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I am not sure when I am going to post the next chapter, I am pretty knee deep in SCP

Nehmt einen Bleischtif und schreibt mir einen Buch.

Your German lesson for the day! :trollestia:

"Blackest Night"

That's what it was. I knew it had to be something like that.

It's okay. Andrew and I beat the shit out of 6 other people on Halo Anniversary and we were the only two on our team. We started out with 10 points and lost by 5 at the end. I accidentally booted the rest of our team when one of their party members headshotted me trying to kill Caboose (aka the blue team). We also pwned by teaming up in a Warthog- I mean Puma.

  • Viewing 97 - 101 of 101
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