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Rated T until otherwise.

Three months had passed since the Crystal Plague ended not just the war for the Crystal Empire - but whatever whole of society that had remained. Cities and towns were laid to waste in mere days.

There were no winners.

A former soldier, nomading his way from place to place since the fall of the country, is saved from a close scrape with death by another fellow soldier - one he had never met.

When she mentions of a potential paradise within the country, they will both journey the remnants of the once proud land of Equestria - in hopes that they will one day find this promised land.

Sanctuary awaits.

Once again, I suck at making descriptions. :)

Set in the alternate "Crystal War" universe, seen in the Season 5 finale. Contains romance, character development, and eventual romantic sex. Possibly rape at some point.

Original cover art by moonstone360.

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seems interesting, well follow for now.

Seems cool, sad and dark but that's why you read it, now me beinge makes predictions and I wanna say this might be a last of us situation where she's (RD) immune, which is why she didn't get sick with the Apple family, or maybe that was just luck? I do like the story and I am interested in who he is, whom ever this male is,:unsuresweetie:

This story is touching. I like it. Did you run out of tag space for romance? Or does this story just have so little of it you didn't want to tag it? I'm just curious.

7803603 It does have romance. I'm just attempting to balance how many tags I've got so I'm not overcompensating. :derpytongue2:

Also, glad you like it! :twilightsmile:

7803320 Surprisingly, I've never read it. I've always wanted to, though!

Really interesting!

Amazing story! I hope to see more chapters!

Possibly rape at some point.
Possibly rape at some point.
Possibly rape at some point.

Bruh... you're a dirty little fella.:rainbowlaugh:

7804641 Well, I mean, it is the apocalypse. ;)

7804956 I guess someone else will go 'apocalyptic' during that part lol. I add this to my read-later list.:rainbowlaugh:

Looks cool so far. :pinkiesmile:

This story deserves to be featured! Keep up the good work!

a 2nd person adventure, color me intrigued
will this be a long story?

7879498 Whoops, meant to take out that tag. It's actually 1st person. It was originally meant to be 2nd, but I changed at the last minute.

I hope you still give it a chance! :)

I have to admit, my vote has always been for Fallout: Equestria, but this story promises to usurp that role in my heart mostly because of the fact that you based your fic on an actual event in the show (Hey, it very well might have happened) instead of having to cross it over with another universe. I always have had a soft spot for interesting content, especially if that content is original. So props, man, I look forward to reading future chapters.

7880445 Thanks! I always thought the alternate timelines they showed in the season 5 finale always had potential. A world that was all about friendship, kindness, and love - torn apart by war, greed, hunger, and so on - that's interesting to think about. How many died? How far did it happen? Where did it happen other than the Crystal Empire? The possibilities are endless.

7880266 are you serious?! im so damn mad that im gonna to read the story!!!!!!!


Why TF did I not see this in my activity feed?!

I'm gonna take a random guess and say you are a walking dead fan. Just a hunch.

7882699 Yep. Though AMC is doing all it can to ruin it nowadays, I still enjoy it while I can. :D

Big fan of After and Regret, and not one to easily accept something new, but you're such a good writer that I have to read this. Looking forward to it!

Where can I find the previous cover art, the one by moonstone360?

7883505 Where can I read After and Regret?

7884394 Well, it's the original picture, I just added a few filters and a couple of words. But the credit for the actual image goes solely to him. He's pretty good. :)

7884396 Here and here. :)


Also, cool chapter.

7926915 I'm surprised you were the only one who read it. :p

7927618 Give it time. It's a busy day.

7927856 I actually published this yesterday, but removed it because of the Super Bowl. lol

didnt show up in my tracking, lucky i looked through it to clear out some stuff

Is the stallion's uniform similar to rainbow dash's crystal war uniform?

7928727 Yep. Lore-wise for this story, War Dash's uniform is that of the Royal Service. Royal Service uniforms are all the same.

His might be a bit ripped and such from all the getting-shot-by-arrows and such, but nonetheless, it's the same. :pinkiesmile:

And then Princess Luna died in her chambers.

Fuck you :flutterrage:

7977283 Go sit in the corner...


Eventually. Been busy with After and other work of mine. I'm planning on doing things one at a time. :)

Damn... that got a bit too real at the start...:twilightoops:

Stage is well set. Lets see.:moustache:

Dashie helping us out of the fire.

Hey there,

This story has a very similar plot to one of my own that I'm rewriting. I'm gonna check it out. :twilightsmile:

Well, read this quickly and I rather like this odd, "jolty" style. It's fitting.


Mother of god

Ima have to reread this because its been so long. Give me minute.

Interesting story, curious to see where it goes.

well, that's a new take on post-war Equestria, (still my favorite alternate timeline btw, because who doesn't love war? it's just a game of Risk, but ya know, with actual consequences) but the with sickness bit, not gonna lie i kinda thought (read: hoped) Sombra pulled a Shock and Awe there, and the radiation poisoning spread, turning it into a (yet another) different Fallout Equestria story. First impression of the story is that it seems just a little bit rushed, but not to much that i couldn't keep up.

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