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My half of an art trade with my good friend, MisterEbony. Starlight Glimmer has been a bad...BAD little pony. Ponies like her may deserve to burn in Hell...but Sans, perhaps, can reach through to her. Just maybe...if she's shown how powerful friendship truly is. A cute little story to warm the cockles of your heart! Rated teen for some naughty language. ;)

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*after ending*

That was so beautiful. I almost started to cry.

This is what happens when you mess with time and space Starlight.

Well, this is surreal. I have a story idea where Minuette beats the tar out of Starlight Glimmer for messing with the timeline just like Sans does in the Genocide Run of Undertale, and here we have a story about Sans beating the tar out of Starlight Glimmer for messing with the timeline. I don't think I'm ever going to get around to writing that story without looking like a copycat to someone somewhere. :derpytongue2:

Anyway, this is a rather unique take on things. Sans teaching Starlight a lesson through Undertale's plot is an interesting approach. However, I'm not convinced that Sans is the right person to be dolling out this punishment. Maybe he doesn't want Starlight to walk down the same path as Chara, but that's never really specified. He's completely detached from Equestria, only messing with Starlight because she's screwing with the timeline. That's the only thing Sans would care about in this situation, and I'm sorry, that's not a strong enough reason for him to just pop in and give Starlight a bad time.

So, yeah. It's an alright story, but I wouldn't exactly call it...

SANSational. :trollestia:

Do not worry about it. As long as it is different enough nobody should bother you.

About the story: well, they finally got free from the Underground and meet a lot of peoples who wouldn't murder them in fear. I personally would think than a sans remembering that would go back in time to preserve the timeline.


Well, thing is, MisterEbony's half kinda explained how the two universes met, but I don't really wanna put his up here without his permission. It'd be kinda rude. Also it involves a LOT of Flowey abuse.

Yeah, he reeeaaally likes to grind Flowey's gears.

6763182 Well that's, esoteric. :applejackunsure:

I highly suggest asking this MisterEbony's permission to link to his half of the trade if that's the only way we're going to get proper context for Sans's actions. Otherwise, the entire story is really hard to follow.


I would, but you should know, it contains vore. So it might not be your cup of tea.

6763406 Well, you're right about that. I find it rather strange that you decided to make a story that branches off of a fetish story of all things, but whatever. I've seen stranger. :duck:

Though I would at the very least have a link to the user's profile. I'm sure they did the same with their half of the trade.

better listen to him. after all Sans is a badass

"I'm gonna hug the HELL outta you."

This is probably the first thing i would say if i met a pony.

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6770165 and he literly ment hug the hell out of her XD

6807019 sorry sir we only allow demands for refunds


Very well then. I DEMAND A REFUND!

... I hear rumors of a sequel; SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

6838879 who said we give the money back? we just allow asking


How does that change the end result, again?


No, still not seeing it. You either give me my money back and then I give it to you for the sequel, or you don't and I give you more money for the sequel.

The end result, you getting money for the rumored sequel, doesn't change.


No. I Sherlock'd you. Try to keep up, man.

(That said your response was hilarious.)


I was thinking you were using mind screw wrong, but after looking up definitions, it seems that I very well could have. Even though it was all a logic puzzle.

6857724 your fucking me in the anus more

sometimes all it takes is one person to change everything.

One good and One bad. Final one is Balance.

mean, I even found this gun in a dumpster

It was belong to human cowboy :raritydespair:

"I'm gonna hug the HELL outta you." Frisk announced

I didn't teach you about that. What happen to your determination!?

Thaaat was very very Fanfictiony you added to the original characters extra abilities "Sans can now remember alternative timelines" "Asriel is alive" just so that the story is more "Awww" inducting.

somehow i think if you had used the undertale Lore straight it would be better.

6879817 Actually there is some comic fan fiction of Undertale that shows Sans with the ability to do what the writer of this story is describing, as well as some other fanfics, both comic book style and story style like this story here. Not only that but personally, I Can see where Sans could develop the ability to keep his memories, after all the weaves of fate depicted in each story I have ever read has always had one thing in comic.... all of reality as a living 'thing' always finds a way to try and create a balancing factor for whenever balance gets out of alignment. of course that has always been open for, interpretation, argument, and speculation..... which just, eventually, and very slowly allows people to become more open-minded to nigh infinite possibility's, which in a way is also the basis of the game that the creates of the game is trying to portray in the first place :raritywink::twilightblush::pinkiecrazy::trollestia:


Actually, the "Asriel coming back" was done in a story that chronologically takes place earlier, which was a collab gift story. In it, Flowey meets his worst nightmare...Pinkie Pie, who, because he's a flower, thinks he's delicious. He's put through something of a wringer for all the awful thing's hes done, but manages to catch a bit of a break when Twilight realizes who he truly is...

Is this a sequel to another story?

6989958 there's also this

6989972 both make some sense, but i'll be damned if i can figure put which makes more!

"turn around kid. it'd be a crime. if I had to go to far and step over that line. so unless you wanna have a bad time-"

this mah jam!:coolphoto:

also? wrong lyrics

6989972 I like to think they exist in the same UNIVERSE... But There's no way that Sans is Ness.

6755727 me after watching this

You know what, stories like these really, really make me want to try to play Undertale again and this time, get farther than than the fricking first monster WITHOUT devolving into a raging, screaming, massmurdering psycho bitch.

sans had a good feeling about this. I've got a bad feeling about this.

Isn't frisk genderless

I have said it before and will say it again, someone really needs to do a reading of this!

People give them a gender anyway. I generally think 'her' unless its one of those comic dubs where Frisk is a guy.

"turn around kid. it'd be a crime. if I had to go to far and step over that line. so unless you wanna have a bad time-"

turn around, kid
it'd be a crime
if I had to go back on that promise that I made for you
So don't step over that line
Or else, friend, you're gonna have a bad time

"I'm gonna hug the HELL outta you." Frisk announced, Asriel calmly approaching with his own wide arms as Sans grinned.

I can't breathe! XD

Someone knows what's up!

At least Xeno goku didn’t show up, she wouldn’t stand a chance if he did instead of sans.

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