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I Am The Night

Mares are cute. They are also fluffy. I want to pet the pretty mares and give them snuggles.


There was something about her eyes that drove you to them. You didn't know what it was, but you hated it... yet you loved it.

Even if you could never have it forever.

Based off the song "Blue Eyes" by Low Roar.

Cover art by MirroredSea.

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Lyon has the kind of life everyone sets out to have: a perfect one. Great friends, a great home, a great job, all while living in one of the greatest towns his eyes have ever been set upon! Life is perfect for him!

But nothing is ever set in stone, it seems. As the past creeps its way back into his life, Lyon must remember to swear to the duty he set and fought for—Never Again.

Set during the season 2 finale. Also, I've been meaning to make a multi-chapter, T-rated story for years now. Alternate story tag in accordance with the series finale (unless it isn't needed since this is fanfiction anyway).

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While visiting the Rock Farm, Anonymous chats up Limestone Pie. One thing led to another, and the next minute, he surprises her with a belly rub.

There's just one problem though: If he stops, she'll kill him.

Based off this idea in the Discord, by Fresnor.

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Even after mankind and ponykind formed unions and shared their resources, their culture, and unified as one - there are some differences that can never be solved.

There will always be Divide.

Quick little short story I cooked up on a whim. Bored, wanted to try something interesting. Not meant to be perfect.

Cover done in Garry's Mod and touched up in Pixlr in about five minutes.

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Rated T until otherwise.

Three months had passed since the Crystal Plague ended not just the war for the Crystal Empire - but whatever whole of society that had remained. Cities and towns were laid to waste in mere days.

There were no winners.

A former soldier, nomading his way from place to place since the fall of the country, is saved from a close scrape with death by another fellow soldier - one he had never met.

When she mentions of a potential paradise within the country, they will both journey the remnants of the once proud land of Equestria - in hopes that they will one day find this promised land.

Sanctuary awaits.

Once again, I suck at making descriptions. :)

Set in the alternate "Crystal War" universe, seen in the Season 5 finale. Contains romance, character development, and eventual romantic sex. Possibly rape at some point.

Original cover art by moonstone360.

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Words can hurt. Sometimes, that hurt is permanent.

One too many accidents results in a falling out between you and Rainbow Dash, the mare of your dreams, and your friendship with her lies on the brink of destruction. Twilight suggests a vacation to clear everyone's head. Could this be your last chance to make amends, or will you spend the rest of your life filled with regret?

Alternate Universe for wingless Princess Twilight. Might just change this out, because it's a pointless change, tbh. :)

This is a story I've been fantasizing about in my head for a while now. It's had some changes in its development for later chapters to make sense.

Story cover edited by me, original drawing by the lovely RatOfDrawn.

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Once originally a one chapter story, now it is a two chapter story! Both chapters revolve around Derpy Hooves, the fan favorite, going on adventures that involve Dinosaurs.

Oh yeah, and hell breaks loose.

Cover by Madhotaru.

Just a poor attempt at trying to get a story featured.

If you expected this story to be good, you're in the wrongest place, sir. But please like unless you want to make Derpy cry...or make her mad, and trust me, you REALLY don't want to make her mad...

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(This story takes place after Crowley's story, basically because you are the person, and mainly because since you have no name on there, it can be whoever you want it to be. :] )

After Thunder makes the worst mistake possible, his relationship with Lotus ends. But, 3 days after his mistake, he and Lightning Flash (Rookie) decide to take a vacation to Prance, on the newly created Equestrian (Version) Liner, Titanic.

And, ironically, he ends up meeting Lotus once more. As he tries to make things right, the ship meets disaster. Will he tell her how he's felt, or will he go down trying?

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