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I Am The Night

I am a 21 year old writer who enjoys writing about MLP:FiM, and I plan on giving G5 a chance when the time comes! I cycle through best ponies.


There was something about her eyes that drove you to them. You didn't know what it was, but you hated it... yet you loved it.

Even if you could never have it forever.

Based off the song "Blue Eyes" by Low Roar.

Cover art by MirroredSea.

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This was beautifully written. Really, nice job.

This story hurt, but in a good way.

I kind of stumbled into this story by chance, in much the same way Flutters and the protag bumped into one another, so I wasn't expecting much coming into it, but after a few paragraphs I found myself pulled into this deceptively innocuous tale. You've done a fantastic job.

This doesn't happen often, but - I love this story. You did a fantastic job laying down those emotions and creating such a sympathetic and empathetic response for any people out there that have been in a relationship such as this, myself being one of them. So, thank you kindly for bringing me back to a time that was the happiest of my life while bringing me a pleasant melancholy. :rainbowkiss:๐Ÿ’›

Peace and love! Oh, and I loved this story that much that I wanted to do something - https://youtu.be/NScJcYomJYU

Of course, if you're not comfortable with having it up, I completely understand!

Goddamnit, my feels hurt! I want a happy ending! Thereโ€™s too much sad.


Not at all! Glad you liked the story, and thank you for the reading! :yay:

B_25's review brought me to this delicious little story.

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