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I'm a Canadian gal who loves to write. :D


As a filly, Rainbow Dash achieved two wonderful accomplishments. Earning her cutie mark and inadvertently causing a Sonic Rainboom. However, these achievements mean nothing to her when she comes to realize that Fluttershy is missing. Without her to share these gifts with, they feel meaningless to her. In all, she misses her best friend and is worried, wondering what had happened to her.

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AWW friendshipping! It's good to see a simple story about two friends that doesn't end up with them locking lips.

Finally a fic that isn't wall-o-text syndrome and is actually readable. You don't know how much shit I have walked through today to find something in the "acceptable" category. Thank you for having a basic understanding of the english language.


bravo! encore!

XD Don't hold your breath just yet, I ship this pair. But of course, I put friendship where it counts, and then romance where it will suit better. Thanks for your feedback! :derpytongue2:

xD LOL! :rainbowlaugh: I love that shot. 8D

Great story!
I seriously loved it!

I saw one little mistake though:
“But you're okay! I-I don't care about that!” Rainbow Dash sniffled, buying her face in her mane. “I just want you to be okay!”

shouldn't that be:
“But you're okay! I-I don't care about that!” Rainbow Dash sniffled, burying her face in her mane. “I just want you to be okay!”

Thank you! :D

Yeah, oops. XD Typo.

Hmmg.jpg Great story! And you know how to type properly aswell, what more can you ask for? :D

This story it... It just makes me want to... :yay:

Awww, clapping Twilight! Thank you! :pinkiehappy:

That was very sweet, I always enjoy a good friendshipping story especially if it involves Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. :rainbowkiss::yay:

I can see this is going to be in the featured pile tommorrow :twilightsmile:

You really shouldn't put spoilers or such in the description. Don't say that RD found her. Just stop at the wondering what happened to her. And let us the readers find out.
Good story though ^^

Nice, nice. Very nice. Well done. :coolphoto:

Aww, this story is so cute!

This was such a sweet story. I loved how concerned Rainbow was for Fluttershy, and how didn't care how she looked.

Since they were fillies, I thought it was a really neat touch that you had Rainbow leave the search to the adults instead of having her hunt down Fluttershy herself. It made the end that much more memorable.

Faved, watched, and I look forward to more.:yay:


aww fuck you, I was just about to read this. Then you HAD to say "nope it's another flutterdash shipfic". I am really getting tired of all the stories about Rainbow Dash as a lesbo, it's so stereotypical that it makes me want to scream.:ajbemused:

I'm sorry you feel that way. :( But THIS story right here isn't shipping. It's more about their friendship. And even so, they're fillies. The closest I'd ever come to that is childish curiosity, but nothing more

I understand how you feel, and I do respect your opinion. I just do happen to like this pairing, that's all. But I fully acknowledge that it isn't canon, and I can take my shipping goggles off with no problem. In canon, any kind of romance is either played up for laughs or is meant for something else altogether, and that it's all about friendship first and foremost. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yeah, sorry...XD I guess I wasn't thinking. But I fixed it!


Just for that kind of attitude sir, I give you a thumbs up. You can have your opinions and I am glad that you respect mine. Have a wonderful day.:pinkiehappy:

Awww! :D Well, I give you a thumbs up as well! Have a good day! :pinkiehappy:


This fic is adorable. And it addresses that major issue of "just where the fuck did Fluttershy go afterwards?"

And really, Flutterdash is the only real viable ship. They've been together since childhood and they're perfect foils.

Exactly my intention! :twilightsmile: I wanted to make a story of the aftermath of RD's first Sonic Rainboom, and then wondering where Fluttershy got off to.

Well I do like to think that the other pairings do have a chance, but I do agree! The fact that they serve as great foils to each other, and have been friends since fillyhood really does add to it!

I love these two. They're just so cute! Good story. Too often these sorts of things are too mushy or too humanized, but this works!

Dawww! <3 Adorable!

Also, on a side note, FlutterDash is one of my favorite pairings, even if this isn't specifically a shipfic. X3

Thank you! :D

Mine too! :pinkiehappy: I'll certainly be making some full-on FlutterDash stuff soon! :twilightsmile:


Ooo, lookin' forward to it! ~w^

Such an adorable fic :rainbowkiss: Favorited, Liked and Tracking! :pinkiehappy:

Not a bad wee story at all! A few spelling and grammar wobbles, but very heartening. :twilightsmile:

WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................... that is all

Yet, another awesome story... I am becoming a big fan of you NintendoGal55 :pinkiesmile:
I also like FlutterDash shipping though. It is just D'awww whenever you friendshipping or "shipping" them. :pinkiehappy:

One of the most adorable filly stories ever. Friendshipping is the best shipping of all. Poor Dashie was so worried for her friend...it was heartbreaking and cute all at the same time. *Hugs her*

Hello, mate!
I just thought you should know that a friend recommended that I read this story, and it is so cute and beautiful! In fact, I just performed a reading of this story on my youtube channel found here!
Keep up the amazing work, mate!! :raritywink:

What can I say? These girls are like sisters! :pinkiesmile:

I agree on most of the story here, except that maybe Fluttershy's age might be a bit overstated. I'm taller than my sisters, but I'm still the youngest. It could be that Dashie's older than her by a few days, weeks, months... who knows? Just thought you should know. :unsuresweetie:

Meanwhile, well done! :twilightsmile::raritywink:

A heartwarming story. Thank you for writing a story about these filly friends. :twilightsmile:

This has to be one of the BEST Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy fanfiction ever!
Great job!:twilightsmile:

I don't know if you still read these comments, but...

the little filly who's honour she was determined to defend.

Whose > 'who is'.

I was saved by a hoard of butterflies

Somehow, despite them having basically negligible mass - nowhere near enough to hold up a singular mass equal to that of a pegasus filly, especially if that singular mass had been falling beforehand...uh, beforehoof.
NEWTON'S THREE LAWS OF MOTION - Fluttershy would've been falling at a constant rate (Law 1), unless acted upon by another force (Law 2), and the resulting slowdown would've equally affected both Fluttershy and the source of the other force (Law 3).
Butterflies have very little mass, and thus cannot exert that much force - so Fluttershy's momentum should've squished them, though she would've been slowed down a bit.

...Oh wait...cartoon world with magic and shapeshifters...nvm.

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