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Just a guy who has lots of ideas, just don't know how to write/put them into words.


It has been a thousand years since he left equestria to protect the galaxy from harm, but now, the legendary star warrior known as Star Knight has returned to equestria to find an old friend of his and live the rest of his days in peace. After reuniting with the one he has been searching for, he is given the assignment of escorting a mare named Twilight Sparkle and her dragon assistant Spike to ponyville, Star Knight finds that a threat he once fought has returned and with the help of some new friends, Star Knight confronts the threat head on in hopes of keeping his home safe.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 12 )

Lemme guess. The Star Knight is Kirby?

Hmm interesting give me more

Interesting. Its a nice start so far.

Definitely following this. (Despite me having barely any knowledge of this universe...hehehehe.):twilightblush:

well now. its great to se the pink guy again.

What's the name of the sword?

If it doesn't have a name then call it Hoshinoken which translates to sword of the stars (reference to the Japanese name for the kirby right back at ya)

Aight, you've caught my attention.

Finally a new chapter:pinkiecrazy:!

Sssooooooooo is there a chance we can see the rest of Kirby's friends?

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