• Published 1st Jun 2012
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A Night To Remember - I Am The Night

After Thunder's relationship ends with Lotus, he meets her 3 days later on the remade Titanic.

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The Grand Lady Herself

Alright, I'm passing my grades in school, so there's a good chance I might be spending summer at home, not in fucking summer school. What's bs about summer school is that if you get like a 69 (Hehe...) in one class, and 100 in all other classes, you have to take summer school. BULL. SHIT.

Wait...I'm completely off topic here. Okay, here's the second chapter. Enjoy, mates.

Chapter II: The Grand Lady Herself

April 10th, 2012
Manehattan Harbor
11:45 a.m.

Listen on another tab.

After packing up and hopping onto a train, I arrived at Manehattan, and once I got to the harbor, I saw it. The mighty ship, in all of her glory....Titanic.

From what I've heard about this ship, it had 9 decks, it was 175 feet from the keel to its funnels, and was about 882 1/2 feet long, making this ship the largest and safest of all of Equestria. Many ponies said this ship was safer than dry land. They even called it 'Unsinkable.'

I continued to look at the glorious ship for a few more moments, before a voice startled me.

"Hey, Thunder!"

I turned around to see Rookie and Rainbow Dash flying down to me.

"Hey!" I yelled to them, smiling.

"So," Rookie said, "What'd you think?"

I looked back to the Titanic. "Looks amazing. I've never seen a ship like this before."

"You got your ticket?" he asked me.

I held the ticket in my hoof. "Yep."

"Hey," I then added and looked around, "Are there any other pegasi boarding the ship?"

"Nah. Dashie and I are the only ones." After he said "Dashie", I could see Rainbow blushing.

"Ain't that gonna be a little bit...weird, being the only two pegasi on the entire ship?"

"Not really. The ponies might not even notice our wings."

Just after that, the horns of the great ship blared through the air. Rookie checked his watch on his left foreleg. It said "11:50 a.m."

"We got 10 minutes. We better hurry."

"Right." I grabbed my bag off the ground, and began to follow them.

We had reached one of the many doors on the side of the ship. There, a stallion in a crew uniform stood there. "Halt. Tickets, please."

We handed him our tickets. After he checked them, he stepped aside. "Welcome aboard Titanic."

"Thank you," Rookie replied. The three of us then walked into one of the rooms of the grand liner. We walked down a long hallway which led to B-Deck.

The halls were crowded with ponies trying to get to their staterooms. Eventually, after searching for about a minute, we found our staterooms. Rookie and Rainbow shared B-33, which was right next to B-34, which was my stateroom.

I opened the door to my stateroom to see the big interior of it. It had a closet, a table with a lamp on it, a queen sized bed, and a door which led to, I believe, the bathroom.

"Pretty cool," I said to myself, "This'll be good."

I was just about to enter my room, but before I did, I caught sight of...no way...L...Lotus? Aloe?

Just 4 rooms down, I spotted the mare I still love, Lotus, and Aloe. Why were they on this cruise?

I stared at them for a couple of seconds, and could see Lotus giggling at something. Celestia, I miss that giggle.

I continued to look at them, until Lotus ended up looking down the hallway, where she could easily see me. Quickly, I turned away and entered my stateroom. I shut the door.

If she's on here, I don't want her to think I'm following her. But...maybe...Since we'll be on this ship for about a week, I should at least try to speak to her, and maybe...fix all of this...which won't be easy...

30 seconds earlier
Lotus's POV

After boarding the huge Titanic ship, I headed down to B-Deck with Aloe, and eventually found our stateroom, B-38.

"Here we are," I said to Aloe. I then opened the door, and wow'd at the interior of our stateroom. It had a queen sized bed, a decorative dresser, a decorative table with a red shining lamp on it, and a door which probably leads to the little filly's room.

"This is amazing," I heard Aloe say behind me.

I giggled slightly at her comment. I then looked down the hallway to see a stallion that really resembled...him. But, for some reason, the stallion was looking down here, but quickly turned away and went into his stateroom. He really resembled Thunder. Is it possible it could be...him?

"Lotus?" I managed to hear Aloe say to me. I turned my head to her.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, fine. Just saw something down there for a moment."

"Alright, then." Aloe then headed into the stateroom first. I followed shortly after her.

But, that stallion...I need to see him later on.

12:00 Noon
Up on Deck

Thunder's P.O.V.

So, after we got all of our things placed into our staterooms, we headed up onto the deck of the ship, as Titanic began to depart from Manehattan to Prance.

Ponies began to wave goodbye to us, and we waved back to them, even if we didn't know who they were.

"Goodbye! See you later!" I yelled!

"See you soon!" Rookie yelled.

"Farewell!" Rainbow yelled.

Eventually, the ship had left the harbor. It passed a nearby sailboat.

"Wooow!" a young colt on the sailboat said, as the Titanic sailed by him.

Eventually, many of the passengers on deck went back into the ship, back to their staterooms.

I stayed up on deck, smelling the fresh air, and watching Manehattan as it slowly got smaller and smaller. I looked to the open ocean.

Titanic is on its way to Prance.

So, now the Titanic is on its way, not to Prance, but to disaster.

Anyway, Lotus ended up seeing Thunder, she doesn't know if it's him or not, Thunder doesn't know if she saw him or not, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So, the soon-to-be-again couple is on the ship. What things might happen? Well, you just fucking wait and see.

How many words on this chapter?

*sees number of words on chapter*


Eh. At least ya got a chapter.

So many words errors FTW.

Chapter III will be up soon.

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Comment posted by Enterprise deleted Feb 2nd, 2014

3882813 It's been a year since anyone has commented on this story.

I'm glad you like it and all. I will change that error.

Also, this version of Titanic differs from the real one.

Okay, so far, this story is... okay. I won't like it, but neither will I dislike it.. yet. I'll favourite this story, so that I may read more chapters as they come out. But, be warned, I will be looking for historical accuracies in this story. I know you said it wasn't exact, but the parts that are meant to be accurate, I want to see them dead-accurate. No deviation. I've spent the majority of my life looking into the Titanic event, and I know most of what there is to know about the disaster. I have key websites and even the passenger manifest a bookmark away. I will be double and triple checking your facts, and I want to see them right. Mostly, I want to see them correct, to see just how much you understand the disaster. To see if you can truely put yourself in the shoes of those on board that night. To know if you can feel the horror, the uncertainty and the panic that the people on the ship must have felt.

P.S. Sorry if I sound intimidating at all, but I get real passionate about Titanic. This is why I've not written a Titanic fanfic yet. I was hoping no-one would. But since you have, please don't dissapoint.

4845327 I admit. This story is complete shit. I don't like it either. I might consider actually redoing this story, but on a different website.

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