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Just a simple girl who wants to write great romance stories involving two special someponies.


This story is a sequel to What one can't have?

Twilight comes through the portal into the CHS world to surprise her girlfriend Sunset Shimmer on her day off and finds the Friendship Games fully underway.

Her and Sunset must find the reason for the magic that's been popping up all over campus while also dealing with the other Twilight running amok for unknown reasons.

In this new story Twilight and Sunset will be tested on not only a physical level but their relationship will be strained as new and old faces appear.

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I should have brought my books with me for research, I should remember to bring Spike next ti… Twilight stopped dead in her tracks outside the gym. Right, I guess I can’t anymore. I hope he’s alright.

What happened to Spike? I assume it's what happened to him in your story "What One Can't Have?" but this story isn't labeled as a sequel, so i thought it might be something different.

“Principal Sombre, the students are ready to hear your address,” Cadance said as she tried her best to maintain her smile.

And Sombra, really? I would prefer Cinch. And how is he even alive? I understand this is an alternate reality, but he died in Equestria, so he should be dead here as well.

So many questions. Twi shows up at CHS before the Friendship Games. Something happened to Spike. Sombra's in charge of CPA.

Did Twi leave before Glim-Glam shows up? Did she beat her quickly with a magic reptile to the face at speed leaving Spike stranded in the past? Is Twi gonna be trapped in the human world when Nightmare Moon destroys the mirror for making her butt look big? Did Cadance bobble the catch when she went to grab the Crystal Heart leaving Spike with the pressing need to learn to fly and an uncomfortably steep learning curve? Will those damn kids ever let that rabbit have some freaking cereal?

Hmm... interesting start to a sequel so far... though it's still going in my favorites list!!

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more.

Sorry about the mix up. I put down that it was a sequel to my other story in the series but I'm still rusty with this so I didn't realize I did it wrong. Everything should be good now that I've put it up as a sequel, and I hope you enjoy the story and that it clears things up a bit.

Alright, awesome. Can't wait to read more.

Also, love the Erza profile pic! Fairy Tail is my all time favorite anime!

I just realized.... you're spelling Sombra's name wrong. You keep spelling it Sombre when it's actually Sombra

after reading that i realized ur right

I look forward to Twilight meeting herself early. And i'm sure she'll be more than a little attracted to our dear Sunset. Can't wait.

Never really knew where to go with this. My inspiration kind of died out because I just wasn't as invested as I wanted to be with the story. Nothing I wrote felt good enough to post so I cancelled. I have a new project in the works however but I want to make sure that It's done before I do any sort of upload or anything, so no promises on that one and it might be a bit as well. Sorry about this, I just felt that it wasn't fair on everyone waiting for a new chapter.

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