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Absentee fanfic-author. Formerly known as donald trump card, a celebrity pun that was maybe funny in 2012 but HAS NOT AGED WELL.

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This story is a sequel to The Man With Two Names

For the past year, Jeremiah Walker has wandered Equestria in the company of Trixie Lulamoon, seeking atonement and passage back to his own world, unsure if he will ever find it.

For the past year, Loose Leaf has investigated the events surrounding the human’s disappearance. He releases a full report of that night’s riot, a story Ponyville isn’t quite ready to hear.

For the past year, Spike has built a fledgling movement in Ponyville, fighting for non-ponies’ rights to citizenship. The tales of prejudice in Loose Leaf’s report invigorates the campaign, but draws opposition to the growing cause.

Now that the report is circulating across Equestria and their cover blown, Walker and Trixie march onward to the newly emerged Crystal Empire, following the only lead he has back home. There he runs into the frantic Twilight Sparkle, the pony who urged along his departure from Ponyville, and now needs his help to save this kingdom. Alongside her is Spike, who recognizes the human is just the figure his movement needs.

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Rarity is well known for her melodramatics, but it turns out she's been performing a part longer than any of her pony friends ever imagined. See how this human-turned-filly became the mare she is today. Watch as she takes her final bows on the closing night of her role as unicorn seamstress.

Tagged AU just to be safe.

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An anthology of some of the more respectable stories I have written for thirtyminuteponies.tumblr.com In which you have only 30 minutes to write your story before submission.

"Better Luck Next Time" - Apple Bloom almost gets her cutie mark. [Slice of Life] [Comedy]

"Good Day in hell." - On a long train ride, Rarity tries to convince Rainbow to acknowledge her feelings for Fluttershy. [Romance] [Comedy]

"Imprinting" - Why does Spike always fawn over white unicorns? AKA Spike's first memory. [Slice of Life]

"Here Comes The Sun" - What do you do when the sun starts to fall? [Dark]

"Contact" - Dusk Shine begins feeling uncomfortable when he finds himself stuck face to face with his alternate universe female self, Twilight Sparkle. [Romance] [Comedy]

"The One Where Rainbow Dash Momentarily Loses Her Cool" - Rainbow Dash discovers that she is Pinkie's half-sister. [Slice of Life]

"Problem Solving" - AJ, Spike, and Pinkie try to navigate a haunted mansion to save their friends. [Comedy] [Adventure]

"Pinkamena's Mission" - Pinkie Pie and a parasprite discuss their plan in the middle of the night. [Dark]
Cover art by mystic alpha

Chapters (8)

Sick of accommodating Original Characters into their everyday lives, Twilight and Pinkie lead everypony on a search to find the new OC, and drive him out of town.

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When Fluttershy finds a human in her backyard trying to eat one of her chickens, she and a majority of the residents of Ponyville only want this dangerous creature as far away from their town as possible.

After a less than stellar first impression, Derpy Hooves and the human struggle to quell the rumors surrounding his diet, and convince the townsfolk that he's harmless.

Will the human be able to make himself meek enough to coexist? Or will he be driven out of town with torches and pitchforks?

Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different pony.

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