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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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Shit. I have nothing but crap for puns on this one. I guess I'll have to feces the fact and get get over it. I'll go home, curl in the fecal position, and just cry. Sorry to dump all of this into your comments. I tried not toilet this happen.

...I hate you so much right now.

:rainbowlaugh: This story's the shit!

Your name and avatar are oddly appropriate, and I'm not sure how to feel about that.

there are no actual bathrooms in Equestria

Yeah, about that...

I KNEW someone would bring that up.

It's the only one we've seen really. But it's not in Ponyville so I doubt Anon would have seen it (maybe the ponies over by Cherries Jubilee are a little more civilized?)

6732528 Blame my lack of imagination and the coffee i drank when i created my account :twilightsheepish:

6732549 Shit, you was right. Faust told us the mystery behind that toilet business.


...oh dear god.
Well, time to drink bleach.

Even Pinkie, who generally looks like she’s about to piss herself at various intervals every day, didn't seem to have one for you at Sugarcube Corners.

seem to have one for you at Sugarcube Corners


Turn in your badge, brony, you're suspended.

In my past 3 stories mentioning Sugarcube Corner, I have gotten the name right...zero times.
I think I might just secretly want to burn the place down or something.

“But I can make diagrams and charts! I can get statistics!”
Ok, she looks WAY too happy about the prospect of poop statistics. You need to get out of this. Now.

Lol! god damn my sides are hurting :rainbowlaugh:

Today, all your friends watched you take a massive shit in the middle of town. And they love you for it.
…God damn it, fuck this shitty place.

Anonpencil... you are one twisted funny brilliant mothrfckr. :moustache:

Maybe if Anon had communication skills better than shit, he'd have embarrassed himself less.

scat written in a non-sexy way

Challenge accepted.

I just flew in from Australia and boy, are my arms pooped.

this is what the decs. feels like the song thingy

Shitty fan fic

“Anon doesn’t know how to defecate outside.”


What the shit?

6794971 was the pun intended???

Anyway, what the heck just happened in this story? :rainbowderp:

6822291 What pun? I just don't understand this story!
What a pile of crap.

Yes, the pun was very much intended and so was this one :3


but the episode where applejack goes to that rodeo and pinkie drank too much sasparilla and had to use the bathroom where she found applejack, did we forget this already?

I don't think the words "magnificent bastard" have ever been more appropriate. :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Anonnymouse deleted Feb 13th, 2016

seeing if you can hit hikers at the lower trail and then run before they notice

>not spinning your meat and making eye contact while you point and laugh

For shame, sir.

"Fluttershy... the truth is... the truth is... I CAN'T!"

The Elements of Harmony stood in a shocked state of horror as Anon lowered his pants to reveal... He had no anus.

"Where is the outhouse?" then Applejack was liek "Yo dawg, ah heard ya liek houses, so i tought ah put ah house, inside ah house!"

This story has a lot of uncomfortable parallels to my middle school experience

If Fluttershy did that to me with that newspaper, I would take it like a man and let the paper hot me in the head harder and harder, until I finally broke and just ran away or just screamed what humans usually have/do. Fooking basturd!

I've read that when indigenous people, or other groups of people who would normally relieve themselves outdoors, learn that westerners relieve themselves indoors they often think it's quite strange.


This hurts you more than it hurts me.

+1 for that alone.

I can't even right now.

Today, all your friends watched you take a massive shit in the middle of town. And they love you for it.

Friendshit is magic

XD I changed your likes to sixty nine!! (It's a sex thing! :p)

Author Interviewer

This is obviously the perfect introduction to your body of work. :V

Of all the stories.
Well, welcome to you.

I found this through your blog from PresentPerfect's review. And it was what I expected from you. Which is to say, despite the poop stuff, very good.

In bitter defecation may friendships gain strength! Puu puu group hug yeeeeeeeeeeeey!!! :yay:

Well... this was a journey, good lord :rainbowlaugh:
Nicely done Pencil... sweet jaysus.

What in the...

This amused me greatly. It's so wrong it's right,

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