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I fucking love you.

That's gay.

I love you too.




Also this is good story. Good job.


and it's one of the reasons I love you too.

Apparently...Fluttershy's very uh...thirsty.

This is an absurdly beautiful story! I wish we could have seen the statue!

...you want to see the anal gaping...
well okay.

Only to understand Fluttershy's interpretation. That's only fair, right?

Just because I don't understand doesn't mean I can't appreciate something...

That might put me beyond my comfort zone, but Fluttershy deserves recognition for her efforts. And then seal them in a crate at the bottom of the sea.

I did not like this story.

I fucking loved this story.

This story brought me pain.
I still enjoyed it.

Comment posted by ryosat deleted May 18th

Here, all he wanted was to let you know he was also up for some dick fun, and you have to ruin it with symbolism of gun violence. Nice work.

So early and I already knew I was gonna enjoy this,

“Ritualistic anal gaping and-”

Oh hell no! :rainbowlaugh:

Written with anonpencil

I'm sorry but now all I can think of is you holding Anonpencil upside down and using her as a calligraphy tool

A woman loving a man is literally the opposite of gay. Just pointing that out because someone has to.

Awoooo, well this is certainly one neat Fanfic. I do have to give credit to Fluttershy for her creativity though, making a exhibit if mainly Dicks, even if there already was a Phallic Museum in Iceland, is certainly a radical Idea. And although the resident may not like it, keep on rocking Flutter Daddy!

I would have to give it a 8 out of ten Tye-Dye Shirts, Lord Have Mercy!

poor anon, if he just gave in to flutterbutter everything would be better

Discord then took Twilight Sparkle’s palace and turned it into a giant fridge upon which he placed all of Fluttershy’s art.

Anon has lurked long enough to know when he’s getting goatse’d.

I don't understand the title of this fic at all. From everything the story describes, it sounds like Fluttershy is fucking amazing at art.

Now that I’ve finally gotten through the wheezing laughter, I can say this was a hilarious fic. I do sort of feel bad for Fluttershy though, just because she seemed so earnest in wanting Anon’s approval for her... art. I don’t think she even had any pervy ulterior motives, like he did for Rarity! She’s just really goddamn weird!:yay:

I did a spit take when I read that title. XD

Browsing Derpibooru Without Filters Simulator 2020.

Flawless accuracy.

Huk #26 · May 18th · · 1 ·

“Look!” he practically screams, “It’s the penis man!”

Well, look on the bright side, at least Fluttershy is not into futa... :unsuresweetie:

This was cringey the entire read. 10/10 would crush artist dreams again.

Nice. I love your hate-boner for Fluttershy.

He actually aggressively loves her. He's just a shit. :heart:

Yes but he's our shit :heart:

Is it just me, or is Fluttershy's writing on the drawing at the end both A) in Russian, and B) gibberish on top of that? Despite my name, I'm not a native speaker, so I'm not sure. Google translate hasn't got anything.

What are Fluttershy's commission rates?

For real though, it sounds like she's actually good at art, but bad at deciding what to make art of. Sort of like Michael Bay, although he's explicitly said that he's foregone reaching his potential as a cinematographer in favor of making ****loads of money.

A stallion in the corner of the gallery yells a ‘whoop’ of approval in your direction. You give him the finger guns. He fears for his life. Here, all he wanted was to let you know he was also up for some dick fun, and you have to ruin it with symbolism of gun violence. Nice work.


I can't even begin to describe how enjoyable this was! Both in how hilarious many events in here were and just from the excellent writing style this has! I hope ya didn't mind, but I had to make a reading of this!

Linky Boom!: https://youtu.be/ZN6I2WYk2Ho

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Needs more pony penises

You are pretty much spot-on. While the artist seems to be a russian-speaker, Fluttershy definitely isn't.

I can only assyme that she meant to write 'Brony', but got her English and Russian mixed up.

"Erecting A Masterpiece". I hate you, and salute you.

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