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On the Subject Of Alternate Realities - Miralusa

Set during The Friendship Games movie, Princess Twilight shows up to surprise her girlfriend Sunset to find the Friendship Games fully underway with new players at work. And to have her relationship with Sunset tested in unforseen ways

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The Science Of Rivalry

Sombre turned on the intercom and cleared his throat, “This is Lord Commander Principal Sombre speaking, as you all know an elite select group of our best students will engage Canterlot High tomorrow in the Friendship Games.” He spoke as he sat back in his seat, “the students at Canterlot High have recently shown great promise as their skills have risen unexpectedly as of late, however, it is nothing compared to our skill. I trust the skills and capabilities of our students and hope they will not let us down,” a sneer appeared on Sombres face. “Our school’s reputation depends on it. Remember that as we declare our dominance once more! That is all,” he added as he turned the intercom to a different channel. “Dean Cadance, would you please collect Miss Sparkle and bring her to my office, I wish to have a word with her.”

“Of course, Lord Commander Principal Sombre,” came the exasperated reply from Cadance on the other line.

Sombre sat back in his chair with a grin on his face. Let’s see how Canterlot High can handle my most prized student. I will make an example of them and prove once again that we, Crystal Prep, are superior!


Cadance opened the door to Twilight’s study room to find Twilight toppled over onto her back with papers covering her face and her dog Spike licking her cheek. What was she doing this time? She sighed silently and smiled. “I see you’ve been busy,” she said as she stepped in and helped Twilight up.

“You could say that,” Twilight smiled as she collected her papers. “I think I might’ve found my way into the Everton Independant Study program!” She exclaimed as she hugged the papers to her chest.

“About that,” Cadance started. “Are you sure you still want to go through with the transfer?” She asked as she put her hand on her sister in law’s shoulder.

“Are you kidding? Of course I want to,” Twilight replied. “It’s been my dream for so long,” she added as she walked past Cadance to look at her charts.

“But you’d be all on your own, Twilight, you wouldn’t be able to make any friends…” Cadance trailed off as her smile fell slightly.

“Well duh, that’s why it’s called an independant study program,” Twilight said as she placed her notes down.

Cadance sighed and shook her head. “Anyways, Principal Sombre wants to talk to you in his office,” she said as she walked towards the door.

“What about?” Twilight asked with a look of confusion.

“He didn’t say,” Cadance said as she looked back at Twilight. “You might want to make yourself a little bit more presentable though,” she added with a giggle as she looked at Twilight’s disheveled state.

Twilight giggled nervously in response and nodded. “Got it, Cadance, give me like five minutes?” She asked as she grabbed a new uniform.

Cadance laughed and nodded. “Alright,” she replied as she opened the door. “Oh, and Twilight?” She added.

“Yeah?” Twilight asked as she started to take off her shoes.

“Please be more careful with Spike around, you know there’s no pets allowed on campus,” Cadance said with a smile.

Twilight giggled and nodded. “Sorry about that. I’ll try harder next time,” she said returning the smile.

Cadance nodded as she exited the room and closed the door behind her.


Twilight walked through the hallways of Crystal Prep as she looked through the doors of the various classrooms. Why is it so hard for Cadance to understand why I want this? It’s my dream to study all sources of knowledge, people just get in the way. She thought as she sighed. I know there’s more out there for me that lies beyond these walls. She held her hands to her chest as she walked past a group of students who glared at her. Nobody here understands me anyways, why do I need people when I have everything I could possibly need. She leaned against a pillar and looked to the ceiling. But is it the right thing to do? This is what I really want... isn’t it? Twilight started walking up the stairs to the principal's office as she smiled slightly. Of course it is, I know there’s more out there and I’m going to find the answers, whether I’m alone or not. Twilight sighed as she placed her hand on the doorknob. I’ll find those answers someday. She opened the door to Sombre’s office.

When Twilight entered the office she was met with Sombre’s inquisitive gaze on her from across the room, Twilight’s older brother Shining Armor and Cadance were standing on either side of him.

“Please Miss Sparkle, close the door and have a seat,” Sombre said as he leaned back in his seat, his eyes not breaking from Twilight for a second.

Twilight nodded nervously as she closed the door and took a seat on the other side of the desk. “Why is my brother here?” She asked as she shifted nervously in her seat.

Cadance was about to speak but Sombre cut in first.

“I asked your brother here to provide context on this conversation,” Sombre said as he pressed his fingers together.

“Tell me, Shining Armor, you participated at the Friendship Games did you not?” He asked not even looking towards Twilight’s brother.

“I did,” Shining Armor replied proudly.

A subtle grin grew on Sombre’s face. “And can you tell me who won the Friendship Games?”

“We did of course,” Shining Armor said with a chuckle.

“We did indeed, would you say that your sister would make a good addition to the team participating?” Sombre asked again.

Twilight looked to her brother as he stood there with a wide smile.

“I think she would make an amazing addition to the team,” Shining Armor replied looking down to his sister with a proud smile. “We couldn’t lose with her there.”

“And what of you, Dean Cadance? Do you believe that miss Sparkle would make a good addition to the team?” Sombre asked as he leaned forwards and placed his elbows on the desk, his fingers still pressed against each other.

Cadance glanced at Twilight with a worried look painted on her face.

Twilight shifted uncomfortably in her chair as everyone looked at her. Why do they all want me to compete? She thought as she gazed up to Cadance.

“She would make an invaluable asset to the team, bu-” Cadance started but was cut off.

“Thank you, Dean Cadance,” Sombre said. I have all I need now. “Now, Miss Sparkle, it is completely up to you whether or not you would like to participate in the Friendship Games. But answer me this one question first,” he added as his grin grew wider behind his hands.

“Y-yes?” Twilight asked as she grew more nervous.

“Would you really want to let everyone down by not participating?” Sombre asked. “Imagine if we lost the Friendship Games,” he added letting it sink in on Twilight.

Twilight looked downward. I don’t want to let everyone down, especially not my brother.

“So what will it be, Miss Sparkle?” Sombre asked pressing the matter.

Twilight sighed and looked up to Sombre again. “I’ll do it, I’ll compete in the Friendship Games,” she said before lowering her head again.

Sombre bent back with a satisfied smirk. “Good, you may go now, Miss Sparkle. We will depart tomorrow.”

Twilight merely nodded and stood up to leave the room, followed closely by her brother with a proud smile on his face.
After the door closed Cadance turned to Sombre. “That was completely out of line!”

“I will do what I must to make sure we win the Friendship Games, Dean Cadance,” Sombre said as he turned to glare at Cadance. “I suggest you don’t let your personal feelings get in the way, I could easily find a replacement for you,” he added as he stood up and straightened his tie. “Be thankful I didn’t threaten to deny her entry to Everton,” he grinned as he saw Cadance stare in surprise. “That was plan B however.”

Cadance sighed. “Is there anything else you require, sir?” she asked as she tried to maintain a professional composure.
Sombre looked at himself in the mirror behind his chair. “That is all, Dean Cadance. Be sure to have the busses ready to move by nine O’clock tomorrow morning,” he said as he inspected his suit.

“Of course,” Cadance nodded and left the room.

Sombre retrieved a red apple from his desk and took a bite from it. Soon we will have another win under our belt. He grinned. It’s almost time now.

Author's Note:

So this was an interesting chapter to write, I spent the longest of times just trying to figure out the final scene in the office. But I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing. I personally am loving writing Sombre's character, I'd like to know what you guys think though.

And as you all know I have a Patreon account that you can donate to here.

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I just realized.... you're spelling Sombra's name wrong. You keep spelling it Sombre when it's actually Sombra

after reading that i realized ur right

When is the next chapter!!?

I look forward to Twilight meeting herself early. And i'm sure she'll be more than a little attracted to our dear Sunset. Can't wait.

Why the cancellation?

Never really knew where to go with this. My inspiration kind of died out because I just wasn't as invested as I wanted to be with the story. Nothing I wrote felt good enough to post so I cancelled. I have a new project in the works however but I want to make sure that It's done before I do any sort of upload or anything, so no promises on that one and it might be a bit as well. Sorry about this, I just felt that it wasn't fair on everyone waiting for a new chapter.

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