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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!

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Maybe Anon should pack his trunk and move somewhere else.


I see what you did there. I'm just glad you arbor no ill will towards me.

This is too fucked up...

6110514 I'm of a similar opineon. Anon should probably leaf now.

6110631 Too bad he cant, considering he's rooted to the spot. All he can do is bough his head in shame and try to take it like a manzanita.

This feels more like a trollfic then anything else.

6110638 If it looks like a duck...

I won't lie, I still laughed. The idea of some random ass finally getting some and not being able to feel it, and that ending, poor Twi was turning green with envy. GG, op, GG

6110665 My intent is ever to distress, disgust, and amuse. Glad I hit that mark with you.

6110633 Silver lining: Twilight willow him BIG for this. She's gotta do SOMETHING to try to make this oakay. I mean, I for one would be firious with her for such a treensgression.

First, I must simply say that you ashtound me with your wit. You make me want to spruce up my own wordplay, and I do agree that Twilight has been a bit of a birch. Then again, Fluttershy is hardly innocent, pineing away for trees like that.

6110787 Similarly, I canknot deny that I'm immensely enjoying this little back and fork. I imagine I'll have this smile pinioned on for some time. I just hope it doesn't sap the humor out for the unpunny.

6110837 I'll admit I'm a bit stumped for further sappy dialogue. So instead, let me just end by saying that I lichen you. You're my type of pearson.


wow anon needs to branch out.

I guess since Twilight and Fluttershy are both going to be fucking Anon it'll be a treesome

This story was almost enough to give me wood. So far I am enjoying your stuff, glad that I branched out and gave them a try. All of these Anon stories really bring me back to my roots. Trees.

All weird tree related puns aside...
good story

What the what the what the what.

“Don’t worry Anon,” she says, still grinning maliciously. “I promise. You won’t feel a thing.”

Thats horrible Twilight! I think I would rape them afterwords out of spite!

Ow, my sides! This is glorious!

well............................. ya that happened now to go scrub my eyes and brain with bleach but cant say it was bad just slightly disturbing well not slightly but not as bad as somethings i have read

I like the rather malevolent ending. Nice spin.

You can’t count the times you’ve just started to spank it in the shower, only to have pinkie pie pop up like a fucking ninja through the foam around the drain with a cheery “Whatcha doin Anon?”

I don't know why, but I freakin' lost it here.

6110514 derpicdn.net/img/download/2015/10/13/1001482__safe_solo_equestria+girls_screencap_angry_faic_spoiler-colon-friendship+games_friendship+games_sour+sweet_sour+rage.png
I'm having this terrible feeling that if I continue my walk through anonpencil's fics, you're gonna be there with a pun...

I'm sure if you keep going, you're in for a tree-t

You need to leaf this site immediately

Rainbow has a tree fetish too (she crashes into the Golden Oaks Library, so it's vore).


XD I'm dying
My only weakness puns
Comment section pls stop I'm literally dying

MFW the comments section has about as much gold as the fic itself

Poor dude, he finally gets laid and he wouldn't be able to feel a thing. Can't they want to have sex with him in his normal body too? Also why does he have to die after getting laid?

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