’s body, high and low, making him stagger back more until he fell on his rear and his resting against the lamp-post.

Gasping for air after taking six roundhouse kicks, “This’ll sting!” Was all he heard Ragna say before he felt Ragna’s feet drilling into his face and smashing his skull into the lamp-post with thunderous metallic bang!

Ragna rolled to one side after the dropkick as Drake dropped his head, defeated.

Catching his breath, Ragna got to his feet, struggling to find his balance as he saw Steel, bleeding from the nose, sharply tore off his ski mask and slammed it on the ground. His eyes the size of pinpricks as he saw red, squeezing the grip he had on the knife as he bellowed, “I’M GONNA RIP YOUR GOD DAMN HEAD OFF!”

Once more, Ragna readied himself and defiantly replied, “Bring it on, you idiots!”

To Be Continued...