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"The choices you make and the actions that follow are a reflection of who you are." Autistic, Atheist & Determined.


Spike has reached the end of his adolescence and with it, he begins to contemplate what to do next.

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You capture the mening of life perfectly.
Dont stay in one place explore expand your views of the world around you meet new friends and just live life.

Woud Love a sequel were Spike is leaving and go's out in the world to make new friends and enemis.

Of course he comes home in the end becus home is were the heart is.

A nice quick read.

Agreed. This has the opening to a bigger story. You don't have to, but you can.

Nice and simple. Good job!:moustache:

This was an interesting, short read, documenting possible dragon development :pinkiesmile: I can easily imagine Spike would do such a decision.

One thing that caught my eye; when Spike was sitting atop the mountain, you mentioned some directions. For example, Crystal Empire to the south. How do you envision Equestrian geography?

Thanks. Well from the position Spike was standing, he was facing south. I know the Crystal Empire is to the north and all but I was saying the empire was to his south/behind him. That’s all.

You’re welcome. I see... I didn’t necessarily see it as a mistake, I was just curious if you hold onto the map of Equestria :twilightsmile:

Um, by the way, I noticed a few typos in the text. Can I send them to you via PM or do you prefer to let the text stay as it is?

Feel free to point them out here. I don’t mind. Not gonna shoot you for pointing out a mistake, I appreciate the help.

8537898 Okay, I just know that some people don't like it, so better safe than sorry :twilightsheepish:

Spike tapped the gem * his claw tips harshly as he leaned forward

* insert with

the questions of kept swirling in his mind more and more only served to aggravate him

This sentence doesn't really make sense as it contains two different verbs (underlined). Also, questions of what?

“Tomorrow is a new day and a new start!” He declared as he jovially dived bombed down

he It should be lowercase as a part of the dialogue tag, dive bombed

heading for his home so he could get a good nights sleep.


And that's all :pinkiesmile:

I will do the fixing thing tomorrow when I’m not here in hell, I mean work.

Thanks by the way.


You're welcome and good luck.
Have a nice day without the work bothering you :twilightsmile:

This is a great fic, if this is how all 18 other stories you got is written, I'm excited to see what you got in store for me.

Thanks. The rest are just meh. Feel free to give an honest opinion about it.

Fuller review here, but in brief: this probably suffered from my reading it just after "Molt Down" aired. I like Spike's internal conflict, which seems realistic -- but he's already done the self-discovery thing in "Dragon Quest", so it wouldn't actually be new to him.

Read it and I appreciate the honesty.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Certainly like seeing what would Spike do when he grew big there.

I bet that "certain prince" that Spike spooked that was Blueblood, yes?


Wonder if we will see more Spike-related stores in the future?

No promises. Currently working on my new Devil May Cry story.

Ok then.

Sorry if my comment in that story there was um.. pretty iffy I guess.
Just pretty nervous on what I posted there.

No need to apologise. You did nothing but simply said what thought of the story. No harm or foul here.

Just that since you were replying to here but nothing on that comment on DMC story yet sort of made me thought I said something off on that other comment. Just nervousness happening

Kind of wonder if we will see some Lesser Demons from the games(such as Marionettes) in that story too?
Always like it when DMC stories(especially crossovers) making use of those demon enemies from the games.

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