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Absentee fanfic-author. Formerly known as donald trump card, a celebrity pun that was maybe funny in 2012 but HAS NOT AGED WELL.


Sick of accommodating Original Characters into their everyday lives, Twilight and Pinkie lead everypony on a search to find the new OC, and drive him out of town.

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What? Could somepony please put some translation for that Girok, or something.


Nice read! :)


“But Two Lite, I Love You!” he gurgled. “How come Your not loving may? I cand do The best Sonic Giroboom you seen!”

"But twilight! I love you! How come you're not loving me? I can do the best sonic giroboom (parody of sonic rainboom)

“But My nambes Girok-”

But my names Girok-

A self-referential story on OCs and what mistakes fanfic writers make in their adventures. This is definitely a whole new level of metafiction. :coolphoto::twilightsmile::raritystarry:

Comment posted by Mashmaster deleted May 29th, 2014

A meta fanfic that doesn't stink with self-rightneousness! Thank you!

Funny story. I liked it. But could someone answer a questiuon for me? What does it mean when an OC "Always faces to the left"? I never got that part.


The pony image generator ( the go-to place for images for oc stories)
Well, it's only capable of producing a left facing profile of the pony. Thus nearly every oc fic has a picture of the oc facing to the left.

Hah! An enjoyable commentary, and some advice for authors, on the three different types of OCs.

If not likable, should at least be believable.
Lesson learned; I'll keep that in mind. :eeyup:

I loved the shoutout to 'Until you met her', it was the first fic I ever read on here :twilightsmile:

This story was awesome by the way :rainbowlaugh:


glad you enjoyed it. This whole thing started with 'what if Pinkie sense alerted her to OC's?'. from then it turned into a satire, then all these puns happened...

Ah, wonderful.:twilightsmile:

I would give you ALL the internets if you threw one of my OC's into this story :pinkiehappy:

619918 The text was meant to be like that.

Cool, you must be the first person to do something like this, i like the idea, update soon :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

773829 I know. I'm helping someone translate...

794019 Oops. Didn't notice that. Sorry. :derpytongue2:

HA! I love this. I was half worried you wouldn't mention OCs can be good, but you handled it marvelously!

Actually, you could make a series with this! You'd just parody other fics that have horrible (and sometimes not so horrible) OCs. And have it where the mane six has to deal with this bull.

That would be very interesting.

Also I hope poor Lyra gets her human.

SlipperPutty's video review:

I love this kind of fic, I honestly feel like not enough writers on this site are willing to satire all of the trends that pop up around here. Good show sir :eeyup:

I agree. I can understand wanting an OC to meet one of the Mane 6 at least. But it just seems like there are two extremes. Either the author tries something different where the character hardly ever comes into contact with them or they are always with them, no real balance. 2321544

Okay, this was hilarious and awesome! Well done!


Down with the OC's!

Hey Snipe?
"Snipe" Yeah
Got your sniper those idiots ponies didn't bother to look for?
""YEP! *aims at twilight ready to fire*
Fire *Gunshot and twilights head rolling on the ground

I love this story there are a lot of stupid ocs (ps sorry if u don't like my oc )

“But Two Lite, I Love You!” he gurgled. “How come Your not loving may? I cand do The best Sonic Giroboom you seen!”
“For the love of Celestia, if you’re going to use Spellcheck, make sure you’re replacing the right words!” the party pony said.
Twilight growled. “Go away, Gecko—”
“But My nambes Girok—”
“Am ah gonna have to buck your head again?” Applejack said, taking a step forward. “Get out.”
A single tear welled up in the freak’s eye. “All I wanton ted, to do, was Life the dream...” he blubbered, as he flew off into the sunset.


To be honest, I expected the ending would be that Twilight was an "OC".
1: An alicorn.
2: Leader of the Mane Six.
3: Smartest and most magically gifted.
4: Apprentice to the RULER OF THE WORLD!
5: And last but not least, she's played a crucial role in saving the world on six occasions.

It has taken me too long to actually get around reading this fic.
But damn it, I loved it. This was an amazing jab at the concept of OC's.

3843891 Dangit! :ajsleepy: I was gonna burn her...

As the maker of a terrible OC (I was young, and confused! :rainbowlaugh:), I can agree that this was... Awesome! A great way to point out the annoyances of bad OCs. Next time I see some crappy Alicorn, I'm gonna direct them to this fic -- if you don't mind, that is. (Did I use the line things right? I've never actually learned how to use them >.>)

10/10 Spikemoustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Not bad, not bad at all.

*hides his bat wings* >.>;

3839935 correction. Down withe the bad OCs

o god what have i done:fluttershysad: i have to make amends for what i put my oc through *calls taxi* take me to oc town
taxi driver: are you sure about that?
me: yes, i...i just have to make things right
taxi driver: pff it's your funeral

We all made mistakes wi the our oc, but soon we learn how to just do the right thing and create not just an oc... but actul life. The oc snipe is right, not all ocs are bad but if you dont look at an oc and know if they are really true... you are only judging yourself.

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