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Just a guy who has lots of ideas, just don't know how to write/put them into words.


The equestria region, a land full of harmony and peace that is ruled by Princess Celestia the Gardevoir. Everything was fine until one day a mysterious new Pokemon named Sonic appears. Wanting to find out more about him, Princess Celestia had her star pupil Twilight Sparkle the Kirlia, study him and possibly befriend him by sending them to pokeville, unaware she had them start in an unexpected adventure.

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A Pokémon Sun and Moon/Sonic The Hedgehog/MLP Crossover cool.

It's mainly the main story with both Sonic and every character as Pokemon. I named it that because it was the best thing I could come up with.

The cover art is really nice, maybe you should search for some fitting music to hear while reading this story, mainly field themes.

Not sure why, but somehow I want an professort theme...I think that was a professor theme. I believe I just remembered the start music from rubin und Saphir /ruby and saphire.

After seeing the cover art my head imaged this to be like a pokemon game.

Maybe you can use a Sandslash, alola or not?
I know that this is probably not the stronges pokemon out there, but it is one of my favourite pokemon, probably my favourite from the first game. (there was a time I prefered the evoli forms or "vulpix" (german))

This was nice and the stuff I haven't seen yet way alright too. However I have to ask one think, which sonic do you have in mind when reading your stories? I mean I think that there was one that was more annoyed with everything, one that tried to impress the "cool" kids and.....I'm pretty sure there was a third one, the fourth one would be the boasting Sonic from Sonic Undergrounds.

I'm just saying that maybe it would be a good idea to think about letting Sonic actually get angry, sad or bored with something or having different ideas than Celestia. I guess since I have read about Sonic three times in your stories so far, I kind of want something different than Sonic just being okay with everything Celestia does with Twilight and Sonic being cool with everything in return and handling the situation perfectly.

Maybe one of the main six should take the amy part? I think I would like them to go after them in their own way and maybe that would cause him to loose his cool once in a while.

(I hope that makes sense, I 'm not always sure how that sounds, more complicated sentences in english could sound like gibberish since I'm normally speaking Germany.)

I’m guessing that Speedrift is either an original Pokémon or one that is canon but not native to Alola. This is the first time I have read a crossover where the ponies ARE Pokémon. I shudder to imagine what sort Pinkie will be.

Also the story doesn't take place in Alola, I made equestria a region. Also if you want to know what the others will be, look Here.

Pinkie as a Wigglytuff? Arceus save us!

sorry I have missed the new chaper I guess, somehow it wasn'T even in my track list anymore. I'M going to read it tomorrow. Just wanted to say hello again and I just do it here since I found out there is a new chapter.

" No! The ponies in this town are all CRAZY!" She snapped, "Do you know what time it is??"

You accidently used ponie here, all of them are pokemon this time right?

Well in a way it was nice that Sonic had Spikes job when Fluttershy asked him about the past, but it kind of made more sense anyway with being a rare pokemon and there not being realy any animals for her to care for.

Everyone would be expecting that so I decided to change it up a bit. Also, Gardevoir just seem to be the perfect Pokemon for the princesses since their psychic energy is kinda like magic.

Well the chapter was good enough, thank you for that one.
For a moment I wasn'T sure if Pinkies names still worked for Nightmare, but I just image her as a black guardevour and everything.

Accidentally pressed the publish button when I was working on it, my bad!:twilightblush:

I see what you did with the cover. clever

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