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Just a guy who has lots of ideas, just don't know how to write/put them into words.


A spin-off of Prince Sonic the hedgehog.

In an alternate universe, a baby Sonic and the chaos emeralds has appeared before Rainbow Blitz and Firefly instead of Princess Celestia. How will life go for the blue blur, and can equestria take two boastful speedsters?

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I think he looks better when its modern sonic

Do you think it should be a form he'll get later in the main story?

In my opinion yes.

And I think it would be nice if he had control of dark sonic.

That could happen. :trixieshiftleft:

Also what should be the name of this possible new form?

I'm thinking for his dark form it would be dark super sonic.

I meant the version of him that looks more spikey.

Not really sure, how about in that from its spiky sonic?

No offense, but I can't understand what you just typed.

Excuse my shit grammar

What did you try to say anyway?

When sonic is in the picture you showed us in your authors note, I'd call him spiky sonic

Again no offence but that's a cheap name.

I'm not exactly good at coming up with names

Well at least you tried.

Yeah, I tried and that's all anyone can ask right?

Ok I have to go now but hey it's been fun talking with ya

not sure if someone has seen my idea, but I like to see this story now in a similar way then I meant it to happen.

I'm just curious, what does it means when you call it a spinoff? the same world as in your other storie?
I just hope this goes as long as anything else you might have planned.

"I guess you have a point. Alright it's desided, we'll take care of him alongside Dashie. But let's keep the two separate for now, we'll see how they interact with each other tomorrow during the celebration for Dashie's birth."

while I don't like it that they often make the pony babys babies being able to do this and that that soon, it works better in the story to have them actually doing something.

I still need them to actually reac tto his speed in future chapters, the chapter itself looked nice.
Sometimes I like to think Sonic has a little advantage against Rainbow Dash, as much as I know some versions of him can do that "Sonic (Rain) Boom" without having to take the long route up and down to get more speed built up.
I actually want you not to change that, at least Rainbow Dashs one looks better and it is just a minor thing that I want him to be proud of, that he can be proud of I mean.

That's kind of nice actually, but maybe he should transform into Dark sonic for the right reasons or when pretty angry only, just because this transformation looks like he would need to fulfill some conditions for the transformation.
He has many to choose from however.

While it is not my favourite, the one from hundred rings or whatever could work in here, I think that form was even more speed base was it?, at least it looked like it and with Rainbow Dash I kind of like the idea that he is outmatching most things with his speed alone, which is maybe something many Villains and even the princesses would underestimate.

While I had my problems with another story from you too, here I would admit that i get the feelings, some downvotes come just because it'S sonic. However as long as you don't do what many others do and try to write 100 characters from his world and the ponies at the same time in every chapter, you are doing much better than them I guess.

No really, I think maybe you should actually only let this play out between him and the ponies, since he is a kid I suppose you were doing that anyway, but I wanted to mention it.

Think of it as the main story except Sonic was adopted by Rainbow Dash's family.
I was pretty much planning to do that with already
And I said that Sonic is going to be a bit boastful in the description, but that doesn't mean he isn't respectful towards his 'sister' and he will try to motivate her to try harder.


And I said that Sonic is going to be a bit boastful in the description, but that doesn't mean he isn't respectful towards his 'sister' and he will try to motivate her to try harder.

not sure if you understood that part the way I wanted you to understand it, but you got pretty much nearly everything 100% right.

Well sounds good so far then, I'm curious as what you are going to do with it, but I hope you let most of the interessting bonding moments in it. Show a few core points in his life growing up with Rainbow Dash parents, maybe them as being (4,7,10,14,16) or something before you let them meet the others. I would actually see how the meet with Twilight and everyone, not just skipping to a point where they already are best friends please.

I really love to see both of them probably annoying the others or impressing them.
I really love to see the first impressions they make on others.

Sorry for inactivity for this story, but I'm am working on the second chapter so expect it soon.

"Well what do we do now." Rainbow Dash asked.

Rainbow blitz

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