• Published 30th Jun 2017
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On the Subject Of Alternate Realities - Miralusa

Set during The Friendship Games movie, Princess Twilight shows up to surprise her girlfriend Sunset to find the Friendship Games fully underway with new players at work. And to have her relationship with Sunset tested in unforseen ways

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The Funny Thing About Magic

Twilight passed through the portal to the Canterlot High realm once again, it had become almost regular at this point to her to come through the portal and see herself in human form. She wanted to surprise her girlfriend Sunset with her arrival and hoped she would be somewhere around the school. It’s not everyday that a princess get’s a day off. She giggled. She looked around to see the school being set up for an event of some sort. I wonder what this is all about? Sunset had mentioned in her notes to me that some sort of event was happening. I wonder what it could be? She thought with excitement as she hurried through the doors to try and find Sunset.


Twilight looked around the school as the students set up decorations almost begrudgingly, making the enjoyment of seeing this bittersweet for Twilight. Why does everyone seem almost upset about all of this? Twilight wondered to herself as she walked through the halls towards the music room. I’m sure Sunset would know what’s going on. Her and the girls are almost always in the music room. She peeked her head through the door and saw that it was empty besides the girls’ instruments in the corner. Twilight walked over to the instruments and smiled as she moved her hand over Rainbows guitar. I wonder what they’ve all been up to since I left. Twilight smiled as she thought of the band that she was still technically part of. She then heard a bell ring over the intercom followed closely by the voice of Principal Celestia.

“All students please make your way to the gym for the Friendship Games pep rally!” Celestia announced over the intercom.

Twilight perked up at the announcement. The Friendship Games? Twilight suddenly was filled with excitement. Oo, this is so exciting! I wonder what it’s about? Twilight rushed out of the music room and towards the gym. I should have brought my books with me for research, I should remember to bring Spike next ti… Twilight stopped dead in her tracks outside the gym. Right, I guess I can’t anymore. I hope he’s alright. Twilight sighed as she opened the door to the gym to find the entire school there for the rally. Twilight saw Sunset and the girls minus Rainbow sitting on the bleachers. Twilight smiled and began to walk towards them before hearing Celestia start the rally. I guess I’ll wait here while the rally goes on. Twilight leaned against the bleacher by the door and listened intently.

“As you all know tomorrow marks the beginnings of the next Friendship Games!” Celestia announced with a smile on her face. “This year we will be hosting the Games for our fellow school of Crystal Prep High to compete in the Friendship Games.”

The reaction to her words were lukewarm at best as the rest of the students cheered halfheartedly.

I wonder why everyone isn’t into it so much? Twilight thought to herself as she looked out at the crowd. Isn’t this meant to be the ‘Friendship’ Games?

Celestia cleared her throat and continued. “And here to encourage some school pride and give an inspirational boost, Rainbow Dash!” She added as she moved aside to let Rainbow Dash get to the microphone.

Dash quickly grabbed the microphone and paced to the far side of the stage as she began her speech. “Thank you Principal Celestia. Now I know that most of you think that we can never beat a fancy school like Crystal Prep at anything,” she began.

“Except if it’s a losing competition, because we’re really good at that!” Pinkie Pie yelled from the stands.

Rainbow simply rolled her eyes and continued. “And I’m sure most of you believe we don’t have a hope against them,” Rainbow said as the grip on her microphone tightened. “But I’m here to tell you that you're wrong, because we have something that they don’t,” Rainbow paused for dramatic effect. “We have the power of friendship!” She added as the curtain opened to reveal a marching band. She then broke into an inspirational song that brought the entire school together.

Twilight smiled from the sidelines as she watched Rainbow lift everyone's spirits. She’s really come a long way, I’m proud of you, Dash. She thought to herself as Rainbow jumped back up onto the stage.

As the song reached it’s climax Rainbow started to power up. Dash flew up into the air as the baton holder threw her baton into the air. Dash grabbed it and held it high above her head as the light of her magic illuminated the gym.

Twilight looked on in wonderment as her eyes grew wide and she desperately searched around for something to write on. I knew I should have brought my books with me, I need to make a reminder for myself next time. She thought to herself as she resorted to memorizing everything so she could write it down later. This visit just got way more interesting.


Twilight moved to the backstage area where Rainbow was just exiting. I have so many questions! She thought to herself as she waited.

“Twilight?” A familiar voice asked from behind.

Twilight turned around to see Sunset Shimmer running up to her, embracing her quickly in her arms as soon as she got close enough to her.

Twilight returned the hug, finally remembering the reason she was here in the first place.

“I’m sorry, Sunset. I completely forgot about everything else when I saw Rainbow Dash go super like that,” Twilight said with a slight blush.

“That is so you, Twily,” Sunset replied with a giggle. “I’m sorry too, I should’ve told you about the Friendship Games, but I guess I got caught up in my experiments into magic in this world,” she added as she broke the hug slowly.

Twilight giggled and nodded. “And it looks like things just got more interesting too,” she said.

“If by more interesting you mean totally awesome right?” Rainbow proclaimed as she walked up to the pair with a proud smile on her face before hugging Twilight.

Soon after the rest of the girls showed up and embraced Twilight too.

“So what are you doing here, Darling?” Rarity asked when they let Twilight down.

“Yeah, ‘am sure you didn’t come all this way here just to see Rainbows new party trick,” Applejack added in with a short chuckle.

Twilight smiled and nodded. “I actually wanted to visit as a surprise, I had a day off finally so I wanted to drop by and see how things were going,” she said as she looked over to Sunset.

Pinkie popped up between Twilight and Sunset. “So that means you were hoping to get some alone time with Sunset to do the nasty,” she said with a giggle as she made two o’s with her first finger and her thumb and placed them against each other.

Twilight and Sunset blushed profusely but before either could respond Vice Principal Luna’s voice broke through as she approached.

“That was quite the speech you gave today, Rainbow Dash, I trust that that stunt you pulled was planned,” she said as she crossed her arms.

Rainbow Dash rubbed the back of her head and chuckled. “I’m actually not quite sure how I did that,” she said.

“We best find out the reason quickly then, we wouldn’t want Crystal Prep accusing us of cheating,” Luna started as she looked to Sunset. “I trust you can handle this matter, Sunset Shimmer?” She asked.

Sunset smiled and nodded. “You can count on me, Luna. I’ll have this figured out in no time,” she said with confidence.

“Good,” Luna simply said as she turned to look at Twilight and smiled. “It is good to see you as well, Twilight. We’ll surely win the games with you here,” she added and turned around to leave.

Twilight smiled at Sunset. “I’m sure you’ve already got this figured out then, right Sunset?” She asked with a gleam in her eyes.

Sunset sighed and shaked her head. “Actually I have no idea, Twily. I have my work cut out for me,” she said as she put her hand to her chin in thought.


Dean Cadance stood outside of the Principal's office, hand resting on the doorknob as she took a deep breath and put on her best fake smile.

She opened the door to reveal a darkened room lit by a single light over the single richly adorned desk in the middle. She saw a bulky man on the other side of the desk clad in a blue striped suit admiring himself in the mirror.

“Principal Sombre, the students are ready to hear your address,” Cadance said as she tried her best to maintain her smile.

“Crystaaal…” Sombre coughed. “I mean good,” he said as he adjusted his tie. “And remember it’s Lord Principal Sombre,” he added as he looked over his shoulder with a cocky grin.

“Of course, Lord Principal Sombre,” Cadance replied as she closed the door.

Sombre took his seat. Well now CHS are you ready for another thrashing? He grinned wider as he turned on the intercom.

Author's Note:

Well It's been a long time hasn't it? I've gotten a little older, not a lot wiser but I'm still in love with this ship. I've been trying to get back into this for forever but I've just never found the right way to write it until now. But now I'm back! And I'm not going anywhere, I've wanted to do this again for so long and I won't let anything stand in my way. So I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it, and can I just say, It's good to be back. :heart:

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