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I Am The Night

I am a 21 year old writer who enjoys writing about MLP:FiM, and I plan on giving G5 a chance when the time comes! I cycle through best ponies.


Once originally a one chapter story, now it is a two chapter story! Both chapters revolve around Derpy Hooves, the fan favorite, going on adventures that involve Dinosaurs.

Oh yeah, and hell breaks loose.

Cover by Madhotaru.

Just a poor attempt at trying to get a story featured.

If you expected this story to be good, you're in the wrongest place, sir. But please like unless you want to make Derpy cry...or make her mad, and trust me, you REALLY don't want to make her mad...

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 51 )

This is incredible. I have to read it. :rainbowderp:

*opens mouth as if to say something* *dies from all the random* :fluttershbad:

Also, the story picture reminds me of the animatrix.

I cannot describe the feelings I am having. For they were not there before. I think I cried a little.

Like and a fav for the cover art alone....now to read it...

:derpyderp2:Okay...I read it...loved it!:derpyderp1:

Aiming upward, Derpy shot yet another missile straight towards the city of Cloudsdale, but alas, it was made of clouds, thus, the missile went right through it, and Derpy was sad. But her eyes derped further and she smiled when it came back down, touching a pillar and lighting the entire city ablaze. She laughed evilly as she witnessed this, while Velo helped himself to innocent ponies who came into his path, and they were delicious.

This paragraph is full of win! :derpytongue2:

Edit: It no let me like twice...me /sadpanda

The explosive feels in this...
R.I.P. Muffins :raritydespair:

Im laughing to the point of tears bravo, now to do a series of this for the mane six and other pony, snap to it

I was going to a story based on this picture, but you beat me to it!
It silly.
It so silly.
You win an upvote because Derpy.

Two nitpicks though:

An RPG-7 Rocket Launcher.

Unabbreviated, that reads: Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher Rocket Launcher.
An RPG doesn't fire rockets.

30 minutes passed

Should be: thirty minutes passed.
(Unless those errors were intentional.)

3811123 It's obvious that the launcher fires launchers that fire grenades, no?

25 likes and no dislikes. Guess you're too good to be bad. Though it needs more soap.

Comment posted by I Am The Night deleted Jan 19th, 2014

... And that's why Luna controls the dream world and not Discord.

Comment posted by I Am The Night deleted Jan 20th, 2014

Such an incredible tale. Come friends, lets get this story to the god-damned front page!

3816732 Allow me to play some music for our voyage.

Now, then. *lifts sword* ONWARD!

I dont know where I am... but I think Im on the cool side of the internet.

*stares at image*
*stares at image*
*stares at image*
*stares at image*
*stares at image*

comment for the sake of trying to push to the top

Ditzy Doo for the win!!!! :derpytongue2::derpytongue2: [aka Derpy Hooves]

3817998 how about this?


It's cool vid


Comment posted by Lunar Fire deleted Jan 28th, 2014

3857896 You have an error in your link. Take out the "m."


3858148 thank you!! Also, this story calls for a pony version of the Pirates of the Caribbean!!! [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t38DPnkDjTM

3880921 oh dagnabbit!! :fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::twilightangry2::facehoof::raritydespair::raritycry::stupid glitch!! just look up General Mumble - She's A Pony [WoodenToaster Remix]

Oh I like you....pirate marathon mood now...brb gonna watch like 12 HRs of pirates of the Caribbean then play my old PS 2 game with music blairing on my phone... Yeah....its happening :pinkiehappy:

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