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This story is a sequel to Would It Matter If I Was?

After the Canterlot Wedding, Fluttershy asked Twilight a difficult question. Now, Rainbow Dash flies in to talk some sense into her and to shake things up with a question of her own. On top of that, there's some sort of conspiracy going on. What are these ponies up to?

Author's Note: While I normally prefer to keep my writing self-contained instead of expanding upon another author's work, I was inspired to write this after seeing the context prompt here. Really, so many things could be changed just by tweaking the circumstances that it would have been a shame not to do so. If there's anything I've learned as a writer, it's to chase those wild, untamed ideas and not let them get away. So yes, this story is a sequel to GaPJaxie's work, and picks up after that one cuts off. Please read it first.

If you're interested in the concept, also check out the Parody, the Rage Review, and the (ill-fated) Rebuttal.

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I'd say the biggest criticism I'd have of this story, outside of the general question of "did we need another one of these?" is that it's too long. The ending is brilliant, but it isn't quite enough to justify all the setup. I think the story should have been shortened down a bit.

The original is a failure of a story, but this is excellent. Bravo.

Funny! Nice and neat!
What a great continuation to tie it all together!
Simply wonderful! :yay:

What Pinkie Pie didn't realize was that Twilight walked back inside after her impromptu shower right as she said that...

Oh this was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

After the original and the other "parody" turned out to be heavy-handed, OOC and preachy, I was really considering skipping this. I'm definitely glad I didn't! :twilightsmile:

6469650 Took the words right out of my mouth.

Slice of life? This looks more like comedy.

I wasted this much time on that? (not much but still.) I expected her to go nuts and start experimenting on her friends.
Before this whole thing started, if she wasn't looking for ways to reveal changelings, then she was probably reading a book on procreation to estimate how long until she would be an aunt.

I doubt Twilight would let a prank of this magnitude slide. I'd be interested to see a lighthearted follow-on in which she hands out some comedic retribution. The girls were pretty ruthless about the whole thing.

Slow claps

Thought Process
1m in: Hmm... where are you going with this?
2m in: Uh... where are you going with this?
3m in: Uhhhhhhhh... where EXACTLY are you going with this?
4m in: Seriously, where ARE you going with this?
5m in: You magnificent bastard, you.

That was priceless.

I like how you took the OOC story and made it in character. You used the power of friendship to break Twilight's brain, then finished with an amazing joke.

I laughed when I was reading this story. Thanks for writing!

Brilliant! Though I did like the first story as a serious question, the joke in this one was funny. You made me laugh and also made me think which is what makes this even better than the first.

Pinkie Pie leaned back and grinned at the ceiling. “Okay, so we had some rough spots, but everything still worked out in the end. Great job, everypony. Operation Distract Twilight With Friendship Problems So That She Doesn't Think About What Her Brother's Doing To Her Foalsitter Right Now was a complete success!”
:rainbowderp:... :rainbowlaugh:

Please be mindful of people who haven't read this yet and use the [spoiler] tag if you're going to put the punchline in the comments section.

6475256 I have no idea what you talking about *whistles innocently* :scootangel:

Ill-fated rebuttal indeed. Yes it Matters is not listed as one of the author's stories, and when I fav'ed it, it's not on my list. Bummer.:duck:

Ha! I love the clever little twist at the end there. Nice story.

Why the hell would Twilight care what her brother is doing to her foalsitter? Unless he's abusing her (or she's abusing him), what they do behind closed doors is their own business! They're married, they have the right to *bleep* each other until neither can walk straight the next morning! Twilight's a big girl now, her virgin ears don't need protection from the ickiness of sexual relationships.

Sorry, I just had to get that rant off my chest.

PINKIE: I want a turn! Twilight, would it matter if I was a triangular mind-demon?!

6475942 Think about it this way: who in their right mind would want to think about a sibling's...shall we say, extracurricular activities?

Much, MUCH better than the failure of the original. The first story was a trap for people who don't bother thinking deeply on what they see and just make decisions based on such initial responses as 'that sounds right'.

This was actually entertaining.




Maybe I'm just weird like that, but I honestly wouldn't care who my older brother has sex with. We're all human beings, I'm not going to be all like "EWW, EWW, HE'S HAVING SEX, WHY DID YOU TELL ME THAT? "

"... Operation Distract Twilight With Friendship Problems So That She Doesn't Think About What Her Brother's Doing To Her Foalsitter Right Now was a complete success!”

Ahh... That makes sense... Congratulations, Mane 6. Your performance was phenominal.

An okay story, though the punchline felt a bit flat. Seems Twilight's mind would have been distracted with the invasion anyway without having to be bombarded with a bunch of hypotheticals. Plus, it's not as if Twilight will never think about what Shining and his wife are doing; this just seemed like it was delaying the inevitable and was therefore pointless.
Applejack's request if it weren't meant to make Twilight uncomfortable, was also unbelievably ridiculous and shattered my suspension of disbelief. I mean, this was the equivalent of asking someone to lick your sweaty palms (or even feet!) dry... What? Okay if that weren't already gross, there's still the fact that there are far better ways of drying things than covering them in spit.

You know, with all these variations of Would it Matter being approved, I'm really starting to think the admins hate RealityCheck a lot more than I thought. They refused to approve his significantly different story, Yes, It Matters because they say it's too similar to the original, which is quite obviously not the case.
Come on admins, if you're going to refuse a guys story, at least make the reason sound believable. I would have accepted the fact that RC's story was basically an attack fic as a better reason than this.

6478056 Wait. That's the reason that the story can't be viewed without a direct link? The administrators of this site didn't approve it? They said it was too much like the original? That story was the opposite of the original. Yes, they both asked the same question, but one said 'yes' and the other said 'no'. It's an alternate universe of a fanfic, which I have seen on this site before. Don't ask me which, because I don't remember.

As for the story, all I have to say is...what was the purpose of all this?

As I was reading this, I was thinking that the next question was going to be from Twilight, and was going to be "does it matter if, on arguably the most stressful day I've ever had when everypony abandoned me to be captured by an invading enemy who brainwahsed my brother imprsioned my foalsitter, beat my mentor and nearly suceeded and then organising a wedding at the last moment and then I get asked a serious of rather silly questions designed to make me crack up as I am trying to tidy stuff up when I probably should be sleeping or something; does it matter if I suddenly turn evil and go all Midnight Sparkle on everypony's arses...?"

'Cos I think it might be a tinsey bit justified...!

(In any of the permutations of this story, actually...!)

6477772 Of course Twilight just happened to pop back in right as she says that. :pinkiecrazy:

I think I like this better than the first one! As in, unlike the first one, I actually Liked this.

This was awesome XD

Lemon "Beaker" Hearts

I swear, I read that as Breaker Hearts, and my mind went off thinking of an alternate pre-Ponyville Twilight.

:rainbowderp: Dat Applejack scene though

Lol a crazy little story :twilightsmile:

Actually, the reason the mods gave was that "Yes it Matters" just "rewrote" the original fic's dialogue, basically.

In the old one, Fluttershy asks Twilight after the wedding whether it matters if she is a changeling.

In the new one, Fluttershy asks Twilight after the wedding... You get the point right?

The problem is that the conclusion reached is different, the logic of reaching that conclusion was different, and the ending and added twists are entirely new.

That's why there was a hell of a lot of drama in the YIM comments section about that, of which I was part because I didn't agree with the decision... But that's literally another story entirely.

6476313 She's not triangular. She's "non-Euclidean." :pinkiehappy:

6484049 Do you mean... um... Together? Cause that would totally be a big deal.


That last line... :rainbowlaugh:

THAT is how you deliver a punchline. Very nice.

6484168 There was also the part where GaPJaxie consented to having YIM published, which really should have settled the whole deal.

Author Interviewer

This is now my second-favorite after Do It Mattered If I Is? :D I was not expecting the hilarity.

I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

I am so confused.....
I haven't even read the full story yet......
What just happened....?
I can't even.....
What? :applejackconfused:

So, this is hilarious. Better than the original, because this asks even more serious questions while providing enormous hilarity. And the twist at the end is utterly golden.

Pinkie Pie:


That was great! :pinkiehappy: I was not expecting that ending! :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: THIS WAS GREAT


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