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Twilight performs her latest spell for her friends to see, but the spell backfires and strikes Twilight and her friends. The spell turns out to be a shrinking spell, now reducing them to about three quarters of an inch tall. With their objective to make it to the Everfree Forest to find Zecora, the Mane Six end up on a crazy shrinking adventure. Everything sure is dangerous when you're even smaller than most insects!

Rated for some suggestive mentions.

Co-written with StormySummer

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XD I didn't, either! My friend did, especially since she and I are both fans of those films. Thanks a lot! :pinkiehappy:

Honey I shrunk the kids fic yay!

why is it that basically 1/4 of the time i find a good story, its from you?

This is going to be awesome:pinkiehappy:
Out of curiously I'm guessing Fluttershy And Rainbow Dash are dating but do the other ponies know? If not i will enjoy reading the akward moment when they find out.

Yay! :pinkiehappy: Awesome is right! ...I hope so, anyway. XD Ah, I just hope you guys will all have a good time reading it, that's what I hope for.

For the most part, yeah, they are technically dating! Rarity is pretty much the only pony who really knows, but everypony else has their suspicions, especially Twilight. :raritywink: They know there's something there. X3

XDDD Don't be silly, I'm sure it's just a coincidence!

Now my childhood comes back with a vengeance!




OMG I love this, I can't wait to read more.

Great Chapter and the the two ponies who thumbed this story down are property against shipping. But i wouldn't feel like im respecting you as a writer if i didnt give you my complaint, you dont need everyponys imput for every situation for example when Twilight heard something in the beginning of the chapter you didnt need everypony to ask what she heard separately, just Raritys and Fluttershys parts. If everypony asks, it doesn't flow well and seem realistic for conversation but im not a genius in written my self so. Other then that personal thought IM enjoying this so keep up the good work:pinkiesmile:

I hope its a praymantis i love those things:raritystarry:
I enjoyed Rarity and Twilghts conversation, for a egghead Twilight can be so amuseing and clueless.
PS the sound of music is Awesome:pinkiehappy:

XD You'll see! :pinkiehappy:

Indeedy! XD Plus Rarity was kind of vague, but at the same time, yeah...hello? XD Now she gets it!

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: YES!! It sure is!! :yay:

i sense a snake with an erection if thats even possible

And cue spider! I'll be right this time! I swear!

When I read i voice act, I'm glad i was alone for Dash and Fluttershys conversation. But voice acting your other fic is more Akward.:twilightblush:
Aww I was hoping for.a Praymantis but in hindsight I've should of seen the ant coming XD

XDDDD Sorry! :twilightblush: Just had to! :raritywink:

Pretty much, considering these ARE inspired by the movies. X3

At first I missed this because I didn't read the whole description and so missed the mention of Flutterdash shipping.
Now that I have read I'm so glad I quietly voice act Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash (only two I usually do) as there were other people about and I didn't see the scene at the end of this chapter coming till I started reading it.
I can't wait for this story to continue... You and your cliffhangers...:flutterrage:
I'm not completely sure how you do it but this is yet another super awesome Flutterdash story from you. :yay:

And just when we where getting on the fun part :twilightangry2:

Well, actually I have to agree with you.
It is true that whenever I find an awesome story. It is especially from NintendoGal55! :pinkiesmile:

Keep up the AWESOME work!

I like how the wind divided them up in pairs. Especially Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. :heart:
So far, I enjoy this really good! :pinkiesmile:

:facehoof: I hoped that both of them won't be disturbed or the chapter end right when they were getting on the fun part.... :pinkiesad2:
Now I am dying to see it. I can't wait. But, I don't have any choice... :raritycry:

But, anyway another awesome story from NintendoGal55.
I expected no more, no less. Because, NintendoGal55 is awesome just the way how she writes these awesome fictions.:heart:

I kindof forgot about this story:twilightblush: They each made a animal friend:pinkiehappy:

Oh wow new update on this story? I thought it was dead............. guess not! :pinkiehappy:

As always remember to stay :pinkiehappy: GREAT! :pinkiehappy:

My first respons to the start of the story. LOL. Dashie is scared of spiders. Its Fluttershy who saves the day. I think I might just be able to guess what the reward is for Dash when she gets bigger. I throughly enjoyed every moment between those love birds. Fluttershys such a dear, so sweet. :rainbowkiss:
I love FS's way of dealing with the tough situation at hoof. Promising to do anything for RD (which would proabably involve doing something the two ponies would do at some point anyway, unless I interpreted the hints wrong. If so I've reading Heated too oftern). No suprises there, it worked. I somehow get the impression that Fluttershy really knows how to pull the strings in thier relationship, even though RD is the dominant one.

It's nice to see an update for this. What with the explosive adding to of perfect on paper, this update shows your other works are far from forgotten about. :yay:

Pinky Pie cracks me up the whole way through. I love the thoughts of her commanding her troops (AJ+herself) and ordering the two of them around in search for the ant. These two are a combo I quite like and I can see AJ enjoying herself under Pinkie's crazy command, especialy when she can keep her under control.

I like how the story is split in 3 ways like this. Gives us one chapter with 3 cool things happening at once to the three diffrent parties.

Good job. I this story continues to show immense promise.
:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: Forever!


What sort of daddy longlegs? I know it's not what I associate with the name (a type of fly) but that still leaves us with either harvestmen or cellar spiders.

1086367 Erm, I'm not sure. X'D I'm a complete and utter amateur with insect types.

Good chapter. It felt a little light on the Flutterdash. But I can't complain as the others seemed to bring some balance to help make it awesome. I look forward to more. But maybe I'm just biast.... thats probably it.

I like the ponies interactions. Rarity especially is showing up as awesome. Despite being immature in some episodes (like the one you did a watch through of, commenting all the way...) its nice to see that others also think that she has a grown up side and an interest in expanding her magical knowledge.

More snuggles please. And arriving at the cottage would be a great time for it too :)
Angel bunny could take care of them. :rainbowlaugh:


1622454 Well my co-writer and I are fans of those movies, so yes, that's exactly the intention! :raritystarry:

This fanfiction is good. I loved how it's based on honey, i shrunk the kids.. man i didnt seen that film since a while.

This story is really awesome.

Can't wait for the next chapter.. if there is going be one, right? :fluttershysad:

This is going in my favorites :D

"So..." Rainbow Dash scuffed a hoof across the ground, not looking at Fluttershy.
"So..." Fluttershy repeated, trying to sound as cool and casual as possible. She glanced toward her briefly, but looked down again.
"So..." Rainbow Dash said again, glancing up towards the sky for a moment, before looking back down again.
Fluttershy looked up at the sky also, scuffling the ground with her other hoof. She even whistled a little, trying to sound more casual. "So..."
Rainbow Dash crossed one foreleg over the other, uncrossed them, and then crossed them again.
Fluttershy did the same, crossing one foreleg over the other.
Rainbow tossed her mane over her shoulder, still avoiding eye contact with her fellow Pegasus.
"Soooo...." Fluttershy dared look at her again. She wished she was bold enough to say something...to do something...to just instantly make them big again! This was unnerving, and she felt ready to collapse with anxiety. "What do we do now?"

Most awkward moment EVER!

will you be updating this soon?
i really like this :pinkiehappy:

2632383 D: No! Sad Rainbow Dash! No! I can't take it!!!

XD Don't worry, we'll be updating this just as soon as we can. :3

2629333 Of course! :pinkiesmile:

...d-don't b-blink...

Doctor Who anyone? Weeping angels? Blink and you're dead? Huh?

Okay, this has been read...

I liked most of this story, especially the FlutterDash. But SpiLight is a bit of a turn off. I've always seen them more as a mother/son or a sister.brother thing. Still, I don't let one element dictate my opinion. I hope you haven't given up on this.

Could you please continue this?

AJ seemed a little out of character toward the chapter's end. Two-fold. I feel like of all ponies, she would be the last one to have doubts about the strength of earth ponies. And even so, to be so quick to cry doesn't seem like her.

Only other critique would be that the reading and dialogue feels busy and claustrophobic somehow, but otherwise I am excited to read further, even if the story is dead in the water.

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