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Just a guy who has lots of ideas, just don't know how to write/put them into words.


One night, Princess Celestia was gazing at the moon, remembering the incident that happened less that a thousand years ago when a bright blue light suddenly appears before her. Once the light dies down, a small blue creature and seven mysterious gems that have an incredible amount of power remained. Seeing how young the creature is, she decides to care for it for a while only to see it as one of her own. After seeing how fast it could move she decides to name him Sonic.

Please note this is my very first story so please hold back on the hate.

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Comment posted by Shocks deleted Jul 6th, 2017

Is good but it nead a little work on the plot and it move to fast. I would have like to read some of sonic's hildhood.

I'll try to do so in later chapters where sonic looks back at how it was like growing up as Prince.

Yeah thats good an all but flash back ar a pain in the ass since it meses with the story. Tray to make some chapters only for the flash back so that they dont mess with the story. That way you wont confuse the readers. Also dont for get that sonic is a overconfident basterd so dont for get that ok?

That maybe so, but this sonic's attitude is going to be a little different since he was raised by Princess Celestia after all and being a Prince, he is expected to act a bit mature.

May god have mercy on your soul. Also if I was Still a prince I would Stiller be an asshole. I mean look at blueblood!

when will there be another chapter this is getting good

I try to post a chapter everyday, so there should be a new new chapter tomorrow or Monday, maybe even two.

wow i was not expecting this chapters end to be super hilarious when sonic made the explination and then dashie screams out of no where i love this fan fic more and more

An interesting start, but I think it's kind of cheating that Sonic knows all of his abilities so quickly. Would t it take time for him to figure them out like classic sonic did with the boost in Generations. I espescially feel it's too fast for him to know about super sonic already. I also not sure if he should know about chaos control and spear. He only learned Chaos cl rol watching Shadow and I'm pretty sure Sonic never used Chaos spear.

Also I don't think Twilight should be so fine with friendship this early in her life. Espescially with how againts it she was in the very first episode.

Other than that I don't see any other major flaws or too many grammar errors, so I would say this was a descent first try on a story.

so when is the next chapter coming this fan fic is getting good

Sorry for the inactivity but writer's block is hitting me hard right now, I already know what I want to write I just don't know how to put it into words.

Since Celestia adopted Sonic that must mean he's met Sunset at one point. Are we ever gonna see any flashbacks of Sonic meeting Sunset Shimmer.

Angry doesn't have an "e" in it.

Gotta say this is way too much like the original episode. I get some things need to stay the same but you really need to change things up, or peopleare just gonna want to see the episode instead.

I feel Sonic would tell Rarity what Blueblood is really like before the gala.

Also this has the same problem as the last few chapters it's too much like the episode with very little changed in it.

This is a awesome story, please keep going.

Your welcome, to many great stories with such great ideas stop or cancel, and that's bad.

I know and sometimes they stop at the best parts too!

Yeah that's the most ( pardon my language) asshole trollish thing ever.

Please keep this going I love the idea behind it although I have to ask how do the chaos emeralds recharge because without the master emerald when there used to go super they get completely drained

Right ok sorry it was just something that had been bugging me

Have you never read a legit novel? This story is absolutely riddled with grammar issues and poor sentence structure. The pacing is good, the characterization is excellent, and I am liking the general premise. This grammar is terrible though, almost to the point of unreadable. I would be more than happy to be a proofreader for this, as I essentially am a walking dictionary.

The first chapter I thought was alright with grammar and sentence structure, but I thought for a first try it was alright.

But yeah the other chapters do have some pretty bad mistakes in them and need to be worked on and a proofreader would help a lot.

this chapter got way past cool no pun intended but i am still excited for the next chapter

Don't worry I'm half way through the next one.

Great story keep it up.

I just have one question on my mind that I need to ask you. How often do you plan to upload? Because this story is AWESOME!!
Keep it up amigo

Glad you liked it, and to answer your question, I might have the next chapter out in a month or less.

Thanks, can't wait for the new chapter. Luckily I have plenty of stuff to keep me busy until then

Comment posted by castroedgar316 deleted Jan 7th, 2019

Prince Sonic the hedgehog

So... Does this mean Sonic gets turned into an alicorn?

Did you read the story from the beginning?

I thinks he means like late down the story

I hope discord gets in front of dark sonic when he is in a very bad mood

Well Dark Sonic already is feeling anger towards Discord, that's why he didn't turn back to his normal self when Twilight used the memory spell on him.

I'm referring to myself, when I play Mario kart 8 deluxe with friends, one hits me with a red shall and I said.

I hope you get in front of me when I'm in a good mood.

This is an interesting story, even if there's a ton of grammar errors.

I think I clicked on this because the title reminded me of Sonic Underground.

Lay of this authors grammar ya grammar nazi, this author is trying the best he/she is doing, so give her/him a break will ya?

I know what it's liked so you automatically have my full support to complete this story,

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