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An anthology of some of the more respectable stories I have written for thirtyminuteponies.tumblr.com In which you have only 30 minutes to write your story before submission.

"Better Luck Next Time" - Apple Bloom almost gets her cutie mark. [Slice of Life] [Comedy]

"Good Day in hell." - On a long train ride, Rarity tries to convince Rainbow to acknowledge her feelings for Fluttershy. [Romance] [Comedy]

"Imprinting" - Why does Spike always fawn over white unicorns? AKA Spike's first memory. [Slice of Life]

"Here Comes The Sun" - What do you do when the sun starts to fall? [Dark]

"Contact" - Dusk Shine begins feeling uncomfortable when he finds himself stuck face to face with his alternate universe female self, Twilight Sparkle. [Romance] [Comedy]

"The One Where Rainbow Dash Momentarily Loses Her Cool" - Rainbow Dash discovers that she is Pinkie's half-sister. [Slice of Life]

"Problem Solving" - AJ, Spike, and Pinkie try to navigate a haunted mansion to save their friends. [Comedy] [Adventure]

"Pinkamena's Mission" - Pinkie Pie and a parasprite discuss their plan in the middle of the night. [Dark]
Cover art by mystic alpha

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 45 )

In interesting take indeed. Good use of development psychology as well.

This was one of my favorite stories for this prompt.

That was depressing.


Thank you! it seems like this is the story everypony likes best out of the three.

Oh Applebloom, that WAS your cutie mark!!
:applecry: it was??

So, the white mare is Celestia? I have my suspicions from " A white hoof, lined with gold," and "His tears gone, he saw a white face, smooth colors gently flowing all around it, very unlike the mess of everything else."

damn............nicely done!

You are correct in that assumption. This is basically Twilight's story in "The cutie mark chronicles", from Spike's perspective.

...... wow..... Thats about all I can say.... :rainbowderp:
nice going, Celestia. :trollestia: :pinkiecrazy:

I cant really figure out why I like this story..... :fluttershysad: :applejackunsure: :unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by LunarDiurnality deleted Jul 19th, 2013

This is my favorite one so far :rainbowlaugh: :twilightblush:

here. take all my yays :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

I think this fits.

Poor AB! That just ain't fair!

I want to see this one expanded into a full story. I mean, the idea of Dash and Pinkie sharing a father, of Dash being the result of a 'Mid-life Crisis'...the emotional charge of this story would be huge! Sure, Dash and Pinkie could bond easily - they're already friends - but what happens when Dash meets the father she's never known and never cared about her/knew she existed? What happens when her Mom gets involved?

This. It needs to happen.

You depressing piece of... nevermind. Good show! for only 30 minutes!:pinkiehappy:

This is a cute little story, even if it does make Spike's canonical crush on Rarity hilariously squicky.


No it's her twin sister, Solestia.

Normally, I ship Pinks and Dashie.

But I could see this expanded into a decent story.

would read again.

Comment posted by Midna Diane Pie deleted Jan 25th, 2014

Very dark and depressing, if wildly OOC. Yes, your student died. She may even have been your lover. But to nuke the world, to kill untold millions, because of it? Yikes. Did Celestia not consider suicide? Is she not able to?

That's not funny, It's just depressing :applecry:

I like it :scootangel:

Well this is like the chapter in Equestrias Crazies when Celestia accidentally drops the sun and discord has to fix it.:trollestia: whoops.

Meh. It was ok. No offense.

Just had an idea.
If the first rainboom gave all the Mane 6 their cutie marks, and the second stopped Applebloom getting hers; then through the same fate tying of the first one, the second should also tie the fate of the CMC not getting theirs.
Sweetie Belle might have been just about to get hers, but the boom gives her a fright and she's no longer willing to go on stage and sing.
For Scootaloo, my idea is that she's on her way to a sporting goods store to buy <insert non-scooter device here>, but the rainboom shakes up the store so much that only the scooter is undamaged. She buys it, not knowing that what she came for in the first place would have given her a cutie mark. (This one isn't a great story, but with some further thought it could be changed to work.)

Well, the girls grew up together as best friends. Being very intimate to each other doesn't make them gay. For all we know, they think of each other as sisters.

And that is why Pinkie led those sprites away. Not gonna hurt her friends. ^^

Easy solution she tells Celestia and her friends everything ( except maybe her being a parasprite herself) before the next day and the parasprites are destroyed

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