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Just a writer, writin'.


Once, I was a simple human. I spent my days living my life and enjoying as the days slowly ticked past. I had a girlfriend who loved me and who I loved in return.

That all changed one day when I went to a costume party dressed up as the character Amaterasu from the game Okami.

Now I don't even know what I am anymore.

I have the powers of a god, but what am I supposed to use them for?

Edited and Proofread by Courage Fire and tytyvm starting from Fourth and Fifth Howl.

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This is certainly interesting, I will keep an eye out for this story.

Comment posted by Vaine deleted Aug 24th, 2015

I will follow this for now and hope your name is only meant to be funny. If this is a displaced verse story, please try not to collab. It doesn't make the story any better. Also I know a bit about Japanese mythology (thanks Wikipedia) so I see what you did there.

beautifully written.

I love the story so far keel it up

:pinkiehappy: Amaterasu in Equestri-

That all changed one day when I went to a costume party dressed up as the character Amaterasu from the game Okami.


Oh, I guess not. Just another story of an SI pretending to be a well liked character. And there are so few Okami crossovers. :pinkiesad2:


Just finished reading the chapter. I have to say, you're actually a good writer, which is more than I can say for 99% of displaced fics. The problem is that this being a displaced fic actually takes away some of the enjoyment. First of all, having your character trapped for so long immediately made everything following it to make no sense, because nothing your character does makes it feel like that much time has gone by.

To be honest, this could be a great Okami crossover. As it stands, it's just not. Sure, the character is named Amaterasu and has her powers, but the character is not Amaterasu. It really doesn't matter just how well written this was, because there is no way to avoid the feeling that I'm reading a story about someone pretending to be someone else, for no particular reason other than those other stories did the same thing and became popular.

6351503 Thank you!

Finally, someone who agrees with me! The collabs do not help in the slightest! I'll be reading a Displaced story, enjoying the events that are taking place. Then suddenly, some strange character I've never heard of before appears in the story and the story suddenly becomes all about them. Then they leave and I'm left feeling like the victim of a drive-by mugging.

Besides, could you imagine how a collab would work?
Character X: "Come Amaterasu! We must go to do the thing that needs doing!"
Ammy: "Woof?"

Not the most stimulating of conversationalists, our Ammy. No, this story will be entirely self-contained. I had originally intended to use the actual Amaterasu from the game, but then I realized I had no idea what type of personality I would give her that would allow me to explain everything. We never see into her head in the games and nothing I tried ever felt right. Introducing everything from her perspective was a pain that never quite felt right.

So this story will be more Displaced-style, rather than an actual Displaced-verse fic.

6351963 This is the second Okami displaced story I have read and so far this one is better.
original one here


Character X: "Come Amaterasu! We must go to do the thing that needs doing!"
Ammy: "Woof?"

:rainbowlaugh: That's true, that puts my mind at ease.

You know, this is one of the better Displaced inspired stories, so far at least. Then again, you just have to compete against Starlight, which was deleted, and Starlight: Redshift, which was also deleted. Please tell me you intend to take this story to its end?

6352750 Well, I certainly intend to finish. I've already planned out the ending. So long as nothing comes up (and I don't lose interest like a tosspot), I should be able to bring the story all the way to its conclusion.

I haven't read this story just yet but I'm going to track it just because its not only about Ammy but by the general praise seems to be a rare displaced story that actually seems to be well-written and good! I hope you finish it and don't become me who has his entire displaced story thought out but is sitting on a half completed chapter for several months.

Very nicely done, though there is one glaring problem: I can't seem to get to the next chapter. :rainbowlaugh:

Explaining everything in such detail isn't really needed, keeping it more general and to the point would've been preferable. And yes I could simply have skipped it, but I know nothing of the game and I assume I need some knowledge to follow future chapter.

*Rant over*

Need more Celestia shipping. ;)

GAH! You took my favorite game, crossed it with my favorite show, and wrote it in the absolute worst genre possible! I'm so conflicted...

-Sanity is overrated

Got hooked by the first chapter. And this one was great too. Just the listing of the inventory items was a little much. So glad thats over with. Well ill be watch this story!

Well, can't say your username isn't spot on.


Have you read a story called Summoning the Sun? It's also an Okami crossover, and does an amazing job at showing her characterization. Honestly, a character doesn't need to talk in order to give an idea as to what they are like.

In a way, she reminds me of an even more casual version of Celestia in that she is very kind, but also playful and mischievous.


Eh, another story in which simply inserting the character would simply work just fine and be so much better than going 'Human dressed as X character' instead.

Okami was an excellent game, and the lore itself is phenomenal, but the whole human thing... I'm sorry, but this really would have served much better with the actual Amaterasu character inside Equestria. Good luck.

Tracked, liked, and faved. You have some excellent writing skills and I can't wait to see what happens next with your character.


Reaching that 1 year mark for [F]emale buddddeeee

6355221 You have that problem too? :trollestia: On to more serious news, woo! More good story! Now to be taunted by Kasugami during the wait.

Celly, "Well this is awkward, now we have two sun gods."

I love this so very, very much my dear!

a few things.

1: I freaking LOVE the game Okami, I got it for my ps3, and have all the trophys.

2: I LOVE this story so far and i eagerly await an update!

3: I hope to see an update soon! :twilightsmile:

I actually greatly enjoy this story! And I'm greatly invested in what's going on. Also, if you are in wanting of an editor, or a proofreader, I'm available!

I was gone for like two hours. Then I come back and my inbox is like: "Hi! You missed everything!"

My, this was certainly a wave of downvotes/upvotes. Looks like a bit of a mixed reception, all things considered.

I certainly can't wait for the reception to Chapter Six, where the plot kicks in for real and I'll be able to explain why I made some of the choices I did when it came to this story.


I dunno why, but this piqued my interest. I wanna see where it goes. Tracking.

*watches the story slowly trundle along*

I'll keep an eye on this, in case it actually starts doing anything.

THOSE FUCKING BEADS MAN :trixieshiftleft:

...but it's so worth it, amirite? :pinkiehappy:

6351963 I agree with the personality thing. You would pretty much have to make everything from her perspective be told in third person. Normally I loathe displaced fics because of their glaring unoriginality (seriously, how many people at that convention bought stuff from the merchant from resident evil 4 and got sent to various alternate universe equestrias?:applejackconfused:), but this was Okami (which I absolutely love :rainbowkiss:) and I can understand your reasons for why this is a displaced story in the first place, so you get a pass.


But, she does have a personality, so there is literally no reason not to have her in the story.

As it stands, this story is claiming to be an Okami crossover without actually using anything from Okami. In fact, I'd say it could be debated whether or not these stories should even have the crossover tag, considering the context.

I don't entirely agree. I think that a Displaced collab could actually be done and be very good.

However, I'm also convinced that, rather than a crossover within a single story, it would have to stand on its own in some way. For instance, a separate story wherein the characters involved have to come together to destroy some greater threat, and then afterwards they return to whence they came.

My point is, Displaced stories are already over-the-top, so any collab, to really work, has to be even bigger and more over-the-top; it has to stand-out as something that could not have happened otherwise. If it doesn't, then what was the point, really?

Go big, or go back to playschool, says I.

There are other Ōkami stories on the site, yes. There are only a couple that I actually like, and many of them will never be finished for one reason or another.

I like this one. What I especially like, and what I think others are glossing over, is that Samantha doesn't become Amaterasu from the game so much as she becomes Amaterasu the literal sun from Shinto; the White Wolf Amaterasu is just her avatar or agent on the planet, much in the way that Shiranui was Ammy's avatar or agent when Nagi went to slay Yamata no Orochi.

Perhaps more importantly, we have yet to see evidence that she is aware of much of FiM, or even if FiM was a thing when she vanished from Earth. When she does arrive planetside, her investment in befriending or helping its inhabitants is not because she recognizes them from a piece of fiction, but because she spent thousands or millions of maybe even billions of years watching the planet come into its own, watching them grow and develop, watching them struggle and triumph, and pick themselves back up when they failed. It gives her an eminently believable motivation because she doesn't want to help them because it's the right thing to do or because it's "what her character would do," but because it's what she wants to do.

Really, I don't understand the angle that some are taking, that this story would work better with the actual Amaterasu instead of Amaterasu played by Samantha. When you get down to it, Amaterasu is a pseudo-blank slate. We don't really know much about her, aside from a brief summary of events prior to the start of Ōkami. I don't see how actually having Amaterasu would necessarily make the story "better."

Edit: Huh. I was kinda expecting to loose a whole lot of people with this chapter. What I got was the feature box. Sure.


Ugh, that info dump. I know why it was necessary, but maybe it could have been broken up throughout the story, giving us insight into her powers only when they become necessary? I did like the ending though, it was very touching. More of that would be great.

*optimism rises*

The info dump was really excessive, and detracts from the interesting part of your premise: the whole 'I'm the sun, what' -> 'ponies, what' -> 'oh, now I'm a wolf that's the sun that's a god. And everything I know and love is gone and I don't know what to do' part. Specific mechanical info from the game is much less interesting. and honestly could be left out to be mentioned when relevant, or explicitly set in a side-chapter so it doesn't clog up your main story.

[mashes mass guessing buttons] IN b4 bead 100 is the Elements of Harmony.

Looks like the two main complaints of the story so far are: "Wraagh, it doesn't need to be a Displaced story," and "that infodump was too long."

I agree the infodump was too long and, ideally, it could have been spread throughout the story somehow. But I couldn't think of a way to do that without clogging up some important scenes down the road. The story might be a little front-heavy now, but at least I don't have to explain much of anything about the game ever again.

The only way I could think of to introduce the abilities that felt even remotely natural would be to have her lose them when she came to earth and slowly gain them back. However, not only would that be a literaly copy and paste of what the game does, that wouldn't have worked as well because it would have lacked any sense of wonder. In the game, there's always that sense of awe, that feeling of 'what ability am I going to get next?' But we already know all the abilities Ammy gets. The best I could do would be to mix up the order she gets them.

There's another reason I couldn't do that, but that's in the future.

In hindsight, maybe I should have broken the chapter into two and had the infodump as its own, skippable chapter. I thought the ctrl+f would work but I suppose not. I might do that when I post another chapter.

Also: The hell? How did this thing climb to the second spot of the feature box?

i really need to play Okami ! i mean i have it sitting in the drawer behind me but i have not played it yet >.<

6356724 Wraaaagh, it doesn't need to be a displaced story!

As a side note, that info dump was way too long.


Now I don't even know what I am anymore.

You're an OC disguised as a character people actually love. :trollestia:

Jokes aside, this is not as bad as I expected. Although I am puzzled how there was a goddess in the sun that Celestia never noticed. You'd think that working magic on something for several hundred years would make that obvious, especially since the goddess would presumably be trying to reach out.

The sequence as the sun feels very unnecessary. If it is a once-off thing that will never be mentioned again and in that case why not go directly to Okami form? If it is an excuse to put the human turned sun goddess above the Princesses in knowledge, wisdom, etc then it's even worse. The protagonist should not be the wise mentor figure; they should be the person discovering themselves or the world. Seeing as how the intro already introduces her as more powerful than Celestia and Luna combined and paints a future of near utopia, likely thanks to her, it is not unreasonable to think that she is being set up as a Mary Sue.

Princess Celestia, origin of all that is good and mother to us all...
Whoops, wrong introduction. Let me start over.

This start by itself already won me over. :pinkiehappy:
Good work.

For a moment I thought you would go the completely overpowered route there and take all the fun out of this, but thankfully you didn't, even if infinite items skirts very close to it. :derpytongue2:
Nice idea, keep it up.

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