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I Am The Night

I am a 21 year old writer who enjoys writing about MLP:FiM, and I plan on giving G5 a chance when the time comes! I cycle through best ponies.

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I liked and favored the story before I even read it because I know it's gonna be awesome!:rainbowkiss:

Just read the intro and it already is really interesting. I like how you explained on how a brain operates. Bravo!:yay:

But before the nurse could go any further, Rainbow asked what the bag on her back was for. The nurse simply stated that it was time to feed her friend, adding that comatose patients can't eat solid foods, and therefore, need to eat food that has been liquidized in order to be fed or hydrated.

I'm no doctor but, isn't that what IV solution is for? Getting comatose patients fluids and nutrients? You wouldn't be abl to feed them any other way without risking them choking.

Also, whoo, sequel!

>asks for sequel
>it comes out 5 seconds later


6706942 It's a 'special' form of IV solution. Not sure if you read further than that, so I didn't want to spoil it just yet. lol

Instead like, haven't even read it yet.

Great chapter! Can't wait to see more!

Finally!! Great first chapter!!

This was a amazing chapter!:pinkiehappy: I can already tell that this story is going to be awesome!:rainbowkiss: This was totally worth staying up super late.:twilightsmile:

We're ponies not people. Also poor Rocky, I have an oc named Rocky, why you do this? At least he's not brown.

So when Twilight said don't lose everything or something like that I thought Rainbow would say he gave everything for me I'll do the same for him.

Great chapter though, can also wait for the awakening and sexy times :p

Jeeeesus! I've been waiting for this man, holy crap! This, entire chapter gave me shivers, and I could feel the emotion in the words dude.
This was well done, and an awesome read, I can't wait to read more of this!

That damned Swift bastard, now he's got his guys searching hospitals... not good D:
Teh Blast Sisters want to have a word wit him *Grabs explosives*

Awesome work, keep it up!
And awesome music near the end!

"Well, my competitor... lets see what you've for us..."(⌐■_■)

I'm going to kill Swift Shadow :twilightangry2:

Rainbow chuckled herself.

One does not simply chuckle themselves... XD


Everypony* I don't mind curseworsds being normal styled, but this is quite... Breaking the immersion if I may say so.

Good start. Although, I hoped it to be a more 'slice of life' story. But apperently there are bigger things in motion.:moustache:

Holy crap this looks long! Well, Regret was awesome, so let's get this show on thy road! m.memegen.com/7sbgqa.jpg

Oh I read farther, but still, you don't inject what is essentially pureed food(at least, that was the impression I got, that is was basically food turned into a liquid, so it would still have solidy bits since the mentioned it having hay in it) into someone's veins(unless you want to kill them). That's, not how you get it into them. The only way I could see using something like that would be if they had a tube down his throat and right into his stomach and just, pumped it in that way.

Congratulations on making the popular page (12/7/2015)!

6709004 I had some idea that it worked that way, but that was how I tried writing it out. When it comes to how coma patients are fed in hospitals, I'm very uninformed, regardless of what I find online. Thanks for that. I'll go in and fix that. :)

6709689 Thanks. :D

6707688 Unless one is Rainbow Dash, the Chuck Norris of Equestria.

6707631 Kill him in the face with death until he dies of a lethal overdose of death-to-face.

Am I the only one getting Metal Gear Solid 5 vibes from this?

Please wake him up soon.

6713046 It's chapter two and I still pretty much dead.

6713205 You're referring to the character, I assume?

Nope, he's alive.

For now...! (Duh duh duh....?)

The wait is finally over! Great first chapter, I can't wait to see what's to come. Time to read chapter 2...

glad to read this story I am

I'm just waiting for him to wait up now, the suspense is killing me.:twilightoops: (Assuming he does wake up but I won't think like that) Be back for more in two days.

>he wakes up

>who is purple horse, why am I in bed

>in coma he dream of being Russian secret police

>rainbowdash runs over and hugs him

>he shoots rainbow

>never trust secret Russian dream police


Alternative version:

>he wakes up

>rainbow runs over


>he sets rainbow on fire

>never trust viet dream

6713614 now you spoil'd the spinoff :'C

6711718 "Whenever Rainbow Dash does wing-ups, she doesn't push herself up, she just pushes Equestria down."

Now that I have been promptly shredded by feels once. It must be done twice. Here we go!

Really enjoying this read. Was a big fan of regret and now I can't wait for the long ride ahead for this story too. Best of luck to you my friend!

Ohohoho man, what an awesome chapter! My feels, dem words, ;n; awesome.
And I can't help but worry, gawd, you're now one of the few people who can get me worried about the outcome of this entire thing :raritydespair: will he wake up? Will he remember? OR WILL HE BE A VEGGIE-TABLE?!

But... I am going to read this all the way through! :D hehehe! :yay: Its just that good.

Nice job, nice job!

6713099 If by 'soon' you mean on Act 3, sure he will.

Another amazing chapter!:yay: Just one question? How many chapters is this ark going to be?:duck: Just curious!:twilightsheepish:

6717742 The original plan was six, but I divided chapter 3 into 2 chapters. There will be a total of 7 chapters for this first act, and around 12-13 chapters for the second act. :D

6713131 he should just die next chapter and then end the story.


>be oc
>get stabbed
>in coma
>the end :D


I want him to wake up imagining that it was a a dream or some shit, or ooo, good ol' cliché amnesia.

6719278 IMHO, amnesia stories are rare on this site. At least, from my experience. :D

Well, time to settle in for a long week hiatus. :ajsleepy: Gotta say, though; three chapters in, and I'm already feeling tense.

My heart better not give out before I'm done reading...

Well, they better hope that the Ponyville Hospital has the resources to actually care for comatose patients. They are a small town hospital after all.

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