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Resident Moron

In the immortal words of Doctor House, "You're a Moron."


I am a Changling with the blood (and tail) of a scorpion. I once ruled what is now Equestria with an iron hoof, and was subsequently beaten by the Solar and Lunar sisters. Today is the day that this Stone prison they put me in will weakened to the point of which I can escape, and I will not seek revenge...but forgiveness for my past.

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Why are the chapters so short?

i agree would love to have a little bit longer chapters. There is a whole mess load of information that can be added. like what time frame is this around. Obviously after season 3 when twilight becomes a princess but not before tirek shows up around the end of season 4. Could this mean he can be a ally against tirek? i love the concept of a new reformed villain. maybe even elaborate on his past

The chapters are so short because I thought it wasn't going to be approved on the first go, that's the only reason.

:O this is almost like a Charector that I have in my head that I wish I could use! (How you do this! Also great story I will keep watch!)

Just a natural talent I guess...I still think I failed horribly.

Every story starts out ruff but the more you wright the more you get into a... Comfortable decision on the story, Just give it time and keep writing as you intended you will understand what I mean!

Wonder why this showed up here...

Finally figured out why. It's cause I was working on it when I responded.

Trust me making it 1,000 can make something harder to understand And can't wait for the fight!

Nor can I! And I'm the one writing it!:pinkiehappy:

xD Sometimes I forget my Book is mine And when I go to read it I finish the chapters and notice its mine after thinking when the next update will come out!

I did the exact same thing today, and I actually sent a PM to myself. then I responded to myself, and realized I was talking to myself. I swear there's something wrong with me.

Oh oh is it going to be the queen scarlet of hive 66 that was her name right

Okay A: I apologise for not seeing this sooner, and B: yes, her name was Scarlet

*Cough*How did I miss the Updates*Cough* can't wait for the second part :D

*Cough*Cause i'm an idiot and didn't post a blog for them*cough*

And I look forward to writing ze second installment!

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