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Sunset Shimmer has just been defeated by the Mane Six, but now she is experiencing feelings for someone that she never expected to. Can Sunset Shimmer make it work with Twilight even in different realities? Or is their relationship doomed to fail because of what one can't have? Takes place at the end of Equestria girls and covers rainbow rocks as well... maybe even after that point.

Main pairing: Sunset shimmer/Twilight sparkle along with some side pairings

Crossover tag for The Final Showdown

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eh...I'll roll with it.

Yah, the concept of a Twilight/Sunset pairing has almost gotten boring in the fandom, however it was harmless so I'll stick around. I kind of got a kick out of how some of the characters were taking bets on where Sunset would admit her feelings. Also, congratulations on joining the herd.

YES! SunLight is my first and fav ship, and there is a new story! WOO HOO! :pinkiehappy:

Don't worry twilight and sunset, I feel the same thing you do when I'm waiting for the next chapter of this story, its a totally AWESOME story

Ok i cant sit back and let this go unnoticed. First its the Fall Formal, not the Fair Formal, and second the book is Daring Do, not Danger Doo.

6010877 Thanks for catching that, I don't know why I called them that

6010900 lol its fine. Other than those things, theres nothing else that i can see thats wrong. Keep up the good work. I cant wait for future chapters

6017242 unfortunately Celestia kind of dropped the ball on that one, so the book will only show up when the story progresses into Rainbow rocks.

this is great cant wait for the next chapter

Is the easter egg, by any means, "John D. Oh" (John Doe, someone who is not important)? Since Sunset said he didn't matter (that can wait), that's what I think.
Great story though.:twilightsmile: Keep up the good work.

6025523 That is an amazing guess and I commend you for thinking about it like that, in fact I hadn't even thought about it like that... It's not correct but it was still a real outside of the box way of thinking about it. :pinkiehappy:

6049059 Well then, if it's not that, I can only think of another fragment:

taste the rainbow!

Is that it? You know, "Taste the rainbow, mother******" and all...
Or is my easter-egg/pun finding vision failing me?

6049178 No the Easter egg is linked to that statue, you just didn't think of it in the right way.

Oh god discrd is there say goodbye sirens.

6049205 ... I've got nothing then. It probably is something about him wearing a suit, having a beard and "singing opera", isn't it? Goddamnit, I wasn't that bad at finding easter eggs.

DO I SEE DISCORD IN HERE??? John D(e) Lancie? Am I still working? Is my easter-egg sixth sense all right?

6049340 That's correct! Congratulations you found the Easter egg! :pinkiehappy:

And in the other side of the mirror discord will meet Q and they will go together to bother jean luc picard. The end

And in the other side of the mirror discord will meet Q and they will go together to bother jean luc picard. The end

And in the other side of the mirror discord will meet Q and they will go together to bother jean luc picard. The end

I'm coming Sunset!

Not yet you're not, amirite?...........No?...........Ok

6049531 Oh god, took me a whole week. I'd like to thank all those who supported me in my journey, Tarkus for making that Easter Egg along with this awesome story, and finally, Discord singing in this chapter for making me remember his opera pose when in statue form.

Discord instead of Spike. I wonder what consequences will come this time.

I'm concearned technically spike is the one to free the girls at the end of the movie we just can hope that discord can do that!

6085284 Don't worry I covered my bases on this one, everything will play out how it's meant to. :pinkiecrazy:

“Oh she meant that Twilight was a whore,” Sonata said as she bashed Sunset too.

Best joke yet, 10/10.

I know I said I was going to have the next chapter up by tomorrow but I might be taking some time off from the story for a while, I just went through a lot of stuff over the past few days and I find that I can't write anything right now, I'm sorry to everyone following this story or just reading it but you might have to wait a while for the next upload :fluttercry:

I'm back with a vengeance, and I'm not going anywhere until I get that Sunlight title... Maybe I should organize these speeches better... Nah :rainbowlaugh: But in all seriousness I'm back everypony and I have a lot of ideas for the future of my stories. :pinkiecrazy:

Tarkus i got a question whats with the cover art for this story, because it makes me think that Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer going to have a foal together or adopt one that has to do with cover art
i edit this comment by the way

6220989 Your the second person to ask me that now. :twilightsheepish: When I first picked the image I didn't think it was an actual foal, I thought it was a stuffed animal. I will admit that the thought has passed through my mind many a time, but I just want to say that maybe in future sequels to the story that might happen... But I don't want to spoil anything that might happen. But the real reason I chose it was because it was the picture that I liked the most, and really spoke volumes of the closeness of what I wished that Twilight and Sunset would have in actual cannon... I'm sorry if I upset anyone with this comment but I really don't want to spoil anything, so I'm going to say yes and no for now.

6221045 ok and you did not upset me with your comment at all

really good love discord and love how sunset and twilight act with each other it sweet :twilightsmile: but i want the next fast :raritydespair: :fluttercry::flutterrage::twilightangry2:

6221386 I'm glad you like the story. I love writing Discord, he's a fun character to bring to life and I think I've done really well with him. That being said I love bringing Sunset and Twilight's relationship to life more. Thanks for the compliment it means a lot to me :pinkiehappy:. And I know how you feel, don't worry the next chapter is in production and should be up later today or early tomorrow.

*see new chapter start reading only to realize it was over* NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :pinkiegasp: :fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair::flutterrage: :twilightangry2: :fluttershysad: :pinkiegasp: really good chapter :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

First, thanks for mentioning my name. I really didn't expect that.
Second, can that "purple thing" be found in this chapter? Just clearing some things up before what could be a search for something that isn't even here.

6224348 Your welcome. So the hint is that it was in the first couple of chapters.

Nice chapter I'm looking forward to the next one

nice job to me flash is taking the news of sunset and twilight way to well other than that good job love discord the like the male version of Pinkie lol

6230487 I both agree and disagree with you on the whole Flash situation. Honestly, I hate writing Flash he is my least favorite character from the Equestria Girls movies, but he was a loose end that I had to tie up since I'm trying to keep as close to cannon as possible, and I understand why it would seem weird for him to take it so well. That being said his and Twilight's relationship never really went beyond being just friends. And also Flash came off as a rather understanding guy to me, apart from when he was under the sirens spell. So it could be said that Flash wouldn't take it personally... Or he could have been secretly thinking up ways to kill Sunset, you never know. :pinkiecrazy: But thanks it means a lot to hear I'm doing good :twilightsmile:

6226013 I realized this morning that that was the reference I made. :rainbowlaugh: I didn't even realize I had done that until you mentioned it.


Way to be a drama King.

O.K., I already see which universe you crossed over in this one.

6228018 Purple thing.
FIRST chapters.
Considering the epilogue...
Is it Spike? If not, I'll try again later.

6235126 No you got it, congrats again... Sorry that I kind of gave it away with the epilogue. :twilightsheepish:

Well I read your story and I loved it found it fun and good showing all that can changed from one small action the only nitpicking I have isbthe shipping I don't mind them but with the main six all lesbians well just seems unrealistic ironic since its on talking ponies and all but it would have been more funny if rainbow had a boyfriend and they all where like what?! As they through she was definitely a lesbian. Butbwas wrong everything perfect though. That's the only thing I didn't like much. Though stillba good story and will be waiting for the sequel

6002713 Clark-kun, you were here too? Why didn't you tell me about another Sunlight story? I liked that first chapter BTW.

Shits is about to go down and I have my Blowtorch if Flash tries to do anything between Sunset and Twilight *lifts blowtorch up*

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