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Just a simple girl who wants to write great romance stories involving two special someponies.


This story is a sequel to What one can't have?

Sequel story to "What One Can't Have" if you haven't read the previous story, I would recommend that you read it first.

Set one year after Rainbow Rocks, Sunset Shimmer must help the Mane Six combat a new evil in Equestria known only as Chaos. Will they be able to fight off their own fears as they try to save Equestria from devastation or are they doomed to fail? Old and new faces will appear but will it be enough to combat an enemy like no other they have faced before?

Main Pairing: Sunlight

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Another Sunlight story and one one told me about it? How'd I miss that? Now I have to go read the original!

This book is 7/10 so far.

Noooooo Aj stahp stahp STAAAAAAHP

Wow. This sounds like a really good story. Keep up the good work.

I am really enjoying this story so far. Especially this unusual rescue group. Please keep it up.

nice, just wanted to call it a day and saw the update. Well, at least it's friday and I don't need to work tomorrow xD
Really looking forward what will happen in the next chapters and when they encounter the dark bearers of the elements

I'm glad you finally updated. I can't wait for more but poor Shining and Flash.

Whoa. As Marty McFly says in Back To The Future: "That was heavy". I'm glad Sunset got to Twilight before things got really bad. Hope to read the next chapter soon.

That was great. :> I hope Twi doesn't take it to hard about Shiny. He was doing his job. At least Sunset will be there for her till she gets back on her hooves. Can't wait for the next chapter. :D

Um ok is everything going alright with you? I've been noticing that the past few chapters seem to be somewhat rushed. Imean you could have easily stretched this into like a 3-4k word chapter instead of 1k if you went into more detail...but thats just my opinion...other than that great work, cant wait for the next chapter

That was pretty interesting. I wonder what's going to happen to Sunset?

That's because wherever this man stallion appears, there's an imminent disaster. Meaning, of course, that everything else that's happened is just ordinary troubles.

When you run wild I will be sitting in the corner with toffee popcorn and watching

What could go wrong right? Cadance thought to herself as the train rolled along.

those are words you never utter because that's when everything goes wrong goddamnit cadance/cadence you've doomed us all

cliff hanger hanging from a cliff and that's why he's called cliff hanger

Soo... Sunset saves Equestria?

“Doctor who?” Sunset asked confused...

don't tell me...

Yes I made a Doctor Who reference, and Doctor Hooves is going to be a huge part of the story now

oh god

Sunset was actually starting to enjoy having the Doctor around. It’s like having Pinkie Pie around, except with less physics breaking. She thought with a laugh as she accepted the hoof with her own and shook it. This journey is certainly going to be interesting.

less physics breaking? you stepped into a box that appeared out of nowhere where the inside is so much bigger than the outside no he's just a replacement pinkie pie
I swear if you end SunLight

yay SunLight prevails

Motherf...... find this story. Love it. Then see in hasn't been updated in years. F....

way did you cancelled it

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