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Just a guy who has lots of ideas, just don't know how to write/put them into words.


With nothing going on lately, Spike and the mane six decide to go out on a picnic near Everfree Forest. After they finish, they begin to leave before finding a small blue creature that seems to be on the verge of hunger. Feeling some sympathy for the creature, they decide to take the creature to the castle, unaware that doing this, they have made a change in their lives.

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What do you get when you combine a picture with a total lack of an accompanying idea?!

Seriously? Why? Just why do you have to try and ruin it for everyone else? :ajbemused::rainbowhuh::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

Does this have something to do with one of you other stories?

No, I just wanted to make a story that featured that version of Chibi Sonic.

ahhh okay that is good, I just thought I had read SOnic and the main six find chibi sonic and that was slightly strange. but I saw it was Spike and the main six.

"Lets hurry back to the castle!" Twilight said, "That way, we can get it some food and so that I can try to find out what it is!"

Let'S hurry back to the castle so we can give him some food that we have in the picknic bag:pinkiehappy:

How big is he exactly?, because now I got the idea they all wanted to get a taste from one single minimuffin.

Well the first chapter was nice enough, I maybe could get into the idea and since it probably is supposed to be a bit silly probably won't get to much into the idea of and invisible or well balanced sonic.

Chibi Sonic is half of Spike's size.

I don't really see a reason for the downvotes at the moment, it is just the first chaoter and there is hardly something with which you can judge the whole story, probably the usual sonic haters.

They had just finished eating all the food that they brought when they found Sonic.

Edit: Can you go to the following links and tell me what you think?


I have answered to the first link already, when you see this I should have given my opinion on the second one two, but i do some other stuff very fast before I get to that one.

I stopped reading your prince Sonic story because of the boss rush, but I think your idea could be a good one if you do it in a cerain way and only let Celestia handle a small part of it since she already knows how to handle baby Sonic

You better don't start to many stories, I don't want you to not being able to finish one of your stories because you have to many.

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